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When most people hear JamWest, their first thought may be the largest speedway in the region, and they wouldn’t be wrong. The popular venue is a favourite of many racecar driving enthusiasts, and has been for the past 15 years. What some don’t know is, the 300-acre land is also home to an activity-filled adventure park!

Image: JamWest Adventure Park

General admission for the park is inclusive of defeating lobby games, finding new friends at the petting zoo and aviary, testing the rock climbing challenge, slipping down the extreme waterslide and cooling off in the mineral bath. More activities are available on location at an additional cost.

Tours are scheduled every half hour in the lounge area, which is the central venue for a bar & grill and table games to keep you more than occupied while awaiting tours. A JamWest jeep will arrive to charter you and others who opted for the excursion to the respective tours. The schedule seems to be very efficient; my longest wait for any of 3 tours was 10 minutes!

Pace yourself at the bar. Tours are not offered to visitors under the influence
Travel Tip: Allocate up to a 30-minute wait time for each activity when planning

Don’t be surprised if you see and hear the zooming of powerful engines speeding around the track at some point during the visit; it is a speedway after all! The best view of this (outside of the stands) would probably be from the heights of the zipline towers.


The JamWest jeep will drop you off at a safety station where you’ll be suited up with a helmet and harness before walking to the base of tower 1. The tower’s flight of stairs is long enough to make you reconsider the decision to jump off a structure (true story; witnessed this myself). Once you finally reach the top level, guides will demonstrate the correct jumping techniques before leading you to a leap of faith. Unlike my previous ziplining experience, this one doesn’t require gloves because the metal lines are adequately covered with material to make it safe for hand holding.

Gliding 60 feet in the air to the adjoining towers with a bird’s eye view of the racetrack and surrounding land will give you an adrenaline rush, especially after working up the courage to run and jump out of a tall structure! Zipping across the 8 towers includes 2 interesting surprises (which I won’t ruin for you), and lasts approximately 1.5 hours. Would you jump?

Phones and Handheld cameras aren’t allowed while airbourne
Travel tip: Carry a hands-free camera, or rent one at the gift shop

Images: JamWest Adventure Park


This tour will include a few test laps to determine if all drivers are able to handle their respective vehicle. Once given the OK, the guide will lead a line of ATVs on a 6-mile trail of dirt road, complemented with a series of bumps, twists and turns, and pools of muddy water to keep you on the edge of your seat, literally!

If you’re a typical Jamaican like myself, your instincts may kick in to avoid potholes (a depression on the road surface), right? In this case, don’t; they’re called ‘all-terrain vehicles’ for a reason. A pit stop on the trail includes a 15-minute rest at a quiet community beach with a bar on location to quench thirst with fresh coconut water, bottled water, and drinks. The option to take a quick dip before heading back on the road is available, after all, 1.5 hours navigating an open vehicle on turbulent terrain can wear on a person. After returning to the road, you’ll be surprised during the change in route (also won’t ruin this surprise for you!). How fast do you think you could go? My highest speed was around 40 km/h.

Phone and handheld camera use aren’t allowed while driving
Travel Tip: Carry camera in fanny pack or use a hands-free camera


This tour is most enjoyed by those interested in learning about Jamaican history, swampy lands, animal species (mostly reptiles and birds), or with a thirst for some general knowledge. Grab your bug spray and join an informative guide on a nature trail. It includes 2 walking stops, where you’ll take a short stroll to view animals on location and wetlands. To speak to the authentic nature of the lands where JamWest Adventure Park is located, there was a litter of young wild boars running across the tour path into nearby bushes.

There’s quite a bit to see and learn on this 45-minute to 1-hour tour, however, if you’re far from being a bird lover the last part of this activity is definitely not for you…


The safari is concluded with a trip to an aviary filled with multiple species of birds. A handful of feed is all you need to make a wad of new friends, at least until it’s all eaten. The birds range from doves to pigeons to chickens to ducks, eating right out of the palm of your hands. It is very likely that the fowls may weigh you down with their collective feasting or searching for an ideal seating space on your arm.

Travel Tip: Carry Hand Sanitizer

Even More Fun!

If all of this sounds like a full day, that’s because it is! I did say it is an activity-filled venue, where in my case, time available was not nearly enough sadly. I didn’t get to take a cool off dip in the mineral pool nor test my [lack of] upper body strength with the rock climbing, but that was totally fine as more fun than bargained for was had.

Other available tours offered are horseback riding while in the sea and of course speed driving! Both experiences seem beyond interesting, and I’m sure many wouldn’t mind crossing them off their lists. I was lucky enough to see some of these majestic creatures up close during the ATV ride as a team of them galloped on our path while on their way to a pen.

Image: JamWest Adventure Park

If you’re seeking a full day of fun with friends, you should definitely have an adventure at JamWest!

I can’t be the only one raving here… have you ever tried any of these activities?

Tell us about it in the comments!


Whether you want to live life in the fast lane for a day, or watch it, JamWest Speedway and Adventure Park is sure to be one group outing you won’t forget!

Call 876-475-7588 or check online for more information to start planning your visit.

* This is a sponsored post, however, I don’t endorse an experience I haven’t personally enjoyed! 🙂

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