About 45 minutes east of the Harbour View roundabout, enjoy an easy drive complemented by views of the Caribbean sea as you approach the community of Roselle in St. Thomas. After passing the popular roadside waterfall, on the right, you’ll spot a bamboo fence and the eatery’s swaying sign hanging from a tree. I turned and parked in the designated space, which to my pleasant surprise wasn’t heavily populated at the time.

With no one else initially in sight, my companion & I walked towards the lone building on the property seeking a staff member, but to our surprise, were instead greeted by barks introducing a German shepherd AND a pitbull. Those are 2 breeds of dogs we weren’t prepared to meet, and thus stood frozen wondering whether fight or flight was the better choice at that point. I cannot describe the relief that poured over my small body when both dogs started licking at our legs wanting to play; 2 of the friendliest dogs I’ve come across.

Barking dogs don’t bite, but they themselves don’t know it. Sholom Aleichem

Soon after, a smiling waitress emerged from behind a door, greeting and providing us with the day’s short list of menu options.We opted for the beach lunch favourite: fish, festival and bammy! The resourceful eatery went to gather a few fresh herbs from their garden to prepare the cooked-to-order meal, so with time to spare an opportunity was taken to walk on the beach. The first thing to catch the eye was a grazing horse a few yards ahead, which then brought attention to the pen enclosing another horse some feet away.

On the black sand beach, our foot bottoms (as we Jamaicans say) were massaged by pebbles as we inched closer and closer to the sea. Witnessing its force, I could immediately understand why this was such a popular surfing location… The waves were the biggest and strongest I’ve probably ever come in contact with! After being forcefully pushed back to the shore a number of times, the best choice seemed to be to sit by the water’s edge and let the waves meet the body.

After embracing the blanket of waves for 15 minutes or so, the brilliant sun acted as a towel while we strolled through the coarse sand and made our way to an elevated gazebo looking out at the sea. In white thrones perched above the water, the immediate view was sea smashing against the rocky base of the hills in the distance. The ambiance was so relaxing that a concurrent hour-long nap and reading session was enjoyed. While reading I was interrupted by Noche, the friendly pitbull (who, thanks to me, probably would also respond to ‘Nacho’) and his furry companion in their double-team effort to receive petting before running off and frolicking on the beach.

Lunch was finally ready; we sat down at a table by a large central tree strung with lights where we were presented with our meals. The smiling waitress asked about our drink preferences, but sadly the options were scarce as the venue had hosted an event the night before. The fried fish had light seasoning and just the right amount of crisp; thankfully it wasn’t smothered in oil, a practice by some eateries I have yet to comprehend. The perfectly-cut potato wedges dusted with spices sat beside raw veggies drizzled with a touch of sweet dressing.

Sitting there, eating as I looked back at the sea, I couldn’t help but feel like more friends should’ve been there to enjoy the day with us. The easy-going layout of the property mixed with the calming effect of the sea made it feel like an ideal location to make memories with the crew, but yet it was still intimate enough to cosy up with your significant other. Case in point: with dusk approaching, staff was observed shuffling to rearrange the thrones beneath the gazebo and adding a reserved candlelit table facing the horizon, a romantic sunset dinner no doubt.

I hear there are daily bonfires as the orange sun descends to make way for the moon, and from images I’ve seen, it’s as lovely as it sounds. Sadly I couldn’t stay in St. Thomas quite so long on the day, but instead seized the opportunity to park by the sea near the Palisadoes Strip in Harbour View as twilight approached.

An ideal return to this venue would include a group of friends, undergoing beginner surf lessons, and sitting around a bonfire. For me, it doesn’t feel like the full potential of the experience was had without those aspects; hopefully such memories can be made the next time around.



  • Delectability 80%
  • Ambience 90%

*Didn’t evaluate food variety because it was admitted they were short stocked because of an event the night before

If you’ve eaten here, please leave a recommendation in the comments for the next time I visit 🙂