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If you’re ever a guest at Couples Tower Isle Resort (you should be!), you’ll notice a small island in the sea.Β  That small island bears the same name as the town the resort is situated: Tower Isle. Between the hours of 8:30am and 5pm, guests from Tower Isle and the nearby San Souci Couples Resorts take quick boat rides to the Tower Isle nude island. If you’d like to check it out with clothes on for whatever reason, you may visit before 9am; after that, no clothes allowed.

If you/your partner are hesitant like mine was, maybe having an idea of what to expect on the small island will help aid your decision.


6 Things to Know about Tower Isle Nude Island

1) It’s Private: The boat will drop you off by a pier that leads to a small sand bed that disappears into shrubbery. The various trees on the isle help provide obscurity and a level of censorship from non-visitors. There are a few open spots to lay out in the view of curious eyes if you choose, but even so, the distance from shore blurs a lot of the details. I also noticed that the boats for watersport activities do not pass the rare side of the island (no pun intended), which is more uncovered (also no pun intended). To signal that you want to leave the isle at any point, simply stand by the pier and wave to the captain onshore.

2) No Photography Allowed: So you know my posts tend to be laden with imagery but I hope in this case you understand the exception. As you arrive on the isle, one of the first things you’ll see is a sign with large lettering “Photography is Prohibited”. Of course this is in respect to everyone’s privacy and peace of mind while being nude in public. My partner and I wandered to the top of the fort where we knew we’d be alone to snap a phone pic or 2 without violating anyone else.

3) Lounging: When you opt to relax on Tower Isle you may do so in a few ways. Lounge chairs are available, beneath gazebos and uncovered no matter if you want a shaded seat or an old-fashioned tanning bed. There is also a pool and bar so you can take a dip while having a day drink. When we were there, this was the activity hub where a group in their completely natural state shared rousing laughter and chatter like the norm. We were more shy than those guests lol, so we mostly kept to ourselves.

4) Staff on the Island are clothed: There are a few staff members on the island, and this is where I felt awkward at first. I was okay with the idea of strangers I’d probably never see again having view access to my curves, but the staff aren’t naked like everyone else here. As a local, I was uneasy knowing how small Jamaica is and how personable the Couples Resorts staff is (so much so that they even know guests by name). I thought “one of these men are gonna remember my face and can see me outta road somewhere and remember me naked”; lol, I got over it though.

5) There’s a Fort: The highest point of the island is a fort donning the Jamaican flag at its peak. Contrary to what you may think at first, it’s not just for show, you can go inside. There’s not much inside to see, but about 3 flights of stairs will lead you to the top where you can get a panoramic view of the Caribbean Sea.

6) You can take a dip: Though the islet’s location allows a pool and bar in the middle of the sea, remember you may also splash in some saltwater. There are shallow part where you’re able to see the sea floor as you step in the water for a dip. From what we could see, there’s more rocks than sand at the part where you enter the water so be sure to keep that in mind.

I first gave a preview of the Tower Isle nude island experience to the shock of many on my Instagram page. I got multiple reactions with many applauding my “bravery” while sharing that they wouldn’t have the guts to do it themselves. Like some of the things I do while traveling (eg. swimming in a cave), you don’t really expect yourself to try something new until you’re presented with the situation.

I’ve been saying aloud that I’ve wanted to get naked in public for years, but was never 100% sure if I would actually strip down given the chance. I did, and so did my partner who claims “it’ll never happen again”; it really wasn’t as awkward as expected! When everyone else around you is naked, laughing together, and having fun, it’s kinda hard to not acquire a just do it! mindset. For me, it felt freeing and comfortable for the most part, and I would strip down again but that is because I wanted to do it.

Do you think you would strip down in public? If you have, what’s it like for you???

P.S. If anyone knows any other nude venues / resorts in Jamaica, please add them.

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