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UPDATE: Blue Ridge Restaurant & Cottages has since been closed. Please check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

One thing I’ve learned this year after crossing two locations in the mountains off my list is that I’ll probably think twice about listening to others when they say my car won’t be able to reach a destination, particularly because of patchy road conditions. With that said, unless you have a car that’s very low to the ground, or you just don’t know how to navigate potholes, you’ll be able to reach the Blue Ridge restaurant without hiccup.

Blue Ridge Restaurant

A light yet crisp natural breeze begins to blow through the restaurant as the afternoon progresses. At dusk, you’ll be offered a blanket if you haven’t already cosied up in one. Looking out at birds as they whiz from one summit to the next while enjoying your meal will make the slightly rough journey all the more worthwhile. Sit by a large window in the picturesque eatery and look out at the evergreen mountain range.

Traveler Tip: You may want to dress warm

Blue Ridge Service: it’s all in the details

A smiling waitress will greet you and possibly ask your preference between bottled or tap water. This was a pleasant first for me; I’ve never been offered tap water at an eatery, I usually have to ask for it [in order to save a few dollars]. The rustic-chic décor elements thrives on small details. Menus are presented in a picture frame, providing the options to read laid on the table or erected like a photo, while utensils are placed on the side of the table in a small burlap bag. While waiting, a server (whether your appointed one or someone else’s) may ask if anything is desired while waiting. Our waitress, Sarah, appeared shortly after to inform that our meals were almost ready, and within 5 minutes… voilà! On a wooden tray, complemented with a playful ornament, were our meals. Even the bill is encased in a decorative tin. Small, ornamental elements such as these enhance the overall presentation and charm of the experience.

Blue Ridge Restaurant Menu Options

On my plate was pork chops with a guava glaze, and a dish of their famous baked mac & cheese. My friend had chicken, shrimp, plantain, and cheese stuffed in quesadillas with cilantro sauce, a side of garlic mashed potatoes. The servings were satisfactory to the stomach as well as the taste buds. I tried even more tasty options on my return visit!

Blue Ridge Restaurant Hot Beverages

The meals were finished off with dessert in the form of beverages: A mix of coffee and rum cream topped with whipped cream and sprinkles of golden sugar, and the namesake Blue Ridge hot chocolate, presented on a vinyl record. What makes this cup of hot cocoa different from any other? Well…

Topped with whipped cream and blue sprinkles of sugar, I embraced my foamy mustache before redecorating the entire contents of my mouth sipping on the almost teal beverage.

Stay Overnight in Blue Ridge Cottage

If one meal isn’t enough, you may opt to stay in one of two cottages on the property (inclusive of breakfast)! The hand-built cabins are cosy, cool, and clean! Take a look at highlights from an overnight stay, (starting at ~J$18,500 / ~US$150) which was the first time I’ve ever been happy to be “stuck” somewhere ;).

How lovely is this venue though?!

Let me know what detail here impressed you the most.


  • Delectability 80% 80%
  • Food Variety 70% 70%
  • Staff Interactions 90% 90%
  • Ambiance 90% 90%

Opening Hours:

  • Sundays & Wednesdays 12pm-6pm
  • Fridays & Saturdays 12pm-8pm

Contact: 876-562-7580 or [email protected]


Start at Papine Square and head to Gordon Town. Make a right in front of the Gordon Town Police Station to go across a bridge. Follow the road to Guava Ridge, and stay to the left. Continue to follow the road to Quashie Gap, then make a right & the look for Blue Ridge Signs. Google Maps isn’t pinpointed at the exact location.

Blue Ridge Restaurant and Cottages

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