“Make yourself at home” is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Chateau Belle. The saying is emphasized by the hosts of this cosy bed and breakfast, plus that’s exactly how it feels… like home. Perched on a hill facing the city of Kingston, you are granted a panoramic view from all rooms. With flexible check in and check out times, my partner & I were immediately greeted by the door when we arrived at 9pm. Hostess Audrey offered the option to tour at our leisure observing that we were a bit fatigued.

She escorted us to our sizable space including 2 bedrooms, small kitchen area, walk-in closets, and shared bathroom. She then provided the WiFi password, switched on a water heater, and handed us the TV & AC remotes. Leaving her cell number in case we needed anything else, Audrey smiled as she said good night and headed back to the main area of the house. While one of us browsed dozens of TV channels, the other enjoyed a soothing, hot shower contrasting the cool night air of the hills.


Our Space

Decked in pajamas, we began roaming the property, starting with one of the night’s uninhabited spaces, left unlocked for viewing. Each space has its own look and character, no 2 were exactly alike. The property’s commodious shared living room area is a mixture of vintage and modern, with eye-catching furniture and numerous vinyl records, decorative pieces, and family memories. A variety of sitting choices faced the main balcony overlooking the city as it lit up the night sky. Lounging around trying out the different seat styles, we admired the view while chatting and photographing. A brief stroll to the steep driveway was taken for a different angle of the plain before heading back to our space to rest. With the grill locked and door open, comfort was found beneath the covers, with Kingston city as a nightlight.

Our Morning

Rising at 5:45am to view the sun peek from behind the mountain range was the first order for the new day. The sunlight slowly started revealing morning dew on flowers and trees just in front of our door. Shortly after the ball of fire revealed itself and warmed the area, more sleep was enjoyed until 9:00am, when we rose for a second time to get dressed and ready for the day. Previously communicating the preferred breakfast choices to Audrey, eager grumbling bellies led the way to the living area to check if breakfast was ready; indeed it was.

Seated at a large dining table facing the balcony, a layout of my all-time favourite breakfast of ackee and saltfish with green banana, callaloo, plantain, and fried dumplings was placed on the table. My partner’s only breakfast criteria was “anything with bacon”, which turned out to be a cheese omelette, bacon, lettuce, tomato, wheat bread and butter. Beverage choices included a pitcher of ice cold water, fresh orange juice, 2 choices of tea, and coffee.

During breakfast, melodies from another time filled the home courtesy of a vinyl record player mastered by our other host, Thomas (aka Tommy). You could tell Tommy was a genuine music lover who treasured every record he owned along with the memories they brought him. As much as I would’ve loved to finish all the food on the table (proven by my 2nd and 3rd helpings), it couldn’t be done. The generous serving sizes left us both filled and beyond content, with craving taste buds trying to further coax the stomachs.

Our Breakfast

After breakfast, we enjoyed more of the view while engaging our personable hosts in conversation. You can feel the pride invested into the home, and the pleasure felt by them from interacting with their guests. We got ready to check out at 2:00pm after a bit more chatter and relaxation. Though the stay was short, the impression is long-lasting. It isn’t often that I tend to experience such genuine hospitality; home is indeed where heart is. Again, I’ll say, make yourself at home at Chateau Belle.



  • Room 75%
  • Affordability 90%
  • Staff Interactions 100%
  • Food 90%


Book a space for up to 4 people or rent the venue.

Call 1(876)432-7227  for more info or send an email, tell them Jhunelle sent you 😉

Chateau Belle