In Robin’s Bay, St. Mary, lies a cosy collection of cottages by the sea called Strawberry Fields Together. I reserved a room called ‘Moonlight Magic’ overlooking the sea 2 months earlier, but some miscommunication led to staying in ‘Secrets and Dreams’ just below it, but besides the elevated view the room seemed just as nice.

What I liked most about the room was that it was situated by the seafront, which granted a lovely view and soothing sounds of crashing waves. Along with an outdoor shower, the outer deck has a bar-b-que pit and seating area, which I had hoped to use with a group of friends but that aspect of the plan sadly didn’t work out. The room is slightly tucked in the corner which allowed access to a somewhat secluded section of the water, making your own private beach (ish).

We arrived on the property around 12:30pm. After checking in, our bags were placed in the room then the rest of the afternoon was spent hiking to Kwaamen Falls with one of their tour guides. After the scenic and lengthy hike, we made it back to the property [tired as rass] just before nightfall. Warm showers were enjoyed before making our way to the on-site Strawberry Patch restaurant for dinner. Choice of dinner that night included fried fish, fried bammy and festival which, coupled with the day’s hike, prompted an early bedtime; the waves just outside the windows orchestrated a great lullaby.

Watching the sunrise on the beach was worth setting an early alarm. Seeing the light peek from behind the hills and stroking the rolling waves was enough to make you feel blessed to witness a new day. After the dawn’s orange hue faded and the sun’s brilliance was nearing full force, we roamed the property as we didn’t have a chance to the day before.

We observed the different cottages, the stretch of the beach, and some campers in tents at the property’s peak. We then strolled back to the Strawberry Patch where I opted for my all-time favourite breakfast – ackee and saltfish, calalloo, and dumplings, preceded by fresh fruits. If they added plantain and boiled banana, I would’ve been the happiest piggy in the pen.

Nearing check out time at midday, we wanted a quick dip at the beach. The sun at it’s brightest and me not in much of a mood to submerge in salt water, the time was mostly spent swaying in the water, near the shore, looking out at sea. I could understand why persons came here from far distances just to use the picturesque beach.

While getting packed and ready to leave, I learned a very valuable adult lesson –  for the first time, if I wanted coffee (which I did at the time) I HAD to use a coffee maker. After a couple calls to my parents, and gauging the differences between the coffee maker at home and the one in our room, a satisfying cup of coffee was brewed. I was so proud, I made a second batch. One step closer to having my life together. With my soul content, we were as ready as we would’ve ever been to say goodbye to our little beach cottage and make the trip back to Kingston. Another weekend gone too soon.

Overall Review

  • Room 85%
  • Affordability 80%
  • Staff Interactions 70%
  • Food 80%