How Brands Benefit with

ON Social Media
  • Established trust & influence within my niche following
  • Consistent reach and engagement rates
  • Quick, digestible way to get the word out about your brand / offer
  • Increase your audience reach & social media following
With a Blog Article
  • New people learning about your brand/offer monthly
  • Increase visibility of your brand’s own website & social media pages
  • Higher probability of conversions (vs social media only)
  • In-depth showcase
Via Email Marketing
  • Delivered directly to travel enthusiasts’ + business contacts’ inboxes
  • Share your brand / offer with my already-interested audience
  • Further increase probability of leads & sales
  • Higher relevancy
Through Targeted Ads
  • Reach more of your target audience
  • Higher conversion rate in shorter time span
  • Gain additional marketing insights about your target audience
  • Significantly expand brand visibility

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