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Atop a small hill overlooking acres of green landscape and the shimmering Caribbean Sea sits an idyllic getaway –  Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas. After traversing a narrow roadway, you’re greeted by signage which quickly introduces the establishment’s apparent art appreciation. The reception area doubles as an art gallery with a body of framed showpieces and crafts for sale proudly on display.

Lashings Treasure Beach, Jamaica

2 sets of rustic-chic rooms provide comfort fit for solo travelers, couples, and groups in simplistic luxury.

No 2 rooms at Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas have identical decor

During my stay I got to experience 2 different deluxe double rooms, where amenities include:

  • King-sized bed
  • Air Conditioning (ie. what makes it deluxe)
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Walk-in closet with hangers & shelves
  • Walk-in Shower
  • Rags + Towels
  • Soap bar, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner
  • Safe

Lashings Boutique Hotel

The 1st block of rooms share the wooden terrace of Lashings’ popular on-site restaurant and bar. Here has the best view on property of the surrounding scenery, with its infinity pool providing a front row seat. The shared deck is dotted by shady umbrella chairs, swinging hammocks, and lounging furniture. At night this area creates a whole new chill vibe thanks to an impressive mood lighting setting in and around the pool. I found myself doing nothing for hours but standing in the neon glow of the water, drink in hand, as I listened to a mild storm rumble in the distance.

My room at Lashings Boutique Hotel sat on the top floor. It had white walls, warmed by wood tones – including a driftwood headboard, hand-carved figurines, timber furnishings, and of course a sizable framed artwork to tie it all together. Situated right on the eatery’s deck, in the morning I stepped off my bed and walked straight out onto the balcony to watch the sunrise as I often do on a staycation.

Lashings Villas & Penthouse

Beyond a gate and sloped walkway lies Lashings Villas and Penthouse. This 2nd collection of accommodations offers a more lowkey getaway, including 3 ground floor double rooms, a 5-bedroom villa on the 2nd level (sleeps 10), and a 2-bedroom penthouse suite (sleeps 4) to top it all off. A branded pool sits outside the rooms, with cushioned seats and a patio table with chairs on the deck. With 2 of the 3 floors catering to group bookings, this section is more secluded and likely less crowded than the boutique hotel section on most occasions. 

My deluxe double room here had cute wood pallets adorned with plants behind the bed. The pallets doubled as doorways to reveal the flowing bathroom layout. There was also a small workstation and wide, shelved metal structure to lay out belongings.

Lashings Restaurant & Tree Top Bar

The appropriately-named Tree Top bar, restaurant, and lounge area includes branches peeking through sections of the establishment, adorned with playful ornaments, blending in with the rest of the wooden architecture. Commissioned customer plaques hang from the ceiling to add to its charm and decor. Immortalized names, photos, and memorabilia create what’s affectionately referred to as the Lashings Hall of Fame – a surefire story starter if you ask the owner, Mr. “Folby”, who can often be seen interacting with guests and staff alike. Grab a seat in this open-air restaurant & bar with an unfiltered panoramic view. Feel-good music, drinks, dishes, and a billiard table can quickly switch Lashings from a laid-back chill spot to a buzzing hot spot on any given day. 

Lashings Restaurant & Bar are open the public

I heard good things about Lashings’ pizza before I even got there. Friends even asked me to try it and let them know how it is; this pizza clearly has established a reputation for itself beyond the shores of Treasure Beach. Their round pizzas sit on a thin crust, served on a wooden tray. The cheesy pull is impressive, especially for a pizza of little depth. I liked that each topping made itself known to my tastebuds but never overpowered or clashed with the other toppings. Because it’s not very heavy or greasy like many are, I was able to eat pizza every day there! The size and cost of it also helped me to stretch a dollar for a bit longer compared to other menu items.

I also had a traditional cheeseburger with a tray of lightly-seasoned fries. I shook dashes of pepper onto my plates to cater to my taste. For breakfast I opted for the Jamaican option, which at the time included ackee & saltfish with ground provisions. All meals eaten tasted like they were made with fresh ingredients just pulled from the earth, with the meats seasoned just enough. Colourful cocktails doubled up during happy hour, mixed just the way I like them – enough potency to know it’s there but not enough to knock you over!

Travel Tip: You may ask to have your meal/drink served in your room or by the pool


  • Room Atmosphere 85% 85%
  • Cleanliness 70% 70%
  • Staff Interactions 80% 80%
  • Food 75% 75%

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Lashings Beach Club

About 5 mins away from Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas is a 2nd property right on Treasure Beach. Similar to the 1st location, Lashings Beach Club also has 2 collections of rooms. The blocks of accommodations are just across from one another, each set with a shallow pool before it. In keeping with a tropical beachside theme, I stayed in a room called ‘Coconut’  on the upper floor.

A vibrant patterned bedding by a large glass window facing the hillside is the space’s initial attention-grabber. Its bathroom was topped with fan palm leaves creating the look of a hut. The room extends into a lounge area, separated by a door, with a curtained veranda (patio) facing 1 of the pools and the rolling sea. Gentle breeze and calming roar of the waves were great backdrops to my work session out there! I’m not sure how much Lashings Beach Club’s rooms will change in the near future as they continue remodeling though; may have to soon update these pics lol. There’s also a nearby beachfront villa (discount included) I’ve enjoyed with friends, which includes a personal concierge & chef.

My Lashings Beach Club Coconut Room amenities included:

  • King-sized bed
  • Air Conditioning 
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Mini-fridge
  • Closet with hangers 
  • Walk-in Shower
  • Rags + Towels
  • Soap bar, bath gel, shampoo, conditioner
  • Safe
  • Daybed
  • Work station
  • Pool View + Sea View

Travel Tip: You can order from Lashings Boutique Hotel’s bar & restaurant for delivery here

A few steps away from both pools of the venue is a small gate that leads to a sectioned shore of Treasure Beach. This stretch of sand has both rocky and swimming areas. I took a short stroll along the off-white shore and found myself standing for minutes just watching and listening to the waves crash.

Lashings Beach Club has rebranded the former Marablue Hotel, and was still visibly in the process of improving during my stay as the transition continues. Workers could occasionally be spotted around property painting, adorning, and positioning improvements. Though undergoing changes, the property still exhibits a tropical charm and great opportunities for upgrades. With all the intricate decor details at Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas, I expect the coming changes will give the place a totally enhanced look & vibe in the near future.

  • Room Atmosphere 70% 70%
  • Cleanliness 70% 70%
  • Staff Interactions 75% 75%
If you want a quiet getaway with a simplistic luxury of tropical paradise, book a stay at Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas or Lashings Beach Club (or both + Turtles’ Nest Villa, with my exclusive discounts of course)! 

Which of the 2 properties fits your ideal vacation vision???
Let me know in the comments below.

Wake up overlooking or on Treasure Beach at Lashings Boutique Hotel & Villas or Lashings Beach Club.

Call (876) 512 4476 / 903 6369 or book online for a day pass or overnight stay.

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