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Within the Ocho Rios town centre, a short distance outside of the tourist-central pier of the buzzing city, you’ll find a gem of a restaurant tucked on a side road. What makes Miss Ts Kitchen so special is a combination of various things: authentic Jamaican food, vibrant venue, personable staff, and service quality. After visiting months prior to celebrate a friend’s birthday, I knew I had to return in short order. I actually ended up returning twice in a single day for lunch AND dinner, because it’s just that good!

Miss Ts Kitchen

The best way I can think to describe the venue layout and decor is ‘happy place’ . The bright array of colours, amusing signage, and obvious eye for detail throughout the restaurant effortlessly put you in a cheerful mood. In a way, its deliberate decor reminds me of a restaurant in the Blue Mountains. The inclusion of a kids’ table and small recreation area adds to its playful charm, and make it a lovely place for families to dine.

Just look at it, does it not instantly boost your mood?!

Jamaican Lunch at Miss Ts Kitchen

After being greeted by a hostess, you’ll be led to an available seat of choice and presented with the Jamaican cuisine menu. Smiling servers sporting fedora-styled hat with red,green, and gold stripes will record your order and likely check in while you await your meal. Meals are done to order, which was surprising to me considering the food is served in quick order consistently when compared to average wait times at other local restaurants!

For lunch, I enjoyed a fish fillets with a serving of bammies. The fish was plated in a wooden tray, similar to that of a jerk restaurant on the beach, while the bammy was presented in a mini skillet on the side sitting on a small banana leaf. Boasting country-styled cooking, the presentation just cements the feeling of authentic Jamaican food experience. The 4 fillets were topped with vinegar, vegetables, scotch bonnet peppers and other spices just as they should be. The 4 pieces of fried bammy had the perfect amount of outer crunch plus a soft interior.

Miss Ts Bar

At the side of the establishment is a cosy bar where you may choose from natural juices + alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. I opted for a non-alcoholic Bob Marley iced drink and refreshing june plum juice while sitting on a stool engaging a couple genial staff members. The bar has a small window connected to Di Wine Yaad for quicker service in that area.

Di Wine Yaad

I just had to enjoy my dessert in di cutesy blue and wood-themed wine yaad! In my opinion, this would be perfect for a small business meeting, group of girlfriends, or a company treat. It is an independent section from the rest of Miss Ts Kitchen, separated by a glass door. The decor includes chalkboard calligraphic illustration, glass light shades, more tickling signage, and of course – wine! Central tables are surrounded by seating and headed by throne-like chairs, while the room’s sides present a picnic vibe with cushioned wall seats and pillows. I have to return to enjoy wine in Di Wine Yaad, but this time indulging Guava Cheesecake was sufficient.

Popular for private events and groups

Jamaican Dinner at Miss Ts Kitchen

I did say I visited twice in 1 day. Visited again to try something from the dinner menu after enjoying the vibe and delicacies earlier. If you need further convincing of the quality here, you may view a collection of awards commemorating the owner, restaurant, and its cuisine displayed at Miss Ts Kitchen. Appetites were opened with ‘Wing Bashment’, which included 6 fried chicken wings and a satisfyingly-spicy dipping sauce. After observing the food award for Best Oxtail and hearing that Guy Fieri of the Food Network raved about it, I knew I had to try so I could report to unuh (despite not being the biggest oxtail lover). I opted to have the Oxtail Pasta, while my companion was intrigued by Bar-b-fried Sea Trout and decided to give it a try.

For these 2 new trials, we put our trust in the restaurant’s proof of quality thus far. Needless to say, we were impressed! The oxtail pasta seemed to have a light alfredo sauce, but no doubt, oxtail was the star! The pasta was covered in sumptuous, thick oxtail gravy with pieces of meat. Flavour was undeniable, and it is possibly the most tender oxtail I ever had. The sea trout was covered with sauce that was clearly marinated into the meat.Β  A tower of rice and peas with the beautiful flavour of coconut milk and veggies sat beside the fish and made for a filling meal. It didn’t feel heavy nor greasy like multiple bar-b-fried meals I’ve previously had; an extra plus.

Jamaican Dessert at Miss Ts Kitchen

Dessert twice in a day? Why not! This time, the choice was a local favourite: bread pudding. The warm pudding was served with a shot of ‘rum sauce’ which was poured over the comforting treat for an extra kick. ‘Nom nom nom’ is a summary of my experience with the dessert really, which had to be somewhat force-fed to not waste a bite on top of an already satisfying meal. After enjoying this cosy venue and its quality offerings, you know what I did next….SLEEP GOOD!

Thank you Miss T and your gracious staff for a consistently lovely all-around experience.

What local favourite would you love to try here?

  • Delectability 90% 90%
  • Food Variety 85% 85%
  • Atmosphere 90% 90%
  • Staff Interactions 100% 100%

Enjoy quality Jamaican offerings in Ocho Rios!

Visit 65 Main Street or callΒ 876-795-0099 to enjoy a meal.



Head toward the Ocho Rios Town Centre. Look out for a sign on the main road for Miss Ts Kitchen,pointing to a side road which directly faces the sign for the Ocho Rios Market. Turn on that road briefly and the venue will be on the left.

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