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UPDATE: LongBoarder Bar & Grill has closed since this post. Check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

About 45 minutes east of the Harbour View roundabout, enjoy an easy drive complemented by views of the Caribbean Sea as you approach the community of Roselle in St. Thomas. After passing the popular roadside waterfall, on the right, you’ll spot a bamboo fence and a swaying Longboarder Bar & Grill sign hanging from a tree.

Longboarder Bar & Grill by the Beach

A smiling waitress will emerge and provide the day’s list of menu options. The resourceful eatery gathers fresh herbs from their personal garden to prepare cooked-to-order meals. With time to spare as you wait for lunch, take an opportunity to stroll on the black sand beach.

Roselle Black Sand Beach

On the beach, your bare foot bottoms (as we Jamaicans say) are massaged by pebbles you inch closer and closer to the sea. Witnessing its force, I could immediately understand why this was such a popular surfing location. After being forcefully pushed back to the shore a number of times, the best choice besides surfing seemed to be to sit by the water’s edge and let the waves meet the body. The brilliant sun acts as a towel.

Travel Tip: The waves can be rough for swimming, and the sea floor may be harsh on feet

Admire the St. Thomas Horizon

Make your way to the elevated gazebo to get a perfect view of the sun glistening on the horizon. In white thrones perched above the water, the immediate view is sea smashing against the rocky base of the hills in the distance. The ambiance is so relaxing; a drink, nap, or good book would be perfect activities in this beach-chic throne.

Longboarder Bar & Grill Seafood by the Sea

After 20 minutes, lunch by the sea was ready: fried fish and potato wedges, with a serving of veggies. The dining area is situated by a large central tree strung with lights. The fried fish had light seasoning and just the right amount of crisp; thankfully it wasn’t smothered in oil, a practice by some eateries I have yet to comprehend. The perfectly-cut potato wedges dusted with spices sat beside raw veggies drizzled with a touch of sweet dressing.

The laid-back ambiance of the venue mixed with the calming effect of the sea makes it feel like an ideal location to make memories with the crew, but yet it is still intimate enough to cosy up with your significant other.

There are daily bonfires just as the orange sun descends to make way for the moon.

An ideal trip here might would include a group of friends, undergoing beginner surf lessons, and dining at dusk as the bonfire lights up the sky.

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  • Ambience 90% 90%
  • Staff Interactions 70% 70%

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