Just beyond Holywell National Park, you’ll enter Section, Portland in the Blue Mountains. Right at the entrance, you’ll find an authentic Jamaican experience at James Dennis’ Coffee House! The property hosts day visitors as well as overnight guests, in a rustic space with an all-around view of the UNESCO World Heritage Site’s unspoiled beauty. Top things to do here include relaxing on the spacious deck admiring the views while drinking famous Blue Mountain coffee and indulging in a vegetarian meal.

Coffee – The Old Fashioned Way

At JD’s Coffee House, you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee made especially for you by you, from scratch! Take a stroll through their coffee farm to pick coffee beans and taste-test some of them for a surprisingly sweet flavour. From the farm, the beans are carried to be pressed with a wooden mortar and pestle, dating back decades. The beans are crushed to obtain the “real coffee” from inside their shell, which is then roasted in a Dutch pot over a wood fire for an hour before being grounded. The grinding process has the roasted beans poured into another charmingly dated device. A bit of energy exertion is required to help rotate the handle, allowing the machine to grind the beans. Finally, water is boiled in a kettle and poured over the finished product for the smoothest-tasting coffee you’ve probably ever had.

Make Ital Stew

Ital is indeed vital. All-natural ingredients are gathered in the kitchen, ready to prepare a meal. You have the options to help chop the wood for the fire and dice and mix the ground provisions to create the vegetarian stew. In less than an hour, you’ll have a very satisfying calabash bowl of hot, healthy ital stew. The dish is commonly comprised of pumpkin, carrots, chocho, onions and peppers.

Tour the Farms

There are a few small farms surrounding the property. Take a walk and learn about the cultivation of the ground provisions there, such as coffee beans, pumpkins, pineapples and limes. The main produce is coffee, from its inception in * to its ripeness in * when it’s ready to fill your mug. If you’re lucky, you could even leave with a few products to take home!

You should also consider taking a hike to the nearby Cascade waterfall, enjoy meditation and yoga on the deck, and take home some quality coffee. If you’re looking to unwind away from the busy city while experiencing a simple yet rewarding lifestyle, this could be a great getaway for you. Stay for the day or for a few, take all the time you need to reset the balance 🙂 Blessings. Watch a recap of the experience on Youtube!


Visit for a day or a few!

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James Dennis' Guest & Coffee House

* Map location may not be completely accurate. Please contact host to help direct you if needed.