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Treasure Beach on Jamaica’s south coast refers to a collection of bays and communities. The sandy shores in the area are home to a number of boutique hotels, airbnbs, and villas, many of which are operated by locals. Sea Urchin Villa’s gate on the quiet Old Wharf Road (not far from Turtles Nest and Lashings Beach Club) opens to reveal a 2-tiered space fronted by a manicured garden.

Upon arrival we were greeted with the liquid nectar of coconuts, freshly cut from a tree on site! A quick scan of the property showed 2 paths – 1 leading to the upper level stairway and the other through the garden to the lower level entrance.

Sea Urchin: Treasure Beach Jamaica Villa

Sea Urchin Villa is a 3-bedroom accommodation with 2 rooms at the base, and 1 room above. The ground level boasts a wide patio adorned with rustic-chic furnishings facing the blooming garden. The top level spreads to a private rooftop pool with a view of the sea. Shuttered windows and doors grant the choice of letting natural air and/or light flow into the rooms if not opting for air conditioning, while ceiling fans circulate. We spent 2 lovely full moon nights in the Rooftop Sky Villa.

Sea Urchin Villa’s floors can be booked separately or collectively

Sea Urchin Treasure Beach Villa Amenities

  • King or queen-sized beds
  • Air conditioning
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Television
  • Stocked Kitchen
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth Speakers
  • Hammocks, Day Beds
  • Private Pool (upstairs)
  • Cooking & Housekeeping Services (optional)

A large fridge and stove await in the kitchens on both levels, stocked with pots, pans, dishware and utensils allowing guests to curate their own meals. The optional cooking service provided a wealth of food that was evidently prepared with blessed hands. Mornings started with hearty breakfasts (continental and local) that tested the depths of our appetite. Dinner from night 1 had enough left over to become late night meals AND lunch for day 2! As much as we tried and wanted to finish all the tasty food prepared, the bountiful helpings undeniably beat our hunger.

Sea Urchin Villa Garden Level

A pebble pathway snaked through shrubs and small trees decorated by colourful blossoms. The garden space’s centre is an ornamental tree sprouting our national flower Lignum Vitae. Amber lamps shaded by crafted calabash hung from its branches, which to me created a fairytale picture during the covers of night and iridescent dawn.

The sizeable living area makes you feel right at home with a cozy layout facing the outside. A feature that downstairs had that upstairs didn’t was not 1 but 2 outdoor showers! 1 shower is within the privacy of the villa while another is tucked beside the stairway that leads up, perfect after coming in from a swim at the beach. In addition to the 2 bedrooms (not pictured because guests occupied the base level at the time), there’s also a lounging space with day beds and tv.

Sea Urchin Villa Rooftop Level

From the upper floor there’s a view of the rolling sea just across the road. The whole outer area opens into a relaxing pool deck complete with seats, day beds and a hammock. A 4ft lounge pool sits stacked in the middle, fit for maybe 3 persons at a time to cool down.

The outdoor area connects to both the kitchen and bedroom entrances. In the adjacent lounging room there’s a sliding door which reveals a nautical full bathroom where the sea urchin and marine life theme comes more into play. With the pool and rumble of the sea just outside the room plus the variety of lounging options, winding down here really gave me a true ‘islander’ feel.

Things to Do in Treasure Beach Jamaica

If you’re looking to switch up the villa scenery, you could easily ask a resident for recommendations; Treasure Beach prides itself on community tourism. In my experiences many of the persons at the hearts of these venues also live within the area and thus are familiar with the surroundings and its people. 1 of the things I’ve applauded on my visits (previously to Turtles Nest Villa, Lashings Hotel & Beach Club, and now Sea Urchin) is how personable all the staff I’ve interacted with are. As a location that continues to grow on the radar of locals and visitors, the question of ‘is Treasure Beach safe?’ is one that residents would typically answer with a resounding ‘yes’ in relation to crime. Because it refers to a sizeable area, 1 of the highly recommended things to do in Treasure Beach is explore, whatever that means to you.

A stroll on the beach during a warm day or on a clear moonlit night is a popular option. I was in awe from Sea Urchin Villa’s deck at how brightly the full moon illuminated the night and sparkled on the sea. Unlike many commercialized beaches in Jamaica, shores of Treasure Beach are free for all to access. If opting to go for a swim, observe the sea first, stay close to shore, and be weary of the water current. Keep in mind that some areas throughout the collection of bays may be rocky with rough waters while others may be sandy and calm. The sea can be unpredictable at times, as you may observe echoed by signage around the Treasure Beach area.

Another popular activity is arranging for a boat pickup to visit a quintessential rustic bar in the middle of the sea, and with any luck you may also spot wild dolphins along the way. The sands are also a hot spot for turtle nesting and hatching! The activity by endangered turtles is monitored and encouraged by dedicated preservation groups and shared with the help of a community museum. Treasure Beach is actually where I was lucky enough to witness turtles laying AND hatching simultaneously, thanks to the help of the Turtle Group and my villa concierge at the time.

In addition to enjoying the beaches in a number of ways, you can also explore the communities by walking or biking tours. Sea Urchin Villa thankfully had bicycles available for guests on-site, so we asked our caretaker to show us around a bit. On possibly the 1st bike ride of my adult life, we peddled on narrow dirt roads, past cow pastures, and through communities to Great Bay Beach which he told us was a popular event venue as well as swimming area. Despite the fact that the bikes were a little too big for my short limbs, riding on bumpy side roads and seeing a different side of the community was such  a refreshing experience, aching body and all.

Besides swimming spots and cute accommodations, Treasure Beach boasts a number of eateries. Being a part of a fishing community as well as the ‘bread basket’ parish, Treasure Beach airbnbs and eateries tend to heavily support their resident famers and fisher folk for fresh ingredients, and Sea Urchin Villa is no exception. The villa owner actually recommended a number of Treasure Beach restaurants for us to try. We had all intention to at least sample 1 new place, but with all the food we were provided we opted not to, knowing the amount of yummy food we still had and hoped to finish.

I’m not quite sure if it was the geniality of the staff, chill vibe of the rooftop pool, delectability of the food, or even the hypnotic full moon but Sea Urchin Villa definitely heightened my love for Treasure Beach and desire to return soon. Big up to them for a great all-around experience; I just wish we had more time!

  • Room Atmosphere 85% 85%
  • Cleanliness 90% 90%
  • Staff Interactions 100% 100%
  • Food 90% 90%

Wake up by the beach to a lovely garden or rooftop pool, or both at Sea Urchin Treasure Beach Villa!

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