Off a 45-minute beaten path in hilly Westmoreland lies a refreshing series of small cascades and pools at Mayfield Falls. Park by the entrance where speaker boxes blast reggae music and residents can be found enjoying the vibe. Small stumps on a steep, earthy walkway act as stairs, and bamboo benches thoughtfully situated on plateaus allow rests during the journey.

The venue of Mayfield Falls has a rustic ambiance complete with spacious lawns, maintained gardens, hammocks, bamboo seats, gazebos and huts throughout the property. Crossing a wooden bridge gives you the first glimpse of the turquoise water, then leads you towards smiling staff.

Slip on your water shoes (yes, you’re gonna need β€˜em), and a trained tour guide will accompany you along Mayfield River. The crystal-clear river boasts multiple cascades and over 20 small mineral pools to immerse yourself in. The tour guides all seem personable and very knowledgeable about every dip and crevice of the river. They’ll show you where to dive, get under a water canopy, and enjoy the force of the water against your body. Being in the hills, I had expected the water to be much colder but my body quickly adapted to the cool temperature. The video clips can probably show you just how lovely it is better than I can tell you πŸ™‚

The next time I visit, I hope to have more friends with me and more available time to spend! It was such a refreshing experience.

Words of Advice

  • Driving to the venue in a high vehicle is recommended
    The road to the falls is riddled with potholes in some areas.Β 
  • Water shoes are required.
    Bring your own if you can to avoid paying for rentals.
  • Wear bug repellant
  • Females: Wear a swimsuit with wide shoulder straps
    The pressure of the rushing water disrobed me quite a few times.