An arrangement of stones overlooking the pier and buzzing city marks the entrance to Oceans on the Ridge‘s  Ocho Rios restaurant. Perched on a hill, the venue is an ideal location to admire a bird’s-eye view of the town while enjoying a hearty meal.

Oceans on the Ridge: Ocho Rios Restaurant w/ a View

It’s a great setting for romantic and casual outings, or a lively party. The establishment seems to be a favourite of many cruise passengers, who visit by the busloads when a ship docks at the pier below. You’ll be immediately greeted at the bar by a smiling face and double-sided menus after a short stroll pass the garden path.

Fusion Cuisine Restaurant in Ocho Rios

The meal selections available are appropriate for both lunch and dinner, and the extensive drink menu will cause your decision-making to be that much harder.

From a handful of appetizers, the chosen starter dish was hot and spicy chicken wings with a serving of fries. The hot fries can achieve your flavour preference with a selection of 4 condiments sitting on the table. Though not overwhelmingly spicy, the 8 chicken wings do pack enough heat to cause a mild sweat.

For the main course, 2 seafood meals were chosen: steamed fish and sweet and sour fish. The steamed fish has flavour in every bite, topped with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and stock drizzle. The meat was so fleshy that eating limits were tested before tasting the baked potatoes on the side! The sweet and sour fish brings a fiesta of sweet-tangy flavour from the sauce soaked into the fillet. Two fluffy potatoes sat beside the meat, with criss-crossed slices allowing the starch to soak up the fish stock poured onto it. With these 2 dishes, Oceans on the Ridge has undoubtedly become a candidate for one of my best seafood meal experiences!

A big crowd (like cruise ship visits) increase service wait time

Drink at the Oceans on the Ridge Bar

Whether your preference is an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, there are more than enough cocktails available. Cold drinks are served in tall glasses garnished with slices of fruit. The chilled and colourful ‘Wave Blender’ and blended fruit punch were the evening’s drinks of choice. The ‘Wave Blender‘ was a nice combination of orange juice, lime juice, grenadine, and ginger beer, while the fruit punch was a lovely fructose fusion. Their light sweet flavours are refreshing differences to over sweetened cocktails many of us have grown used to.

To conclude your visit, try a dessert or sweet cocktail from the bar. On recommendation from our genial hostess, miss Julie, an Oceans on the Ridge drink favourite called “the hummingbird” was ordered.

A thick and sweet concoction blended with banana, coffee-based liquor, rum cream, and grenadine, which delightfully wasn’t overpowered by the taste of alcohol nor sugar!

Overlook Ocho Rios at Oceans on the Ridge

As dusk approaches, the illuminated city of Ocho Rios (and cruise ship, if present) provides a divine view from your dining seat. Oceans on the Ridge, too, lights up after dark with cool, vibrant hues enhancing the relaxed atmosphere.

To say I was satisfied with the dining experience is an understatement! The scenic view, friendly and timely service, and satisfying meals were the formula for a lovely time. Actually stayed an extra hour after eating to allow some of the food to digest before saying bye to Oceans on the Ridge. Has that ever happened to you at a restaurant? Let me know which in the comments section.






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