Getting ready for an upcoming getaway? Here’s an idea whether you’re traveling abroad or at home: lighten the load by packing essentials in roomy [and expressive] lightweight printed tote bags like these. Tote bags are considered to be the perfect carry-all for necessities by many travelers (myself included).

You can be ready for just about any quick trip, near or far, with these amusing picks by Those Creative People (TCP). Shop for some of their day-to-day and weekender travel tote bags that the Love Not Likes bloggers swear by for our trips.

Printed Cotton Tote Bag Picks

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Classic Cotton Tote Bags: Perfect for daily use and simple outings. Grab and go for quick trips on the road! If not used as a carry-all, the canvas bags can easily fit into a suitcase to add extra accessory options without the bulk.

Oversized Cotton Tote Bags: When your trip requires some extra essentials or a couple days, go for the big TCP totes. The bags are wide and roomy, with straps that carry the weight well. It’s easy to just throw everything needed in there and pick it up to go. I carry my One Bag Ah Beach Tings to just about every road trip now (especially, but not limited to, the beach)!

  • 10-ounce, 100% cotton twill
  • 15″h x 20″w x 5″d; Approx. 1,500 cubic inches
  • 20″ durable cotton web handles

Love Not Likes women talking on beach with tote bags

Eco-friendly Tote Bags: At the beginning of 2019, Jamaica opted to eliminate single-use plastic bags in an effort to reduce its negative environmental impact. Many locals refer to these plastic bags as ‘scandal bags’ because they were mostly transparent until a dyed black version come onto the scene. The play on words makes the grocery bag replacement that much more tickling to us. Not only are these ideal for a trip to the market, but the eye-catching expressions make it a quirky accessory.

I personally still sometimes forget to carry a bag in-store until I reach the cashier, UGH! Then I’m left to choose between paying extra for a paper bag I’ll likely use once or carry my items in hand to the vehicle. Having a dedicated grocery bag handy has not only made shopping easier and more eco-friendly, but also fun! Catch me in the supermarket sometimes modeling with the bag as if I’m making a grand appearance somewhere!

  • 80 GSM Non-Woven Polypropylene
  • 20″W x 13″H x 8″D


Travel Tote Bags Pros and Cons

Lightweight Travel Tote bags are an easy and convenient pick in many situations, but are they the best fit for your trip??? Check these common perks and snags of tote bags, which TCP bags also share to help decide.

Pros Cons
Lightweight Don’t always include pockets/zips
Durable sturdy materal Not crease-friendly
Easily accessorized Not water-resistant

What Bag is Best for Traveling?

Carrying a backpack may seem like the most practical option a lot of the time, but it isn’t always easily accessible or complements an outfit as well as a tote bag might. A good tote can be a versatile tool in a traveler’s arsenal. Why? Besides being an effortless accessory, they can hold pretty much all your stuff and easily conform to spaces. A wheeled suitcase is a popular choice as a carry on and for longer trips because it’s easy to move around. However, many travelers opt to carry other types for more comfort, including lightweight travel tote bags.

Can I Use a Tote Bag as a Carry On?

Airline allowances vary, but in most cases 1 carry-on bag + 1 one personal item small enough to fit under the plane seat are acceptable. Thankfully, they don’t generally limit the types or styles of bags that may be used, as long as it’s within their accepted size range. When traveling on a plane, the size of carry-on bags is ultimately what matters, so YES! You definitely can grab a tote. Many major airlines allow passengers to take carry-ons that are up to 9 inches (L) x 14 inches (W) x 22 inches (D) – luckily for us, most of these TCP tote bags meet the requirements.

Travel Tip: Check airline’s bag size restrictions before packing

Quick Travel Checklist

If you subscribed to the mailing list and got my Travel Secrets Freebie, you would’ve seen some of these personal travel item picks + more. You’d also find a few travel lessons that I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Thankful that road trips and the occasional flight have become regular aspects of my current life these past few years! Here’s a checklist of ideas for packing your lightweight travel tote bags (and others) to better prepare for your next vacation / staycation:

  • Cash + ID
  • Phone
  • Camera
  • Travel Pillow
  • Sunblock + Chapstick w/ SPF 30 and over
  • Wet Wipes + Toiletry bag
  • Book (add these relatable book markers + planners using discount code LNL-SIMPLYLOCAL-5)
  • Thermos / Water bottle
  • Snacks
  • Headphones
  • Passport (+ a photocopy) & a pen *if travelling via plane

Buy Jamaican: Those Creative People

As we say in Jamaica, ‘wi likkle but wi tallawah’, which translates to we’re small in size but big in impact’. Brand Jamaica is globally recognized, thanks to many aspects of our contagious culture including our icons, music, food, and landscape. TCP Tings include a variety of novelty items, greeting cards & gift tags designed and distributed in Jamaica (and globally). 

Though Jamaican dialect may not be understood by everyone, there’s evidence that doesn’t stop people from embracing it all over the world. The local company captures our culture with creative twists and humour at the core of their approach. The product line includes durable travel tote bags, gift cards & tags, planners, book markers, t-shirts, and handheld fans. Get a limited-time exclusive discount via their website on their ENTIRE product line for shipping (yes, internationally too!) or local pick up. 

Which TCP printed tote bag is your favourite so far?

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