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They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach; somehow I feel like that love factor weighs heavily for us women as well… or at least it does for me! If you’re a lover of satisfyingly-delicious meals that come with a side of captivating atmosphere, we’re better friends than you may have thought. I previously shared 5 romantic date ideas in Jamaica, and felt to share even more rosemantic romantic restaurants in Jamaica.

10 Romantic Restaurants in Jamaica

These 10 places are some of my favourites to eat out with my partner, not only because of the meals but also the customer service and the aesthetic of the venues. In my opinion they provide an awe-inspiring space that’s great for first (, second, third…) dates. I’ve dined in some areas more than others and would love to balance it out more, so feel free to add your favourite picks for romantic resturants in Jamaica in the comments.

Romantic Restaurant #10: South Avenue Grill

South Avenue Grill has been 1 of my favourite Kingston restaurants for years! The food is consistently satisfying to the taste buds, portions satisying to the tummy, and prices satisfying to the pocket. A pool area with an arched bridge runs through the centre of the venue, and is probably the main contributor to a romantic feel (more so during dinner time). Dining choices include tabled seats near the bar area, and umbrella seating lining the poolside.

Romantic Restaurant #9: Sora Cuisine

UPDATE: Sora Cuisine has since been closed.

Sushi (or Japanese cuisine) lover? Sora Cuisine is on the top level of a multi-faceted location, granting a view above trees and rooftops of the city. The view is much more impressive during sundown or at night when nearby building illuminate the scene. For a date night, dining on the patio is definitely the choice to opt for to enjoy a romantic meal! The outdoor setup of a central bar, umbrella table tops, and seating along the perimeter create a lovely atmosphere for a late lunch or dinner date.

Romantic Restaurant #8: Cellar 8

The “tucked away” restaurant location within a popular plaza has a dimly-lit ambiance with an orange glow, giving off a candlelight essence. Even though it’s a buzzing wine bar, the seating set up can allow you to feel secluded even in a crowded room. A bar area as well as corner table seatings often positions persons to face the direction of their immediate company vs others in the space. I think many of us will agree that wine is the main liquid ingredient for a lovely date night, yes? So how easy do you think it is to celebrate love at a place centred around wine… Mhmm!

Romantic Restaurant #7: Di Wine Yaad

Di Wine Yaad is a section of Miss T’s Kitchen, popular for private events but also enjoyed by groups. As if the family-friendly restaurant’s decor wasn’t charming enough, Di Wine Yaad has a more intimate feel than the rest of the establishment. The cushioned seats and colourful, intricate elements gives off a casual private party vibe. Once again, the fact that wine is considered 1 ingredient for romance, and the main 1 here, also plays a valuable part in this date idea.

Romantic Restaurant #6: The Q

The reservation-only Q restaurant area, tucked at the side of F&B Downtown, is appropriately backdropped with wine bottle bases revealed from a pallet wall. The lighting is intentionally dimmer in here than the rest of the restaurant / jewelry store, which adds to a sense of privacy. If you’re also an art lover, you’re literally a few steps away from an upstairs gallery of works by local creatives that you’re free to view.

Romantic Restaurant #5: Kushites Vegetarian Cuisine

Within the Eden Gardens Wellness Resort lies a vegetarian/vegan haven known as Kushites. It is within the same resort as Tulips & Black Orchid restaurants. Even if you’re a bonified meat lover, the delectability and presentation of the food here will delight you. What makes it a lovely date idea is the layout and decor: ceiling-to-floor glass revealing a poolside view, seating that exudes elegance and caters to a limited number of persons at a time.

Photo Credit: TAO Photography

Romantic Restaurant #4: Private Picnic at the Oasis Resort

When last have you enjoyed a lawn picnic, if ever? An adorable offer at the Oasis Resort includes a private picnic for a couple or small group on its on-site farm. Music of your choice can be played in the background, and a server may be present if desired for the afternoon. The cutesy picnic includes the essentials: a cosy blanket, colourful pillows and sheets around a picnic table, an igloo of varying beverages, and yummy finger foods and sandwiches! As you may know, an exclusive discount is offered to SimplyLocal.life readers who book a visit here.

UPDATE: Oasis Resort has since been closed. Please check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

Romantic Restaurant #3: Sunset at the Palms

The all-inclusive cabin-styled resort has a main buffet area and reservation-only a-la-carte restaurants open on specific days. Unable to get a booking at either a-la-carte restaurant during my stay, my partner pulled a surprise with a special poolside dinner for my birthday! Seating for our party was set by the lighted pool area, sprinkled with flowers, and boasted butler service. A candelit tasty 3-course meal and a bottle of Champagne on ice in the cool, open air. It was away from the nightly entertainment activity, so it still felt private and exclusive.

Romantic Restaurant #2: Rockhouse Restaurant

Who doesn’t love a Negril sunset? Ranked 1 of the best on the entire island. Rockhouse Hotel is perched on the rocky cliffs of the West End which grant an unadulterated view of the Caribbean Sea. When the sun begins to sink into the horizon before dark, an elevated front row seat casts the perfect golden purple spotlight on your dinner date.

Rockhouse Hotel Negril girl

Romantic Restaurant #1: Blue Ridge Restaurant

The views and chilled breeze of the Blue Mountains provide the perfect backdrop for a romantic evening. I’ve dined for lunch at Blue Ridge previously, but it wasn’t until enjoying dinner whilst staying overnight in their cottage did I truly appreciate the atmosphere the twilight sky provides thousands of feet above sea level. If you’re able to, do yourself a favour and top off your date with an overnight getaway in the mountains.

UPDATE: Blue Ridge Restaurant has since been closed. Please check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

My top personal picks for romantic restaurants in Jamaica are a combination of lovely atmosphere, food delectability, and service.

Where are your favourite romantic restaurants in Jamaica???

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