One thing I’ve learned this year after crossing two locations in the mountains off my list is that I’ll probably think twice about listening to others when they say my car won’t be able to reach a destination, particularly because of unideal road conditions. With that said, unless you have a car so low to the ground that it cannot go over a speed bump, or you just don’t know how to navigate potholes, you should be able to reach the Blue Ridge restaurant. After a few Google Map hiccups, including prematurely announcing the arrival at the destination, my friend and I finally parked at the picturesque eatery about an hour’s drive from Papine at a cautious pace.

Sitting by a large window looking out at the green mountain range, we were immediately greeted by our waitress for the afternoon, Sarah. Smiling Sarah asked our preference between bottled or tap water, which for me was a pleasant first; I’ve never been offered tap water at an eatery, I usually have to ask [in order to save a few dollars]. Menus were presented in a frame, providing the options to read them laid on the table or erected like a photo. Utensils were placed by the glass of water on the side of the table in a small burlap bag. After going over the menu a few times, an order was placed followed by multiple photo captures of the rustic-chic décor elements, scenery, and two friends enjoying the afternoon. Chatting and photographing for maybe 25 minutes, someone else’s attentive server asked if we needed anything while waiting, another pleasant unexpected happening. Sarah appeared shortly after to inform that our meals were almost ready, and within 5 minutes… voilà! On a wooden tray, complemented with a playful ornament, were our meals.

On my plate was pork chops with a guava glaze, and a dish of baked mac & cheese to the top right of it. My friend had quesadillas stuffed with chicken, shrimp, plantain, and cheese as she requested, with cilantro sauce, a side of garlic mashed potatoes, and a cup of coffee and rum cream mix topped with whipped cream and sprinkles of golden sugar. Of course, feminine instincts prompted us to take food from each other’s plates 🙂 I enjoyed a bit of her food as she did mine. The servings were adequate for the stomach as well as the taste buds; my palate, however, would’ve been a little happier with some extra seasoning. I didn’t try my friend’s hot drink, but she swears it was probably the best coffee she’s ever had at an eatery.

A light yet crisp natural breeze began to blow through the restaurant as the afternoon progressed. I observed a waitress offering a blanket to a consumer, something I’ve heard they offer regularly. Looking out at birds as they whizzed from one summit to the next while I finished my meal made the journey, potholes and slopes included, worthwhile. I had the Blue Ridge hot chocolate as a dessert option, presented on a record single. What makes this cup of hot cocoa different from any other? Well…

Topped with whipped cream and blue sprinkles of sugar, I embraced my foamy mustache before redecorating the entire contents of my mouth sipping on the namesake beverage. Now almost even more relaxed, we requested our bills, which were encased in a decorative tin. The small, ornamental elements such as this enhanced the overall presentation and charm of the experience; definitely wouldn’t mind visiting again.


  • Delectability 75%
  • Food Variety 70%
  • Staff Interactions 90%
  • Ambiance 90%