With numerous choices on a stretch of beach in Parottee, St. Elizabeth, we climbed aboard a small fisherman boat en route to the Pelican Bar. After a mostly-calm 7-minute trip on the water, we approached the unique hangout perched atop a sandbar surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, less than a mile offshore.

The Pelican Bar is a charming, rustic wooden structure stilted on tall logs, topped with dozens of dried leaves. The space is decorated with multiple flags, license plates, accessories, signage and other keepsakes left behind by visitors from all over the world. One can also leave a mark behind by having their name carved into the wood (if you can find space).

You would think the favourite part of my visit might’ve been having a beer as I cooled off in the waist-deep water, right? As great as that was, I was even more impressed by the warmth and hospitality of the owner and  workers. Everyone I came in contact with was ready to share a genuine smile. The good vibes radiated throughout the space, with all patrons sharing laughs with strangers and enjoying the laid-back feeling.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to try something from the tempting menu that day, but I surely intend to. It’s a great place to have a drink, have a meal, have a swim, and have a chill day with friends. My advice?

  • Meet some new people
  • Have a beer and/or a meal
  • Support their gift shops (there are 3 to choose from)
  • Watch out for a few submerged logs (from before the site was destroyed) & sea eggs
  • Take some photos and create great memories

I definitely intend to go back and enjoy a meal. If you’ve eaten here, leave a meal recommendation in the comments for me to try please 🙂

Interview with Pelican Bar Owner