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My primary travelling partner and I have had our fair share of outings together. I chose to share 5 romantic dates in Jamaica that in one way or another helped us to feel closer in the moment. You don’t have to have a significant other to enjoy the following, but it can sure help. Enjoy! ūüíč

Romantic Dates in Jamaica


  1. Night View of the City, Kingston

This may not be in everyone’s taste, but some notable bonding times were had parked on¬†a random hill overlooking the sparkling capital city.¬†Find a¬†safe and quiet spot in the hills one¬†evening as¬†the cool night air¬†caresses¬†your skin. Sitting or leaning while looking out at the lights of the seemingly calm city below somehow provokes cuddling and more meaningful conversations in my experience. It¬†allows you two¬†to¬†feel alone in¬†a¬†big place, with¬†nothing but time and each other.

Few suggestions: Beverly Hills, Red Hills, Smokeyvale

  1. Rafting on Martha Brae River, Trelawny

The 30-minute gentle ride down the river lined by multiple species of¬†plants is nothing short of relaxing. You’re awarded 360 degree picture-perfect¬†scenery¬†as you sit atop¬†a¬†bamboo raft decorated with tropical flowers.¬†Even though the raft¬†captain is present, for the most part he’s¬†busy¬†navigating, and¬†allows¬†you¬†and¬†your partner to quietly enjoy the sights unless you choose to engage him in conversation. Spot some unfamiliar fruits and plants¬†as you listen to the river’s soft roar and the twittering¬†birds above and around.

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  1. Strawberry Fields Together, St. Mary

There’s something about staying in a room¬†next to the sea¬†that makes time seem slow and deliberate, with all responsibilities forgotten (for me at least).¬†The property is generally quiet, it can feel like you’re the only ones there most of the time. There’s no tv, just the hills, rolling waves on the sand, beautiful sunshine, and each other. As simple as it was, our favourite part the stay at Strawberry Fields Together was getting up early to watch the sunrise on the beach. Read full review‚Üí

  1. Couples Resort (Tower Isle), St. Mary

This was our first weekend getaway together, a surprise for one of us (him) actually!ūüėä The adults-only all-inclusive resort caters to couples from the room decor to activities. Multiple restaurant choices, ranging from casual to elegant, and the variety of food around the clock will surely have you trying a number of new menu items together. The romantic highlight for us was probably the sunset catamaran cruise, which includes an hour-long session of drinking booze as you ride the waves of the sea at dusk. Small unexpected surprises such as being greeted with crackers, cheese, fruits, and a bottle of wine upon return to your room add to the experience. Read full review‚Üí

  1. Rockhouse Hotel, Negril

We still haven’t seen or experienced the entire boutique resort of Rockhouse Hotel, but the little that we¬†did was enough to rank it at the top of both of our lists. We stayed in a studio room, which includes a veranda facing the sea. The moon/sun peeping through the room’s windows provides all the natural light needed while¬†listening to the gentle waves outside the door.

We dined at the Rockhouse restaurant, 1 of 4 on the property, for dinner and breakfast. This restuarant is complemented by a fabulous view of the sea just beside the tables. The only thing that could distract us long enough from eating dinner was the perfect view of a mesmerizing Negril sunset. The snorkeling excursion offered by the resort is fun and interactive, and followed by a trip to a remote island where you get to choose your seafood lunch, excellently cooked on a beach open fire. It was a perfect short stay; definitely want to return to experience the venue in full.

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Feel free to add suggestions of your favourite romantic dates in Jamaica;

we could all use some extra romance.ūüė䬆

One love! ‚̧ԳŹ

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