About a half hour’s drive (or less) from Manor Park in Kingston, you’ll be able to find a magnificent waterfall within Stony Hill called Falling Edge Falls, also known as Bowden Hill Falls. It cascades from high above into a refreshing natural pool surrounded by lush greenery. It’s a tranquil place to take a dip and cool off away from the noises of everyday life. My favourite thing to do here was to float on my back, listening to the rushing water while gazing at the sunlight peeking through the canopies above.

I’ve heard there is a lengthy route to the waterfall which includes walking through the Hermitage Dam, but I have yet to undergo it. A fairly easy 10-minute hike will guide you to this natural beauty.


• Start your ascent of Stony Hill

• Take the right at a fork onto Long Lane

• Continue until you reach Stony Hill Square

• Turn right at Tastee Patties

Proceed along the road, passing Boone Hall Oasis & Straun Castle 

• Continue until you reach a dead end in the form of an All-Age School. From there, you hike.

• Take the path to the left of the school

• Look out for orange arrows spray painted on trees, roots, and rocks
(see photo on the left)

Please note:

  • At the start, there was a slight chest discomfort while walking, possibly because of the altitude
  • Being a river in the hills, it is not the warmest of swims.
  • You may be plagued by mosquitoes, especially near dusk.