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One of Jamaica’s most respectable hotels is situated within a business district of the capital city. The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston has been a popular venue for corporate meetings, events, and classy dining for decades! The establishment boasts 4 on-site restaurants and bars, in the lobby, lower lobby, and by the poolside.

Jamaica Pegasus restaurants and bars are open to hotel guests as well as casual diners

Jamaica Pegasus Restaurants

Blue Window Restaurant

The Blue Window Restaurant is the staple dining experience of Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. It serves meals throughout the day in a la carte or buffet style. A host at the entrance greets and seats diners once there is availability. The transparent perimeter grants a sweeping view of the pool from many of the tables. The daily menus can provide a different culinary experience of local and international cuisines for every – single – meal! I doubt I’ve ever had the same dish here twice.

Travel Tip: Ask about the daily Chef’s Special or Lunch Special, and weekly specials

Jamaica Pegasus Sunday Brunch

Themed buffets aren’t odd occurrences here, just stay updated with their social media posts or promotional emails to learn when they’re happening. Sunday Brunch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel is a regular event that seems to be a tradition for some. Every time I’ve attended I have observed families in their Sunday best waltzing into the Blue Window Restaurant, presumably coming from church. Couples and groups of friends also populate tables with eager smiles before scouting the day’s available selections.

The buffet area is adorned with tropical favours creating cheerful vibes, a pleasing feeling to start any week. Just like other meals at the Blue Window Restaurant, the brunch’s culinary spread isn’t the same every time so you should go with expectations of scrumptious food but not necessarily specific menu items. You may start off with a flavourful soup before proceeding to the service line. There are usually stations for hot beverages, meat carving, salads, and desserts, in addition to multiple food favourites. I’m most impressed by the maintenance of each food’s respective temperature (even when returning for 2nd and maybe 3rd plates!), plus the servers don’t skimp on the portion sizes. If you’re like me, your eyes may be bigger than your stomach, which would likely leave you beyond satisfied and possibly unable to taste another morsel for the rest of that day.

Travel Tip: Make a phone / online reservation for quicker and preferred seating

24 Seven Café

With scores of business people passing through daily, positioning a café in front of guests as soon as they step through the hotel doors adds to the excellent layout in my opinion. The speedier pace of being in a corporate district is answered with a quick cup of Blue Mountain Coffee, brewed whenever you may need it at 24 Seven Café. Coffee is the not-so-secret weapon many of us use to fuel our tasks and overall days. However if you’re not feeling for java, the drink menu also offers teas, fresh juices, shakes and smoothies! To top it off, full-sized servings of inviting cakes, cookies and muffins sit persuasively on display. The cooled glass box of pastries will tempt any sweet tooth (including small ones like mine) to pair with your beverage of choice. If you have more than a few minutes to spare you could sit and savour a bigger menu item, like a sandwich or panini.

Before my overnight stay at Jamaica Pegasus I mainly visited this café to meet with collaborators and potential clients in an open, relaxed setting. Whether on the go or pausing to have a light meal and beverage, 24 Seven Café is a convenient option at any time of day in Kingston.

Jamaica Pegasus Bars

Blend Bar & Lounge

Blend Bar & Lounge is open from late afternoon into the night. Though this lounge is likely to be the 2nd dining option you’ll see after stepping into the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, the bar area is tucked in a dimmed space almost out of sight from the central lobby. Comfortable plush chairs sit upfront, ahead of the spirit-lined shelves and smiling mixologist. If I were to judge from the potent Long Island Iced Tea my friend and I struggled to finish, I would bet you will get exactly what you ask for if requesting an extra strong cocktail! It seems to be a good spot to grab after-work drinks, with the option of adding a light meal.

Jamaica Pegasus Pool Bar

One of the included Jamaica Pegasus Hotel guest amenities is its Olympic-size pool. This swimming area branded with winged horse logo is lined by lounge chairs and umbrella-covered table sets. The Pool Bar whips up cocktails and tasty appetizers under a shaded hut.

This venue can easily switch its vibes as a day progresses. Warmth of the tropical sun is countered by the chills of drinks and the pool in the day, while pool lights contrast starlit darkness in the night. If you and friends want to mingle outdoors while bobbing to music with quick bites and beverages, the Pool Bar is the place to be at Jamaica Pegasus.

If I had to choose based on my regular routine I’d ideally start the day at the cafe, then proceed to Blue Window Restaurant in the late morning, spend the afternoon lounging by the Pool Bar, and end with a nightcap at Blend Bar.

Which Jamaica Pegasus restaurants / bars would best cater to your dining style?

Let me know in the comments.


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