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The Turtles’ Nest Villa is situated in a hushed area lined with other Treasure Beach Jamaica villas, AirBnBs, and eco-resorts. Their unmarked open entrance reveals a paved pathway leading to the white symmetric vacation home. While watering plants, Concierge / caretaker Zeb quickly greeted my team with a light joke before helping to move our island-styled travel tote bags (like these) inside. We then met our chef, Dacia, whose bright eyes and shy smile quickly helped us feel even more welcome.

Check-in time: 3pm. Check out time: 11am

Photo credit: Turtles’ Nest Villa

Turtles Nest Villa staff
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa stairs

Turtles’ Nest: Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa

Step up stairs onto a stripe-shaded terrace with sun rays peeking through the twig awning. Its bright cushioned lounge seats create a delightful atmosphere for conversation with friends, back dropped by the sound of rolling waves in the distance. Refreshing  gusts of sea breeze replace the indoor air conditioning while you sit and enjoy the view.

Turtles Nest Villa woman laughing on patio

Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa woman with hat by the beach
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa woman with sarong flowing beach

Turtles’ Nest Villa Bedrooms

This luxury villa has 4 accommodations in total, 1 being a cottage annex in the garden with double bed and shower. 2 rooms include king-sized beds while the other 2 have double beds. I personally loved the smell of the sheets, it was like a baby was wrapped into them. The downstairs bedroom is tucked to the right, with a sliding door that leads right to the pool if you’re in the mood for an early morning or late night swim.

A beach accent theme sprinkles throughout the house and into the bedrooms. Colourful stuffed sea creatures await you, laying on each bed alongside 2 complimentary beach towels.

Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa bedroom
As if an unobstructed view of blue waves from your room isn’t enough, you can switch sides to get a view of the mountains! All rooms also include:

  • King-sized bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling fan 
  • Bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel
  • Overhead rain shower + Handheld shower head
  • Sizeable closet space with hangers
  • A safe
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa bathroom

The cottage annex is at an additional US$25 charge

Turtles’ Nest Villa Living Room

The beach-themed ornaments all around add a playful charm that makes the luxury Treasure Beach Jamaica villa have a family home atmosphere. It possesses a sophisticated, modern feel with a splash of fun. Design of the furniture and room decor complement both the space and each other well. No matter which room of Turtles’ Nest Villa you’re in on the lower level, screen doors grant a view and access to the pool area and the sands of Treasure Beach.

The living room area includes a smart TV equipped with cable and Netflix, a collection of leisure reads on the coffee table which also has playing cards and a couple board games tucked in it. We laid out on 2 couches watching a few movies and took a break from devices to play timeless games (just like we did at a 9-bedroom villa in St.Mary).

Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa couple watching tv

Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa coffee table
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa beach couch lamp
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa friends playing scrabble

Meals at Turtles’ Nest Villa

Steps away from the living room is the kitchen. Inside the fridge was complimentary cold bottles of Jamaican Red Stripe beer to add to the drinks we brought. We opted for Dacia to purchase food for us from around the area which she would later cook at no extra cost.

Food and drink are not included in rate

Cooking services are complimentary

Turtles’ Nest Villa Lunch + Dinner Menu

The aroma of dinner in the making permeate the air to tease everyone’s sense of smell. The family-sized food spread blew us all away! We expected each of us would get a single serving of our ordered meal, but the tasty provisions were enough for 3 of us to indulge in every dish prepared. 

We enjoyed garlic lobster, escovitch fish, curried shrimp, and sides of bammy and mashed potatoes! All of this next to an occupied seashell wine cooler and filled glasses sitting on carved turtle coasters. Other available meal options include: 

  • Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa group lunch dinner mealChicken (curried, stewed, fried, jerk)
  • Curried goat
  • Peppered steak
  • Pork (jerk, stewed)
  • Fish (curried, grilled, steamed, barbecued)
  • Lobster (curried, grilled, jerk) 
  • Rice and Peas

There was such an abundance of food that we were all able to take leftovers home for another day (or 2)! 

Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa seafood meal
Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa seashell wine cooler

Turtles’ Nest Villa Breakfast Menu

Start your day right with a filling meal kissed by sunshine! Breakfast (if weather permits) is served on a metal table set outside under the shady patio. Our first meal of the day included the national dish of ackee & saltfish, plus crispy bacon, avocado (aka pear locally), fried dumplings, a fruit plate of papaya, pineapple + orange slices, and a batch of banana smoothies to top it all off! Just like dinner, we regrettably couldn’t finish the serving in one go. Other breakfast options include:

  • Egg dishes
  • Pancakes
  • Callaloo omelette
  • Mackerel rundown
  • Plantain
  • Breadfruit
  • Green Bananas

You’re able to step through slider doors into the outdoors from the kitchen, living room, or downstairs bedroom. Whether you prefer to lounge by the pool or take a stroll on the sands past other Treasure Beach Jamaica villas, it’s only a few steps away! A beautifully-woven hammock sways in the breeze beside a picnic table and cushioned wall-mounted seats on the terrace. 

