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A roughly 30-minute (or less) drive from Manor Park in Kingston lies a magnificent waterfall within Stony Hill called Falling Edge Falls, also known as Bowden Hill Falls. It cascades from high above into a refreshing natural pool below, surrounded by lush greenery. A tranquil place to take a dip and cool off, away from the noises of everyday city life not too far from it.

There is a lengthy and somewhat rugged route to the waterfall which includes walking through the Hermitage Dam (so I’ve heard). If that is the only route you know of and it’s not your idea of fun, here’s some refreshing news for you: there is a much easier and shorter alternative!

The road is narrow, rough, and winding in some areas

After the drive, this simple 10-minute hike will guide you to this natural beauty:

Directions to Falling Edge Falls (from Manor Park)

• Begin your ascent of Stony Hill – like you’re heading to Street Food Saturdays

• Continue until you reach Stony Hill Square

• Turn right at Tastee Patties (beside the Stony Hill Market)

• Proceed along the road, passing Boone Hall Oasis & Straun Castle Garden

• Follow the road (and occasional signs) until you reach Bowden Hill Primary & Infant School.

From here, you hike:

• Take the path to the left of the school into the greenery

• Keep left and look out for orange arrows spray painted on trees, roots, and rocks

• You have reached your destination!

P.S. If this journey seems a little too daring for you, check out this more convenient river attraction near the city.

Swim at Falling Edge Falls

It is not the warmest of swims, but just like Mayfield, Reach, or Kwame Falls you should expect that from a river in the hills sheltered by surrounding greenery. It is shallow enough to stand in the water for maybe half the width of the pool; it deepens the closer you venture to the waterfall. Its popularity has grown over the past few years, but if you’re able to visit and have the privilege of being alone, it is such a quiet and refreshing venue. Floating on your back (if you know how), listening to the rushing water streaming by your ears while gazing at the sunlight peeking through the canopies above is the ultimate relaxation here in my opinion.

Travel Tip: Carry insect repellent (highly recommended)

“With the help of the directions from your blog. It was great – picturesque and serene.”

– Jemila Hastings

Let me know which route you took (or plan to take) to his waterfall in the comments.

If you’ve tried both, please compare the experiences to help me decide if I should venture the other way (even if just for likkle exercise).


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