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Pelican Bar: How to Get There &  The Cost

With numerous choices on a stretch of beach in Parottee, St. Elizabeth, you can climb aboard a small fisherman boat en route to the Pelican Bar. After a roughly 7-minute trip on the water, you’ll approach the unique hangout perched atop a sandbar in the Caribbean Sea, less than a mile offshore.

Travel Tip: Rides from Parrottee tend to be shorter and cheaper.


Seek a fisherman along beaches in the Parrottee area or the more popular Treasure Beach and ask to be transported to Pelican Bar, along with the price. My price was $700JMD / $10USD, but may vary

Leave a Souvenir Behind at Pelican Bar

The Pelican Bar is a charming, rustic wooden structure stilted on tall logs, topped with a canopy of dried leaves. The only other experience I’ve had similar is a floating tiki bar at sea. Its space is decorated with multiple flags, license plates, accessories, signage and other keepsakes left behind by visitors from all over the world! Visitors can also have their name carved into the wood of the structure (if you can find space, that is).

Floyd Forbes and his People

You would think the favourite part of my visit might’ve been having a beer as I cooled off in the waist-deep water, right? As great as that is, I was even more impressed by the hospitality of the owner and his people! Being a fisherman himself, Mr. Forbes along with other fishermen, sell their catches on-location after being cooked on the grill.

There are also a few craftsmen and gift shop vendors ready to show you handmade, store-bought, and even branded souvenirs. Everyone is ready to share a warm smile with you. The good vibes radiate throughout the space, with all patrons sharing laughs with strangers and enjoying the laid-back feeling while drinking, eating, or playing dominoes.

It’s a great place to have a drink, have a meal, have a swim, and have a chill day with friends. Just be sure to watch out for a few submerged logs (before its rebuilding) & sea eggs while in the water.

Travel Tip: Support their gift shops/vendors (there are 3 to choose from)

If you’ve eaten here, leave a seafood meal recommendation for me to try next time please 🙂


Interview with Pelican Bar Owner, Floyd Forbes

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