Between the quiet towns of Port Maria and Oracabessa rests a 9-bedroom hillside St. Mary villa overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Sandy’s Oceanview Villa boasts 4 levels with a sweeping view of the rolling blue waves. Tucked in the corner of a road off the A3 highway, the location will satisfy whatever level of peace and tranquility you may be craving. From the entrance you’d never guess just how grand the inside is until you begin roaming in the company of on-site staff, ‘Baboo’ and Yvonne.

Ideal for retreats, group getaways, events, couples, and individual unwind time

Let’s take a look inside this St. Mary villa, shall we?

Sandy’s Oceanview: St. Mary Villa, Jamaica

What I love about the villa is that the breathtaking view of the sea isn’t limited to only the top levels, and each floor has its own lookout point. Inside the estate has a muted palette with pops of cool colours, complemented by a blend of antique- and modern-style décor (sort of like a discounted bed & breakfast in Kingston).  If residing by water isn’t enough, art pieces and scenic imagery splashed throughout the space add an extra tropical vibe. Each of the self-contained 9 rooms is unique with its own entrance, décor, and amenities.

Accommodations can be rented as individual units, floors, and as 1 complete villa

Top Floor at Sandy’s OceanView St. Mary Villa

The top level includes 3 bedrooms, inclusive of a Master Bedroom that’s selectively available for rent. A shared bathroom is situated between these 2 rooms, while the Master Bedroom has its own bathroom.

Just outside the 3 rooms lies a shared living space with a comfortable collection of seating options between the mounted TV and balcony gateway. Have your seating pick from couches, arm chairs, round table seats, and cushioned stools that dominate the space. A kitchenette by the dining layout in the living area is equipped with a stove, microwave and cooking utensils to prepare meals if desired.

Top Floor Double Bedrooms

  • Double bed
  • Chest of drawers
  • Workstation
  • Seating
  • Standing fan
  • Shared bathroom

Third Floor at Sandy’s OceanView St. Mary Villa

Walking past the welcome sign and door actually takes you inside the 3rd floor level. The outside entrance to Sandy’s Oceanview Villa first leads to a spacious viewing veranda populated with lounge chairs. The floor’s shared living space has an old-world charm with a sizeable sepia globe and drawer stand that supports a plasma TV. Daybeds line the walls opposite to a chandeliered dining area, which is next to a full kitchen. This is where Cook & Housekeeper, Yvonne, will likely create tasty Jamaican meals for your pleasure if you opt for it.

This floor has 4 rooms, inclusive of a Master Bedroom. The Master Bedroom’s lure is its large glass windows facing the sea; imagine being awoken by the sunlight gradually filling the room! This room has a king size bed, chest of drawers, sizeable closet, workstation, standing fan, private bathroom with step-in shower, plus direct access to the balcony.

Third Floor Master Bedroom

  • King size bed
  • Chest of drawers
  • Sizeable closet
  • Workstation
  • Standing fan
  • Private bathroom with step-in shower
  • Direct access to the balcony

Two of the rooms on this floor are connected, 1 with accommodation for 2 and the other for 4. The other room on this level is more popular with kids due to its size and playfully-painted walls.

Second Floor Bedrooms

  • Double beds
  • Fan (standing or ceiling)
  • Sitting area

Second Floor at Sandy’s OceanView St. Mary Villa

The shared space on this level is for 2 floors: this one and the one below. It’s comprised of a dated TV, small couches, woven throne-like chairs around a game table, and of course a doorway leading to a balcony view. A short flight of stairs at the side of the room will reveal the final set of accommodations below.

Travel Tip: Bring games, or choose from those provided in the living areas

Second Floor Bedrooms

The 2nd level has 2 bedrooms, with painted palm trees hovering over the beds. Both rooms have:

  • Small windows
  • Ceiling fan
  • Single seating area
  • Chest of drawers
  • Closet

Base Floor at Sandy’s OceanView Villa

Decorative tree paintings continue on the ground floor, which is used entirely for accommodation. What surprised me was that it too has its own doorway and patio area with a view! Scenery is clearly of importance at Sandy’s Oceanview Villa (as it should be).