Salt Water Pool

Take a dip in the cool saltwater pool metres away from the secluded Treasure Beach area. A couple inflatables sit outside for guests to float on the pool absorbing the warmth of the caressing sunshine. This was my first swim in a saltwater pool, and I wondered what benefits this type may have over the conventional chlorine alternative.

Salt Water Pool Benefits

  • Chlorine levels are much lower (yes, saltwater pools also have chlorine)
  • Skin and hair don’t dry out as quickly
  • Reduced eye irritation 
  • Reduced chemical smell
  • Said to calm the immune and nervous systems
  • May be the better choice for someone who has asthma or allergies
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Lower maintenance and long-term costs

If you’ve ever swam in one, let me know your sentiments compared to chlorine pools.

Turtles’ Nest Villa’s Resident Beach Dogs

Turtles Nest Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa dogBeing outside, you’re likely to meet the ones who call this place home. If you’re a dog lover, Turtles’ Nest Villa will feel even more like paradise when any or all of its adopted dogs come to visit. No worries if you’re not, Zeb will be sure to keep them at bay during your stay. Dobby kept our company during the visit, mostly lazing beside the hammock. The shy but curious charcoaled canine may try to get better acquainted if you’re receptive. We only saw the other furry friends, Chicken and Nuggets, briefly as they frolicked on the beach. Seeing these carefree critters on the sands reminded me of the resident beach dogs at Longboarder Bar & Grill in St. Thomas.

Treasure Beach Jamaica

A stumpy wooden fence opens to create an entrance to the sand. Treasure Beach Jamaica is known for community and eco tourism, with no colassal, all-inclusive hotels in sight. There are a number of Treasure Beach Jamaica villas along the same strip as Turtles’ Nest Villa, including its associate Lashings Boutique Hotel and Beach Club, but this section has a way of making you feel as if you’re on your own private beach. The public beach stretch for miles, because the popular area in Jamaica’s 3rd largest parish is actually a collective name for 4 bays: Billy’s Bay, Frenchman’s Bay, Great Bay, and Calabash Bay. Waves can be large and choppy, so caution should be exercised when swimming away from the shoreline. 

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 If you’ve heard of a venue located on Treasure Beach, chances are it’s pretty close to any other venue you may have heard of in the area. It’s also one of the points you could charter a boat from to visit a bar in the middle of the sea and maybe see dolphins and manatees along the way. What I thought was an expansive community is actually small and quiet; all the accommodations, bars, and restaurants I’ve heard of were all within less than 10mins of each other. It’s a great getaway for some quality rest and relaxation.

Treasure Beach Turtle Sanctuary

According to the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) sea turtles nest year-round in Jamaica, but the most active period occurs from June to November. Treasure Beach is the 2nd largest sea turtle nesting area in Jamaica, and currently only critically-endangered hawksbill sea turtles have been identified there. 

With Turtles’ Nest Villa being within the sizeable nesting area I took the opportunity to see if I’d be lucky enough to spot a turtle outside of the vacation home’s decor. With the help of Zeb and the Treasure Beach Jamaica Turtle Group I wandered a section of Billy’s Bay at night checking for hatchlings of identified turtles’ nests.

The turtle nesting season is June to November

Just when it seemed like the only thing I’d get from that excursion was a night beach stroll, we found an adult hawksbill sea turtle! She came ashore, settled under a sea grape tree, and was in the process of digging when we reached her. Shortly after she began laying at least a dozen eggs, a slight crackle of the bushes behind us revealed 5 hatchlings digging out of their shells! It was a truly incredible experience to witness both laying AND hatching of endangered turtles at once. For me, it was the highlight of the trip. Check out what else I did on this turtle tour, and please take a moment to learn more about the Treasure Beach Jamaica Turtle Group initiative, museum, and services. They’re doing really great and important work and need our support.

I think I needed this mini-vacay, I’ve felt and learned so much!

Tell me, how do you picture your getaway here?

Enjoy the entire villa and its amenities with up to 5 other persons, starting at US $405 per night for at least 2 nights (exclusively via SimplyLocal.life) ! Ask me how to get a discount for this pure relaxation!

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