During the Easter season, many Jamaicans consume more seafood, especially fish. This increased consumption is probably only paralleled by bun and cheese during this time. With the season upon us, it only seemed appropriate to list the places that granted the best seafood I’ve probably ever had (in no particular order).

Gloria’s Seafood Restaurant

Renowned for it’s seafood dishes, Gloria’s in Port Royal has been around for quite a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Had it not been included as a place with the best seafood, all credibility would probably be lost . Gloria’s has been at the forefront of my mind to go to for your seafood fix from childhood to adult days. My introduction to the establishment might’ve been their fish tea. I remember having it as a Friday night staple at one point in life, and have never enjoyed it nearly as much anywhere else to this day. Nowadays, I mostly enjoy Gloria’s after ordering in advance and indulging with a group.

Source: Recollections of a Foodie blog


Hellshire Beach

This iconic beach still has a number of regular visitors, with a strong pull by the quality of the food. It is simply unheard of to go to Hellshire and not enjoy a customary plate of fish with festival and/or bammy! As a Jamaican, it is an unwritten (I think) rule that lunch must be enjoyed here at least once.

Source: Prendy’s on the Beach (Hellshire)

Kwaamen Falls

Through a guided tour, a hike to Kwaamen Falls was followed by a swim and lunch of roast fish and plantain. Before this, roasting was last on my list of desired preparation methods for fish. Either I’ve never had the right person prepare it, or seafood just automatically tastes better by water. A small fire by the river was set up and the seasoned fish and plantains were roasted. There were so many distinct spices creating a fiesta in my mouth, plus, you just can’t go wrong serving a Jamaican a WHOLE plantain!

Booby Cay Island

I’ve eaten lobster maybe a handful of times, if so much. An unexpected boat trip to an islet just off shore from Negril afforded a completely enjoyable lobster meal. After choosing the desired lobster from a wire cage on the beach, lunch was served an hour later! A plate was presented holding excellently-seasoned garlic lobster with a side of wheat bread saturated in seasoned sauce. Every bite was slowly savoured, including the bread sopping up all the garlicky goodness! After snorkeling and splashing around at the beach, that lobster meal was the perfect end to a day at sea.


Please leave any suggestions in the comments for best seafood spots, we could all use more 🙂