First Floor Accommodations

  • 2 Single beds
  • Dining area with placements for 4
  • Dinnerware cabinet
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen

Pool Area with View of St. Mary

Besides the obvious gorgeous view that’s accessible from almost anywhere onsite, the highlight of the property may be the pool. Stepping outside on the grass will lead you to a beaded mural acting as a backdrop to a swimming area.

It’s shallow enough for an average-height adult (i.e. not me) to stand in, less than 7ft in depth. The size of the pool make it ideal for a morning dip, refreshing exercise swim, and sipping on a drink while admiring the beautiful surroundings like I did! It isn’t wide enough for a sizeable group to swim and frolic in at once.

Sandys Ocean Villa Garden & Event Space

The lush gardens of the estate and its surroundings create a lovely venue for outdoor events. Need I say more with various fruit trees, big bright flowers, and greenery complemented by mountains and the sea? What tops it all off: sweet sounds of nature. I’m talking birds sweetly chirping overtime from before the sun rises (I know this because I watched the sunrise here), and crickets taking over when dusk falls into night. If your event needs nature’s décor and a generous space, Sandy’s Oceanview Villa can definitely be taken into consideration.

Jamaican Cuisine

With 3 kitchens available, having your choice of meals is simple whether you’d like to prepare them yourself or cooked for you. Caretaker ‘Baboo’ will also be glad to get you food from a nearby eatery if that’s what you’re feeling for. From what I’ve tasted, the option of having meals prepared for you is worth taking.

The fridge was stocked with bottled water, juice choices, and my favourite: fresh coconuts! A hearty breakfast spread during my stay included other local favourites: ackee and saltfish, ripe plantain, sweet potato, an assortment of fruits, plus juice and tea of a soursop leaf on the side. The consensus was that it’s one of the best Jamaican breakfasts enjoyed in a while, so if nothing else ask Yvonne to prepare breakfast for you!

Provided meals and beverages are at an additional cost to accommodation

Villa Massage Service overlooking St. Mary, Jamaica

What’s one way to make this getaway even more relaxing? Get-a-massaaaage! This year has so far been my year of spa treatments, clearly. Seemed to have gotten out a lot of knots in my first deep tissue massage a few weeks prior at an all-inclusive resort spa package, because this 2nd time around was a lot less intense.

Masseuse Racquel is very deliberate and takes her sweet time rubbing out the tension points in her ~40min-long massage session. She’ll smooth you out with a scented essential oil as you lie on the covered table appropriately stationed on the balcony. From your neck to your toes, her industrious yet gentle fingertips will relieve you of any unnecessary tightness and stress. If you’re one for conversation during the massage, she’ll provide that too (at no extra charge lol) with her engaging personality. A quick post-massage testimonial included “sis got out all the stress of the 90s and 2000s”.

Travel Tip: Spa service request recommended ahead of your visit, and is at additional cost

Special thanks to the great staff at Sandy’s Oceanview Villa for making our stay as comfortable as able! If this sounds like your type of getaway, find rates and details here that meet your getaway needs.

Nearby St. Mary Attractions

Though Sandy’s Oceanview Villa is a typically tranquil venue, you may feel free to venture to a nearby town or attraction if you seek an adventure. In order of distance, some popular activities guests enjoy while staying here include:

  • Pagee Beach (5 mins)
  • Casa Maria Hotel (5 mins)
  • James Bond Beach (20 mins)
  • Moxons Beach Club & Hotel (20 mins)
  • Marley Beach (20 mins)
  • Bamboo Beach Club (27 mins)
  • + the City of Ocho Rios (35 mins)

Transportation to these venues can be arranged at additional cost

How do you picture you and your crew would spend your time at this St. Mary villa?

Let me know in the comments!



  •   Atmosphere 80% 80%
  • Cleanliness 75% 75%
  • Food 70% 70%
  • Staff Interactions 85% 85%

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