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UPDATE: Island Lux Beach Park has since closed. Check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

As if sun, sand, and sea weren’t the ultimate combination for a beautiful day; add friends and fun into the mix to formulate the Island Lux Beach Park experience. The champagne-coloured powder sand and aquamarine waters of the world-famous Negril 7-mile beach is decorated with rustic cabanas and two-tiered restaurants. After strolling in the venue, a smiling lifeguard may introduce you to numerous available activities, most likely by a shady tree lined with safety vests and watersport amenities.

7 mile beach is rated 1 of the Caribbean’s best beaches by TripAdvisor

Island Lux Beach Park

The designated beach area of Island Lux is lined with dozens of ruby red lounge chairs lying beneath the brilliant sun. You can reserve sheltering umbrellas and private cabanas to make your beach day that much more luxurious.

No general admission fee required; priced by activity

Water Sports on the Island Lux Beach

Island Lux is not just your regular day lazing at the beach (unless of course, you want it to be). This is one of few beaches that offer such a range of amenities which don’t come with a resort price tag. A collection of water activities are offered to keep you occupied all day! Both non-motorized and motorized water sports are available, and will each grant you at least 15 – 30 minutes of enjoyment. Motorized sports include tubing, wakeboarding, water skiiing, and parasailing.

Travel Tip: Though lifeguards are on duty, exercise caution while at sea

Non-motorized Water Sports

Paddle Boat

Yellow paddle boats seat you and a partner, and are powered by foot pedaling. Coordinate both feet and hands to navigate the steering and push water beneath you to propel in the direction of choice. This is an easy-going activity, most enjoyable if you appreciate a relaxed and easy ride.


Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream sea! A banana-shaped 2-seater boat and pair of double-sided paddles will be handed to you and your teammate to coordinate. Failure to find harmony in movements will either result in rowing circles, or one person doing all the work. This activity requires a little more effort and teamwork than the latter, and will to give your upper body a small workout. [point: The person with more control should sit in the back]

Paddle Board

Surfboards are available for use but judging from the usual calm of the waves, they are probably mostly used for paddle boarding. For a smooth trip at sea controlled completely by you (and a core workout), this is one to try.

Hobie Cat

A cool gust of wind blowing balances out the tranquility of a beach day, does it not? If you’re luckier than I, hopefully when you visit Island Lux you’ll have enough breeze to set sail on the Hobie Cat. A short lesson will demonstrate how to adequately captain your own sea vessel, where you can relax in the middle of the water without a care in the world. Lifeguards on duty will keep an eye out, and if needed will send a motorized boat to provide assistance in bringing you back to shore should the breezy winds cease for an extended period.


You may think there’s not much to see near the calm sea shores of this picturesque beach, but you’d be oh so wrong! On my visit to Island Lux while not too far from shore, a starfish, small sting ray and eagle ray were just the few animals I know of that I crossed paths with, and this is without gear! Imagine what else there is to see. Explore the underwater world of the open sea by opting for snorkeling accessories. As you may know, snorkeling is one excursion I’ve enjoyed and highly recommend as a local activity to do at least once.

Go Jump Island: Inflatable Obstacle Course

Jump Island is a US-based company, which has chosen Jamaica’s endless summer as their first international location. The first order of business here is to get suited up with a life jacket certified by the USA Coast Guard and be presented with rules of [safe] play. 2 guards will accompany you to the obstacle course floating at sea. 1 will swim ahead to ensure it is safe to proceed (as I mentioned, you may cross paths with other creatures) and the other will provide any needed assistance along the course.

The inflatable park includes trampolines, swings, slides, a running wheel, a rock climbing iceberg, and even a catapult. There are sure to be a number of slips, slides and splashes as you race (or not) with friends through the various aspects. Time allotted could range from 30 minutes to 2 hours, so there’s no real need to rush (unless you want to). My group of 3 opted for a 45-minute run, but between the falls and ongoing laughter it realistically took us about 1 hr and 15 mins. How long do you think you’d need?

Jamaican Food on the Beach

On the beach lies two dining experiences: Pimentoz Restaurant and Little Negril Restaurant. Both have a virtually-open kitchen area where meals are prepared before your eyes and aromas flirt with your nostrils. The restaurant structures facing the beach are made from untailored wood, which creates a homely atmosphere that fits perfectly in a beach setting. The rustic charm is taken up a notch, with plates and utensils made of biodegradable material.

Pimentoz Jerk Restaurant

Pimentoz is the first established eatery of Island Lux’s food village. The menu is comprised of jerk favourites, such as chicken, pork, and sausage along with side order choices of sweet potato salad, festival, bammy, plantain and more.  Pimentoz is befittingly titled after a main ingredient for jerk sauce and dishes – pimento spice. Meats are prepared in authentic yard-style fashion: over wood fire with zinc coverings to help the flavour smoke soak in just the way it should!

Little Negril Seafood Restaurant

Did hearing ‘Little Negril’ remind you of ‘Little Ochi’, the popular seafood restaurant in St. Elizabeth? The type of cuisine may be similar, but unlike the latter, Little Negril is more of a fine dining restaurant. This seafood experience is not your typical beach eatery – it is a tad more luxurious in décor as well as offerings. The beach-chic restaurant offers a seafood range from fish to lobster to seacat octopus.

There are big plans in store for the growing village, evident through a number of restaurant and other attraction huts in the making.

Some of the expectations include Ital Island (vegan) restaurant, Red Stripe and Appleton houses, and Honest Herbs hut! If you’re looking for a beach getaway that’s beyond the usual and still within budget, Island Lux  Beach Park is the answer fi yu luxury.

You already know mine, what’s your idea of a perfect beach day?

Let’s see what the consensus is in the comments.

Find fi yu luxury by white seas and clear, blue waters of Island Lux Beach Park!

Visit them on Negril’s famous 7mile beach and view all their offerings online to plan your visit.

*This is a sponsored post, however I ensure not to endorse an experience I haven’t personally enjoyed! 🙂

“The aesthetics and ambiance was awesome. The first thing I looked for was the swing, very relaxing, and we had our very own cabana.”

– @christyneveah

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