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Inspired Traveler Testimonials

Multiple SimplyLocal Outings

“Where do i even start…. every experience was exhilarating 🤗 It’s always an affordable experience and really makes you think about not just existing, but living and enjoying your island’s beauty; basically embracing the phrase ‘I live where you vacay’ 😆. I look forward to being invited on more adventures/road trips with simplylocal, despite not being able to eat until a pic of the food is taken 🤣

– Sue-Ann Robinson-Hall


Street Food Saturdays

“I was happy I decided to make the trip bcuz it was phenomenal. From the journey up there to the amazing food we indulged in.”

– Jevol Morgan

Living Akashi's Private Island Getaway

“A journey that was as much fun as the destination. Remarkably authentic, one for the books, something to reminisce on for years to come. Experiencing the adventure with Simplylocal.life should always be repeated, it makes life worth it. Trust me and try it.”

– Tishelle Campbell

Girl backpacking in Rio grande river valley Jamaica

Falling Edge Falls

“With the help of the directions from your blog. It was great – picturesque and serene.”

– Jemila Hastings

Blue Mountains

“It was pretty good to be honest… we want to go again if possible… I also went to Cafe Blue, it was divine.”

– Shinnel Gaye

Blue Lagoon & Monkey Island

“It was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s as if it woke up my sense of adventure, now I want to explore, I want to find spots. This is my passion.”

– @alleui

Breadnut Valley Falls

“I went after reading about it in your blog. It was the first time I was hearing about it and it piqued my interest! I loved it there! it is off the beaten path, calm, and very tranquil. What made it even more intimate was that we were the only ones there! “

– Sabriena Simpson


Hike with Wanderlust Trails

“It was fun but exhausting. I was in good company and it was fun getting out of the city.”

– Brianna Johnson

Island Lux Beach Park

“The aesthetics and ambiance was awesome. The first thing I looked for was the swing, very relaxing, and we had our very own cabana.”

– @christyneveah

Street Food Saturdays

“It’s a cultural experience. The environment, the river below, the cool breeze rolling off the hill. the fooooooood😍😍😍😍😍 just the right food at the perfect location.”

– Andrew Gordon

Mayfield Falls

Mayfield falls is the picture of a cool relaxing escape.”

– Tamar Henry

Coffee Fest

Jhunelle is friendly and talented person who doesn’t shy away from new things and experiences. I met her at Coffee Fest while visiting Jamaica on holiday. She was taking photos and I asked her if she would take mine, it wasn’t long before we started talking about traveling, food and the amazing things Jamaica has to offer. Definitely happy to have met her and follow her work!”

– Vanessa Benjamin

Multiple SimplyLocal Outings

“Travelling with you has been the best times of my life. I’ve learned so much about this beautiful island we call home. #simplylocal876”

– Nigel Gardner

Collaborator Testimonials

Akashi Journi | Hostess / Vegan Chef, Land of Oshun

When her group arrived, everyone was excited to experience their Journi & @simplylocal.life made certain that everyone felt included and assisted with the flow of the day! As the day came to a close, Jhunelle asked if we could create a win/win partnership. For me it was a no-brainer, after all her personality is amazing & the woman is very professional.

It’s been years since we began working together & my business has grown more in the local Jamaican sector, which is great as its added to the much needed diversity I’d sought after! @simplylocal.life rates at a 5 🌟 in my book for excellence in marketing, shout outs and big ups for your hotel, experiences and brands. Every experience is unique and @simplylocal.life will make sure your business stands out! I Am truly honored to have her on board as a team member at The Land of Oshun!

Diana O'Gilvie | International Travel Writer

Jhunelle was a guest speaker at my Travel Writing Masterclass in Kingston. I have been following Jhunelle’s blog for a while now and was impressed with how she varied her content on Jamaica and keeping it local. Her presentation on the realities and analytics of blogging was well-received by attendees. Her professionalism is impeccable and I will work with her again.

Kesi Gardner | Founder, Storyteller PR Agency

Jhunelle is a mastermind at telling your brand’s story. She come on the Love Not Likes bloggers trip and covered the event within the next day. Looking forward to working on more collaborations and brand deals in the future together.

Andre Anderson | Maroon Tour Guide, Moore Town

It was a great experience working with Jhunelle. We met randomly on her trip to Nanny Falls, and I wastheir tour guide for the day. We strolled and talked on the way to the falls, as if we knew each other before that day. She has a passion for history and very evidently, a passion for waterfalls lol. Very humble and meek, and would love to rendezvous sometime again.

Mike Cousins | Tour Guide, Kingston Experience Tours

It was a pleasure working with Jhuni. I enjoyed the positive energy, patriotism and vision. It’s great to have support and get inspiration from a platform like hers. It’s a great reminder that we are all working together to bring awareness and access to the very best authentic Jamaican experiences.

Tabetha Phillips | Co-owner, Blue Ridge Restaurant & Cottages

I have worked with Jhunelle at SimplyLocal.life several times over the past few years. Her demeanor and services have been consistently exceptional, professional, artistic, and inspiring! We look forward to continuing our relationship throughout the years to come.

Shirnett Bailey | Marketing Director, Island Lux Beach Park

 SimplyLocal is simply amazing to work with! Jhunelle is an outstanding and talented professional who goes above and beyond to share the finer points and hidden treasures that Jamaica has to offer.

When we worked together,she showcased the property in such a way that we felt that even our inner pride shone through her eyes. Loved the feedback and guests enquiries that followed after her blogging about us. Thanks Jhunelle for treating our pride and joy as if it was your very own!

Ilesha Williams | Co-founder, Bush & Water Restaurant

I really enjoyed the enthusiasm, professionalism and willingness to customize offers for travelers and foodies. As a fairly new restaurant, Simply Local Life endorsed our Roast Fest event, did giveaways to followers, and promoted our delicious vegan and live food menu options. Thanks Simply Local Life, we’re looking forward to working with you again.