Sitting on the waves of the world-famous 7mile beach is a motorized tiki hut stocked with alcohol ready to welcome you onboard. The new Negril attraction calls for you to get thigh-deep in the Caribbean Sea to ascend the metal ladder leading to your own pocket-sized party. Once aboard Tiki Pon Da Sea, your captain will belt a selection of songs through the speakers to set the mood of the ride. A mix between new- and old-age reggae music seems to be the default choice.

Steady Skanking on Tiki Pon Da Sea

The 90-minute cruise is inclusive of rum punch and Red Stripe beer, which [from my experience] definitely enhances the feel of the waves beneath you and the soothing music, in a good way! I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy drinks at a bar on the sea again, so finding this attraction was an instant interest. The bordering table is equipped with individual slots to keep your drinks in place once out of hand. Similarly, the high seats are secured in place so there’s no worry about swaying objects while enjoying your drinks.

Tiki Cruising along the 7 Mile Beach

The tiki ride takes you on a round trip along the coast, where you’ll have a view of miles of a sandy beach strip filled with waving people, shops, restaurants, attractions and resorts. My circle took to the sea for a sunset ride at 5pm which I highly recommend. Negril sunsets aren’t renowned for no reason; imagine having a front row seat to watching the apricot sun sink into the sea.

Tiki Pon Da Sea Lobster Cruise at Booby Cay Island

If you’re looking to enhance your tiki experience, try their scrumptious lobster lunch-inclusive ride. Booby Cay Island, off the Negril coast, is popular for open-air seafood dining as well as its sandy beach break after snorkeling at a nearby reef. Having enjoyed 1 of the best seafood meals of my life here years ago, I was ecstatic to learn that it was Tiki Pon Da Sea’s lunch venue! After stocking up on the floating bar’s drinks, patrons are free to frolick on the islet’s sands while their lobster lunch is prepared on a charcoal-fueled grill. A lot of the magic is created by a small chopping table and low simply stove, where fresh catches are roasted and seasoned to perfection.

Travel Tip: Also ask about their morning coffee cruise

As day transitions into the pantone shades of night, the tiki glows from a small string of bordering lights as it returns to the pickup destination by the beach. Anchor lowered, the 2 members onboard will lend helping hands to ensure your safety while descending back into the sea, as well as avoidance of possessions getting wet in the process.

How many drinks do you think you could have on the sea in 90 mins?

I enjoyed 4 cups of rum punch and got a nice little buzz! smile


Ride the waves with your crew on the Tiki Pon Da Sea. They’ll meet you at an agreed location along the 7-Mile beach.

Call 876-442-8811/ 363-0982 to reserve your pocket party.

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