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Many persons view travelling mainly as a leisure or business activity, but those who choose to see beyond that view use travelling as a means to discover pieces of themselves. For me, the travel bug bit in late 2015 which followed with a wish list of local sites to visit. In 2016, the personal habit of enjoying new places and experiences as often as circumstances allowed began. Unrelated yet coincidentally, since 2016 I’ve also ventured overseas a number of times, after not departing Jamaica for a few years.

Regular outings have directly and indirectly provided opportunities for me and improved life in a number of ways, it can do the same for you too! Your budget doesn’t have to be big (trust me!) to explore new places consistently.

Here are 8 ways that travel can add quality to your life and your person:

Benefits of Travelling More

Meet New People

You’re likely to come across people of various backgrounds and cultures when visiting anywhere, but more likely at somewhere new. It is a firm belief of mine that everyone has something to teach you. Spending time to get acquainted with a new person can be valuable, whether by providing you with a new perspective, teaching a lesson, creating a mutually-beneficial relationship, or connecting you to other valuable people. Hellos don’t hurt, see what grows from there.

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Monthly Clean Up w/ Garbie Walkie

Appreciation for the Environment

Interacting with nature and appreciating its beauty can inspire a desire to preserve the environment for generations and your future self to admire. I’m sure we’ve all noticed a dusty riverbed which was once a flowing majesty, or beautiful plants and trees besmirched by litter. If you have, think about how many more natural beauties will cease in comings years if we continue abusing Mother Nature. Though you may believe your small action might not have a noticeable impact, remember that every mickle mek a muckle (every small deed counts). Also remember that spreading knowledge and inspiring others are great ways to broaden impact.

Find inspiration

Travelling can inspire you in unexpected ways. The moments that make you realize that the world has so much to offer tend to be some of the best times to appreciate the magic of life. Situating yourself in different environs can birth various inspiration types such as art forms, new thoughts, and newfound purpose.

Enjoying scenery in the Blue Mountains

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Bonding Experience

Whether you’re travelling with a group, a significant other, or even solo, experiencing a new venture has a way of making one feel closer to something or someone. Not only can you bond with persons around you, but also with your surroundings. In my experience, the most memorable bonding times are usually a shared first-time experience for everyone or most persons involved. You may end up teaching, inspiring and relying on each other during an outing, and that can only encourage closeness.

Try New Things

When at a place where an opportunity falls into your lap, sometimes unexpectedly, you’re more likely to try it in the moment. Whether it be for pride, accomplishment, or “just for the f#ck of it”, in more cases than none there’s satisfaction in trying. Not only are you crossing an item off of your experiences list, but also broadening horizons; do it.

Learning How to Make Ceramics


Teachers come in many forms, as do lessons. One could plan a trip and end up leaving with a lesson or two, many of the time unexpectedly. Many common lessons from excursions include learning about origins, significances, current happenings, and operations of a place and/or people.

Be Proud

Find yourself conquering a fear or achieving a personal goal while travelling. One can be proud of themselves by pushing physical, mental and emotional limits, trying something you probably never thought you would’ve, or maybe planting a seed for future opportunities; you never know!

Relaxing in a Hammock by the River


We take vacations to break away from day-to-day routine and revitalize ourselves. It’s not unusual to plan a vacation 1 – 3 times per year, but a lot of us would prefer to re-energize more than every 4 – 12 months, nuh true? Firstly, stop viewing vacations as faraway lands for extensive periods of time. Well-spent day and weekend visits at local spots can be fulfilling as well, sometimes even more so than your usual getaways. Take the time to find relaxation and enjoyment at an attraction near you, it could just be the break you need right now.

What’s your main reason for travelling? Let me know in the comments section 🙂

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