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Falmouth is probably not one of the places you’re used to hearing about when it comes to a trip in Jamaica. If you didn’t give much consideration to an outing or stay in Falmouth before, you could be bypassing some of the island’s best kept secrets! The Artisan Village at Falmouth is one such addition that invites residents and tourists alike to immerse themselves in Jamaican heritage, artistry and innovation.

The Artisan Village at Falmouth, Trelawny Jamaica

This local shopping experience finally opened for business in April 2024 after first being announced back in 2016. The all-Jamaican Artisan Village at Falmouth showcases craftsmanship of small and medium tourism enterprises at shops and kiosks named after pieces of the area’s history. There is a variety of Jamaican-made products available ranging from cosmetics, fashion, décor and cuisine. Its layout creates browsing avenues where patrons can easily hop from shop to shop. The village centre is a hub of entertainment buzzing with live performances and engaging activities that vividly bring the story of Falmouth and Jamaican culture to life.

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Patrons are invited to do more than buy Jamaican products here. Another unique highlight of this marketplace is its interactive elements. Integration of virtual reality experiences enhances cultural immersion in a whole new way!

The Artisan Village at Falmouth is the first of its kind in the Caribbean region, with 4 more slated to be constructed around the island. Its strategic location will surely make authentic souvenir shopping more accessible for visitors, especially tropical cruise goers. This collection of crafts is conveniently positioned along the corridor to the Falmouth cruise pier which is also open to local consumers.Some products are even made on the spot, allowing customers to personalize their own creations.

What is the concept of Artisan Village at Falmouth?

An artisan village promotes the upliftment of craftspeople by providing a space to display, market and earn from their skills and products. This facility places focus on the quality products of Jamaican artisans to boost cultural and economical enrichment. It was conceptualized by Jamaica’s Tourism Minister, Hon. Edmund Bartlett.

What is Falmouth, Jamaica famous for?

Reminiscent of a bygone era, The Artisan Village at Falmouth pays homage to the vibrant story of Falmouth, Jamaica through commerce, performing arts and monuments. Though it may not look like it today, Falmouth was once considered 1 of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. The first piped water supply system for the western hemisphere originated in this charming town, even before New York City! It was a thriving port of commerce in the late 1700s─ referred to as the “Paris of the West Indies”─ during Jamaica’s glory days of sugar production. During this time, Falmouth flourished as a trading centre for 4 decades.

Reminders of its historic past still stand proudly; the townscape boasts the largest collection of Georgian architecture in the region, many of which have been restored. In recognition of its rich legacy, Falmouth is dubbed a Jamaican National Heritage Site as well as a United Nations World Heritage Site.

The Artisan Village at Falmouth Location

The Artisan Village is tucked at Gate 5 at the Port of Falmouth. It’s on the site of the former Hampden Wharf, beside the Falmouth cruise ship pier. Entry is FREE for all ages, open on Tuesdays – Sundays from 10am – 6pm. This grants access to the shopping experience, complemented with daily live performing arts.


Falmouth, Jamaica is brimming with history and has lots to offer to adventurous travellers, water lovers, and architecture buffs. This coastal town and capital of Trelawny parish is a rising destination with growing numbers of accommodations and popular attractions. It is also the main gateway between widely-popular resort towns of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Whether you are overnighting or just passing through the town, the Artisan Village at Falmouth is a one-stop for authentic, quality Jamaican finds.