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Tucked beyond a collection of fruit trees and crop fields in the mountains of Glenbrook, Westmoreland is the cosy Camp Cabarita eco resort in Jamaica. The eco-friendly venue includes a lounge area, outdoor showers, on-site river, and 2-tier cabin rooms. The venue’s structures came to be with great help of natural elements such as bamboo, leaves, and rocks to create an outdoorsy feel all over! Camp Cabarita Eco Resort gets its name from the Cabarita River running through the property, which also flows through the nearby Mayfield Falls.

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Camp Cabarita Eco Resort Jamaica

Irie Cottage Loft Room

I opted for the Irie Cottage Loft on the upper level. Ladder-like stairs with railings will lead beyond the Irie Cottage Flat to a mesh screen entry that helps keep critters out. This cabin home includes:

  • 2 double beds with net canopies
  • Scented room spray
  • Breezy oscillating fan
  • 2 fresh folded towels
  • A hanging lightbulb and string of lights
  • Front & rear balconies
    • Deck chairs
    • A hammock

In the true spirit of camping, the bathrooms of the Irie Cottage Loft and Flat accommodations are found outside (ie. by the lounge area). The more modern-styled Jamaican Jungalo and Eco Chic room types are equipped with 1/2 bathrooms.

The crisp breeze from the mountainside created no need for the fan after night fell. With the cabin lined with shielding mesh, I also didn’t feel compelled to use the bug-repelling net. The amber lights were bright enough to illuminate the entire room in the black of a rainy night, and simultanously not too intense where they were needed to be turned off for sleep. This was my 2nd time staying in a cabin in the mountains, and it truly can be a different level of cosiness!

Camp Cabarita Jamaican Food & Drinks Inclusive

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included as a part of your Camp Cabarita accommodation package. Each dish consists of a full plate of mostly Jamaican favourites. A typical breakfast includes ground provisions, fruits and vegetables, legumes, and eggs if desired with sides of freshly-squeezed juice and fruit smoothie. Coffee is also available if requested.

Lunch and dinner times may vary depending on any activities you and other guests may choose to partake in for a day. Rice & peas, vegetables, legumes and/or meat make up typical afternoon and evening meals, complemented by fresh coconut water or a smoothie.ย Feel free to order another drink of choice (alcoholic or not) with your meal from the stocked bar. You may be surprised some days with delectable treats to satisfy your sweet tooth such as ice cream made at the site!

Camp Cabarita Main Lounge Area

The central bar & lounging area is adorned with bamboo compositions, wicker lamp shades, and an assortment of impressive wood carvings. Sizeable floor space with sets of seats and tables plus hammocks create a comfy space to chill out during the days and evenings. An upper deck with a view of the mountain landscape is mostly dedicated to fitness and wellness, hosting yoga and meditation sessions as well as resistance exercise tools.

When darkness falls, the lounge area is the main hub of activity with reggae music and colourful lighting creating a laid-back vibe as games and dancing ensue. This was the point during my stay where I felt closest to new friends made at the Camp, after sharing laughs while playing multiple rounds of jenga. Grab a drink + a game and get active!

Camp Cabarita Eco Tours

The multifaceted staff members also act as tour guides if desired. The countryside venue is within walking distance (using the term loosely for some destinations lol) of attractions you may opt to visit during your stay. These tours will reveal natural beauties, nearby communities, and interactions with friendly residents who can’t seem to pass you without sharing a smile and wave.

Trips to nearby towns such as Negril can also be arranged

These eco tours are also included in your accommodation package by the way, so that’s even more reason to take a trip!

Mayfield Falls

This is probably the closest and most popular attraction. There are 2 entrances, differentiated as the less commercialized “Original Mayfield Falls” and the Chukka Cove-operated “Reggae Style Mayfield Falls”. This waterfall series includes over 20 refreshing cascades and natural pools for you to navigate, as you might’ve seen in my previously posted article / video. I was told that many guests visit the falls and river daily to wash off and rejuvenate with body care treatments such as coffee scrubs… I mean, would you blame ’em?!

Travel Tip: Water shoes highly recommended

Hike to Ginger Werks Cave

Remember when I said the term ‘walking distance’ could be used loosely? Well, this is what I meant. Though it wasn’t as taxing as the hike to Kwame Falls or to 1 of the highest botanical gardens in the Western hemisphere, I definitely wasn’t mentally (or dressily) prepared for a hike that day; surprise surprise I did it anyway. Your knowledgeable guides will be sure to point out notable crops and plants as well as their uses along the trail. The angled trail will take you across the Dolphin Head mountains, through small communities, over a river bed, and as finale… UP the mountainside, and I do mean UP!

The destination is a sizeable bat cave lined with large boulders and rock formations. The inside of the cavern contains a blanket of dust, which mostly reveals itself as you exhale through your mouth. You’re unable to go very deep within the Ginger Werks Cave, so time spent here may not be as long as the ~1hour hike to get to it. Ask the guides to show your the “musical” rocks and glistening natural crystals.

Travel Tip: Bring a flashlight

Camp Cabarita Eco Resort Jamaica is a quiet getaway from the bustle of the nearby cities. Enjoy some alone time (like I did), a group retreat (like I joined), and a couples trip (like I wish I had). It was lovely that I was able to visit and be so openly welcomed by the staff and into a woman’s retreat that was being hosted there at the time! A big thank you to staff members ‘Buddy’, Jovaine, and Dwight + the USA ladies enjoying their 1st wellness retreat in beautiful Jamaica!

How do you imagine you would spend much of your time at this eco resort in Jamaica?

Let me know in the comments!

  • Room Atmosphere 70% 70%
  • Cleanliness 70% 70%
  • Staff Interactions 85% 85%
  • Food 75% 75%

Wake up in the tranquility of nature while stayingat the Camp Cabarita Eco Resort.

Send an email with any questions or book online.


Make your way to the Glenbrook community from Savanna-La-Mar. A few minutes before reaching Mayfield Falls, a narrow turn between a brightly-painted yellow house and a wooden shack starts the path to Camp Cabarita Eco Resort. It’s recommended that you arrange for pick up or request more specific directions before visiting.

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