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UPDATE: Blue Ridge Cottages and Restaurant have closed since this post. Please check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

Imagine this: Peaceful Blue Mountains cottages, where you can fall into a steady trance from hypnotizing mist and a chorus of birds while morning coffee brews by your bedside. Let’s make the visualization a bit easier at Blue Ridge Cottages & Restaurant.

Now that the vision is a bit clearer, how does spending a few days in the mountains sound? You may be familiar with the Blue Ridge Restaurant from a previous review, but allow me to take you inside the whole experience.

Travel Tip: Ask about available chauffeur service at additional cost when booking.

Now that the vision is a bit clearer, how does spending a few days in the mountains sound? You may be familiar with the Blue Ridge Restaurant from a previous review, but allow me to take you inside the whole experience.

Blue Ridge: Blue Mountains Cottages

Blue Ridge Peacock Cottage Room

Behind the restaurant is a descending walkway lined with wooden handrails and flora leading to the cottages. The Peacock Cottage is 1 of 2 available guest rooms on property, which was built by family of one of the co-owners. Blue Ridge is all about subtle details, with hints of unmistakable feathers and imagery sprinkled throughout the room. The entrance is adorned with a peacock; step into what I like to think of as the physical manifestation of a comfort zone.

Peacock Cottage cabin room Blue Ridge Jamaica

A king size bed is covered with a velvety polyester blanket and was topped with an abstract floral sheet (similar to the one at the Portland private island getaway in Portland); appropriately so, both are blue. On either side of the bed is a nightstand stocked with magazines and novels to complete the vision of the perfect mountain getaway.

The 2 mesh-lined windows in the bedroom will not only provide unparalleled views from the comfort of the room, but also a continuous supply of refreshing mountain air. There is a fan in the room, but it was never needed throughout my visit, even when the windows were closed. If the blanket isn’t enough to keep you warm, the in-room coffee station (with grounds from Blue Ridge’s farm) can help to warm you up. Brew authentic Blue Mountain coffee and enjoy a cup in any of the 2 cushioned seats beside a window.

Blue Ridge Butterfly Cottage Room

The Butterfly Cottage sleeps up to 4 persons, on 2 joined beds and a wide fold-out couch. Its double doors open out to the veranda adorned with patio chairs and table. The couch-bed and a drawered table with in-room coffee station are positioned under two large curtained windows. Rich natural lighting and a Blue Mountains view enter the room with a simple pull of the curtain.

The bathrooms have a small view of the mountainside right by the stone-finished shower, raining hot water.  Here’s where I was extra impressed: the cleanliness of the bathroom! Get this, the first time I turned on the shower, when the water hit the floor suds were formed to clean before even stepping in. The toilet was cleaned with every flush from being filled with a blue sanitizing liquid instead of water! The bathrooms included clean rags + towels and soap bars.

The Blue Mountains cottages’ private balconies allow you to step out right into nature where you can enjoy the scenery and even do a bit of bird watching. Coloured critters flutter to and fro the flourishing banana trees and other vegetation surrounding the room, you’re sure to see at least a handful on a clear day. The Blue Mountains is home to many beautiful flowers you won’t see on the plains. At night, it’ll get a bit chillier and the moonlight will illuminate the room. You can’t help but feel peaceful isolation, which makes way for a good night’s sleep. After a night well spent in your mountain home, be awakened by the sun softly peeking through the windows.

Travel Tip: Carry a sweater, socks, and/or blanket


Blue Ridge Restaurant’s Inclusive Meals

When staying at these Blue Mountains Cottages, scrumptious meals are included for breakfast, lunch, and 3-course dinner! After wiping the sleep from your eyes, take a stroll to the on-site restaurant for breakfast of a small fruit plate, juice, hot beverage, and a warm meal (only offered to cottage guests).

Blue Ridge Restaurant is a part of the Blue Mountains Culinary Trail

Dining Ambiance at the Blue Ridge Restaurant

The restaurant space is decorated with trinkets and signs (kinda like this cool bar in the middle of the sea), and one side is completely dedicated to uncensored mountain views. At least one of the wooden window slots are usually left open to allow passage of nature’s air conditioner. If it gets a bit too chilly the staff will close a window or maybe offer a blanket to cuddle with while you enjoy your meal. As the sun fades behind the mountains, the space is lined with the soft orange glow of pepper lights and an indigo sky palette just before dark.

Blue Ridge Restaurant: Appetizers

As the day progresses, you may choose to sample items from the framed menu which is standard for both lunch and dinner. Previous times I visited I’ve enjoyed my current favourite dish, the Smoked Pork Chop in Guava Glaze with a side of the popular Blue Ridge Mac and Cheese. Blue Ridge’s tasty starters tease and have your taste buds wanting more, as appetizers are supposed to.

It was mentioned that Blue Ridge was about cute and subtle details. Meals are often served on a tray by a smiling staff member, complemented by a quirky ornament. I have actually had to keep one of our knick-knacks until after dinner due to having so much fun with it – a cup and ball game, that turned into what seemed like a never-ending competition.

Blue Ridge Restaurant: Main Course + Dessert

No matter what’s on the Blue Ridge restaurant menu, in my experience whatever you order will leave you speechless at the taste. You can tell flavour as well as plating presentation are of great importance at these Blue Mountain Cottages. There’s always a flair added to each dish; even though the taste is better experienced than described, I think the photos also speak a lot for themself!

If you feel for something sweet indulge in dessert, whether it be a pastry or hot beverage. I don’t have the biggest sweet tooth, but all the desserts I’ve tried here were thankfully not overpowered with the taste of sugar. It’s one fo the few places I’ve ordered dessert without fear of a sweet overload.

Don’t these Blue Mountains cottages seem like absolute bliss?!

Which would you rather do at Blue Ridge, stay for a meal or a night?

  • Room Atmosphere 85% 85%
  • Cleanliness 85% 85%
  • Staff Interactions 100% 100%
  • Food 90% 90%
Wake up in the peace of the Blue Mountains while staying in the Peacock Cottage (sleeps 2) or the Butterfly Cottage (sleeps 4).

Call 876-562-7580 or book online for pure tranquility.

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