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Near the Norman Manley International Airport is a quick thrill – Zoom Go Karting in Kingston, Jamaica’s capital city. Grab a companion or gather a group for a dose of friendly competition on the Palisadoes Go Kart Track.
No driver’s license or experience needed to rent a go kart! Minimum age to drive = 7 years

Zoom Go Karting in Kingston, Jamaica

The go kart attraction’s name is coined after a special racecar of its visionary founder. Professional Jamaican motorsports racer, Peter Rae, drove a black Mazda RX7 known as ‘Zoom-Zoom’ during a segment of his 50-year career. Before retiring in 2018 Peter Rae has won international championships and served as former president of the Jamaica Race Drivers Club and Jamaica Karting Association. He believes go karting is the foundation of motorsports, noting that it is where many well-known racers (especially in Formula 1) started. His goal for Zoom Go Karting is “making Jamaican roads safer” by taking the need for speed off our public streets.

Peter Rae
(Photo: The Jamaica Observer)

Before your crew steps onto the track, you’ll be given a balaclava (think of it as a head sock) and helmet with visor. A quick safety brief, lesson in controlling the go kart, and a test lap or 2 to put it all into practice will happen before the friendly race is on.

 Travel Tip: Closed shoes and long pants recommended

While waiting to get zooming, or if you want to hang around once crossing the finish line, feel free to sit in the stands and watch other zoomers on the track. Choose your circuit, starting at 8 laps. The go karts are standard with accelerator and brake controls; no need to feel timid putting the pedal to the metal here! The broad and low vehicle structure improves aerodynamic qualities, which makes cutting the track corners easier and a faster speed feeling. Railings on the sides of the karts act as protective bars, and are definitely not meant for bumping as you try to whizz pass your companion-turned-opponent.

The go-karts are typically available for rent on weekends, as well as special bookings and some holidays

Palisadoes Go Kart Track

Palisadoes is known simply as ‘airport road’ to many, leading from the Harbour View roundabout to the historic town of Port Royal on the right, and the city’s departure lounge on the left. This stretch of road is a scenic spot, often visited for morning walks & jogs, sunset watching, and night chats by the sea.

The Palisadoes Go Kart Track boasts the backdrop of the Kingston skyline, from industrial downtown buildings to untouched spreads of landscape. Bobbing hill and mountain ranges frame waters of the Kingston Harbour, dotted by voyaging cargo ships and fisherman boats. The track itself is bordered by grass and stacked tyres for extra safety. Zoom Go Karting isn’t just home to amateur races with you and your friends; similar to a speedway in Westmoreland, it is also frequented by professional drivers who you may get to witness practising on the track.

Zoom Go Karting is a family-friendly activity fun for just about all ages. Think of someone you’d want to challenge on the track; do you think you could earn full bragging rights at the finish line?

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Zoom Go Karting gives you the opportunity to rent and drive on weekend afternoons (possibly with pro racers!) at the Palisadoes Go Kart Track.

Reserve your kart at 876-891-9852 and visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for updates.

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