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It’s no secret that I’m a proud Jamaican, and whether you’re a Jamaican by origin, law, blood, or at heart I’m sure you can more than relate to these 55 reasons to love being Jamaican. For such a “small” country on the world map, we’ve sure made quite the name for ourselves globally in so many ways. Here are just a few to commemorate our 55th year of independence (2017)!

Why We Love Being Jamaican

1. Unique Flag

A beautiful symbol of our country that’s quickly recognized worldwide. One of very few flags of the entire world that don’t include red, white, nor blue.

2. Global recognition 

Whether it be our icons or our culture, Jamaica is undeniably one of the most influential countries around the world.

3. Natural Food

The fact that you can virtually step outside and get something to eat is awesome.

4. Cooking 

Island spices and flavour can instantly upgrade just about any meal.

5. Buffet-Style Catering (“run a boat”)

Nothing nice like a “boat”, when a load of food is cooked for an event or outing.

6. Blue Mountains 

A UNESCO World Heritage site and home of world-famous coffee, many indigenous plants and animals, and foods you won’t find anywhere else on the island.

7. World-class Coffee

Blue Mountain coffee, some of the most expensive in the world.

8. Beautiful beaches     

White or black sand, palm trees, blue waters, and sunshine.

9. Hypnotizing Sunsets

Orange and pink hues of a daily tropical sunset meeting the horizon.

10. Unconditional Sunshine 

Almost every day is a great day to go outside and enjoy in the warmth of the sun.

11. Friendly

We are the nicest set of rude people you’d probably ever find.

12. Industrious

Most Jamaicans have at least 1 “side hustle”, contributing to entrepreneurship and  creativity.

13. Pioneer Music

Reggae, dancehall, ska, rocksteady, dub; We have musically contributed a lot to the world with distinctive sounds (and dances!).

14. All-Inclusive Experiences

Whether it be parties or a hotel getaway, you won’t necessarily get the little-worry, all-inclusive experience when you go abroad.

15. Alcohol

World-famous alcohol, perfect for outings, events, cooking / baking, illness remedies, and those days where you really  need a drink or three.

16. Rastafarianism

Probably the most laid-back religion ever, promoting a loving, natural lifestyle and self-pride.

17. High-Grade Marijuana

To whom it may apply: enough said.

18. No Shortage of Street vendors

You don’t have to go far or spend much to curb your peckish cravings.

19. Small Island       

Nothing is more than a drive away. You can visit every parish in one day.

20. Strong Presence in Sports

Our many endeavours throughout the sports industry competing on a global scale is a privilege. Not every country can enjoy this as much as we do.

21. Innovative   

We don’t need every piece to make ends meet. We work with what we have.

22. It’s always a Party

On any given day, in any given area, chances are there’s a party going on.

23. Great History 

We’ve overcome many challenges and achieved a lot throughout history.

24. Good Links

If you know someone in a favourable place, you probably are put in one too.

25. Fun Games 

Wha’ nice like an evening of dandy shandy, loodi, dominoes or bingo?

26. Delectable Pastries

Sen’ a bun and cheese, some bread pudding and 3 banana bread fimi nuh.

27. Christmas Time 

The whole family gets together and indulges in food you probably only enjoy once a year. A time that many Jamaicans look forward to.

28. Pan Chicken

No matter what hour you’re on the road, you can usually find a decent meal to eat.  Pan chicken / jerk pork with hardo bread and ketchup and pepper ah di sweetest ting after a night out.

29. Something for All Budgets

You can quickly plan an excursion. There are many free, affordable, as well as luxurious activity options within any given area.

30. Unique Shopping Experiences     

Van back, hand cart, roadside… you name it, we’ll sell from it from any corner.

31. Fun Dance Moves

We can make anything into a dance! Some skilful, some humourous, all contagious.

32. We Mannaz-able 

I’ve noticed that strangers abroad don’t readily casually greet you as they do here.

33. Expletives

Colourful, to say the least. To whom it may apply, they seem to roll off the tongue better than the usual curse words.

34. We Have Fun…always 

We can make the best out of any situation, if we feel like it.

35. Always Have A Vibe       

We know how to enjoy ourselves and spread the vibe to others.

36. Bashment   

Whether it’s a birthday or a funeral, you’ll probably not find one as ‘vibesy’ as ours.

37. Proverbs

Relatable and empowering, and some are even humourous.

38. Bad wi bad!     

You can’t help but feel pride and some invincibility when you say “Ah Jamaica mi come from!” followed by fluent patois (pat-wa).

39. Diversity 

There are various places that allow you to indulge in another culture, via food, languages, leisure activities, or artistic form.

40. Driving Skills   

If you can drive here, you can drive anywhere.

41. Dialect   

Admit it, patois (pat-wa) makes any given sentence more colourful, effective, or humourous. It’s an added plus when you’re able to go ‘full Jamaican’ if you want your words exclusively understood by another yardie.

42. Predictable weather     

You can look at the sky and almost accurately guess if it will rain or sun will blaze throughout the day, then plan accordingly.

43. Can Take A Quick Dip 

Though many of us can’t swim, we always look forward to a day at a river or beach.

44. Abundance of Rivers 

With over 100 rivers, you have the option to take a swim, catch water for your home, bathe, wash your clothes, meditate etc.

45. #ILiveWhereYouVacation 

You’re in one of the top travel destinations of the world. You’re where many persons would love to be!

46. Comical Sense of Direction 

Though a local giving directions may sound unorthodox, they’re often SPOT ON!

47. Artistic 

We boast numerous talented painters, sculptors, ceramists, playwrights etc.

48. Eye-grabbing Fashion 

We know how to make a statement, no matter what that statement may be. Our most iconic style was probably in the 90’s era of mesh merinos, rasta colours,colourful wigs and outlandish wear, still incorporated in outfits globally.

49. Boas’y   

We don’t have to have a lot of money to show out. You still ah go notice we!

50. Signage Wording 

Many of which are humourous by the way, both on and off the streets, but always get the point across.

51. [Somewhat] “Healthy” Desserts 

Unlike conventional sweets with many artificial flavours, ours at least tends to have a typically healthy main ingredient. Wha’sweet like gizzada, peanut cake, grater cake, and tamarind balls?

53. Memorable Nicknames 

You can call to a total stranger by an obvious trait, and they’ll know exactly who you’re talking to. Eg. Nutsy, broomie, biggz, blacks, fluffy etc.

54. Creative Lyrics 

We always feel like the best way to bring across a point is through song or a catchy, memorable phrase.

55. ‘Likkle but Tallawah’     

It has been said that no matter where in the world you go, you can find a Jamaican.  It’s also been said we have a tendency to do very well for ourselves abroad.


Challenge: Name at least 1 reason to love being Jamaican that’s not listed here, GO!

Happy Independence Day Jamaica! Cheers to 55+ more years

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