The newly-renovated Oasis Resort is a lovely spot to get away for a few days. Once you enter the establishment, you’ll be greeted with a smile at the gate and reception area, which houses a host of brochures for nearby attractions to help plan your daily itinerary. Most of the staff leaves by 10pm, so if there’s no one at the reception desk, a friendly security guard will assist. You’ll then be presented with an electronic key and escorted with bags to your room. The colourful combination of tangerine, kiwi, and aquamarine will instantly grab you; every step will boost and brighten your mood.


The resort is located is on the West End of the casual tourist capital of Negril. The West End is mostly known for cliff views but The Oasis is not on the edge, so if you’d like to admire the popular Negril sunset dipping into the sea, a quick trip would be required. Being a short distance away from the buzz of the Seven Mile beach hip strip, the resort is typically quiet and laid-back, but not far enough where you’ll be ostracized from events.

The Room

The garden view room is clean and homely, and has a nude palette with chocolate stone finish accents. It feels just like home with an extra touch of class. The amenities include an air-conditioned space with a kitchenette of a mini-fridge and sink, small high table for 2, closet, safe, full bathroom with the choice of hot and cold water, and a veranda with wooden seats and table. My accommodation included 2 fluffy double beds. My main critique is the in-room lighting was fairly dim, which was especially displayed during the grey, wet weather.  Wi-Fi is accessible (and with good signal) throughout the resort, so thankfully there are no worries about losing internet access in certain areas.


Is it just me who has searched for a place to stay in Negril that offers 3 meals a day and doesn’t include a luxurious budget with no luck [until now]? I know I’m not alone, and was so relieved to learn it was food and drink inclusive! The resort provides a small selection of meal choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. The filling options change daily, with roughly 3 – 4 choices for each meal. Breakfast is served from 7am -10am, lunch from 12pm – 4pm, and dinner + dessert from 7pm – 10pm. During dinner, you may have acoustic entertainment to go along with your meal. The bar is open for your choice of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day, and staff members will ensure that you’re never left parched. Though there are some pretty good cocktails offered, consistency lacks in drink taste between bartenders. Once the chemistry here is fine-tuned, the bar will get a second thumbs up from me 🙂


If you’re not enjoying a drink or meal, lounge by the pool in a cabana or recliner. Better yet, take a swim under The Oasis waterfall or warm up in the jacuzzi. Take a walk through the manicured garden and get physical on the tennis court or tour their farm as they aim to become more self-sufficient and organic.


  • Room 65%
  • Affordability 60%
  • Food (Variety + Taste) 65%
  • Staff Interactions 77.5%

Off-site Activities

The location of the resort allows easy access to nearby excursions. The activity-filled Seven Mile Beach is a mere 3 minutes away when driving, while the world-famous Rick’s Café is just 200m away. Besides those, there are a host of other venues you can enjoy, take it from me! Quick stops were made at:

1) Barney’s Flower & Hummingbird Garden (~7 minutes away) to admire fluttering hummingbirds, including the national Doctor Bird. The hummingbirds on the property are free to roam wherever they please, and return to the garden due to the lush variety of trees and plants present. The frequency of their visits vary depending on a number of factors such as season, rainfall, time of day etc. I actually got to feed one, but the little critters zoom by so quickly, I was unable to capture the moment.

2) Blue Hole Mineral Spring (~20 minutes away) involves a choice between a 30ft descent, by either ladder or jumping, into an underground spring. Jumping into the opening and the spry resident divers were the highlights of the venue which also include a volleyball sand pit, trampoline, pool, and on-site restaurant and bar.

3) Wake n Bake Ganja Café (~2 minutes away)  has desserts and snacks that include a highly special main ingredient. This care-free venue, which also offers guesthouses, sells other ganja products as well such as infused oils, spliffs, and crafts by local artisans. If you visit, please note of the following scale: cookies & brownies are for light indulging, popcorn is medium-heavy, while milkshakes are heavy.

Whenever I visit Westmoreland, Negril in particular, I always feel like there’s never enough time. Definitely want to return to all the places listed for a longer, fuller experience.

Have you experienced any of the above venues?

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