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Imagining a lovely food date with a special someone? Here’s a list of quality dining experiences that I’ve enjoyed on resort grounds multiple times.  These shortlisted hotel restaurants in Jamaica were personally picked for dreamy rendezvous thanks to their delectability, sweet ambiance, and consistent service! Keep reading to learn which romantic hotel restaurants may be worth a road trip, plus accompanying budget and dress code tips.

Travel Tip: These Jamaican hotel restaurants are open to everyone for dining! Reservations recommended.

Romantic Date Idea: Hotel Restaurants in Jamaica

Not ranked in any particular order. These Jamaica boutique hotel restaurants tick my main boxes for a great food date – ☑ delightful atmosphere, ☑ orgasmic flavours, and ☑ warm service!

Jamaican Hotel Restaurants Budget Key

Budget is averaged, per person, for 1 entree + a drink from all the hotel restaurant’s menus.

  • $– Most affordable of this list
  • $$ – Median of this list
  • $$$ – Priciest of this list

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Begona Cliff Hotel Restaurant

(On the cliffside in Negril, Westmoreland)

Your food and cocktails will be served with a clear view of the hypnotic horizon whether you dine at Begona Cliff’s poolside bar or on its elevated deck area. I haven’t had a meal here yet that I didn’t love! Attentive service and hearty helpings pair greatly here, especially with dates for 2. Begona Cliff Hotel’s low-key vibe adds to the intimate feeling of the property.

Recommended Attire: Resort chic (day), Casual elegance (evening)

Budget(p/p): $ 

Romantic Ambiance: 75%

Food Taste: 95%

Service: 95%

Jakes Restaurant, Jakes Hotel

(By the seaside in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth)

Jakes Restaurant is an open-air, poolside setup of colourful wooden furnishings looking out to sea. This hippy-chic hotel restaurant in Jamaica has handfuls of seating and farm-fresh ingredients complimenting plates full of moreish meals. In addition to the daily menu of satisfying food, its sweeping view and Treasure Beach sunsets shine as true stars. Jakes Restaurant is the namesake and just 1 of 4 eateries operated by Jake’s Hotel.

Recommended Attire: Resort chic, Casual

Budget (p/p): $

Romantic Ambiance:  70%

Food Taste: 80%

Service: 85%

Rockhouse Restaurant, Rockhouse Hotel

(On the cliff side in Negril, Westmoreland)

Rockhouse Restaurant is a picturesque spot on the Negril cliffs popular for evening, candlelit dinners. The menu is mainly Jamaican cuisine fused with international flavours. Rockhouse Hotel’s namesake restaurant is perfectly positioned for a breathtaking panorama. Sea views and waves crashing against the ridge harmonize the venue’s stone and thatch theme.

Recommended Attire: Resort chic (day) / Casual Elegant (evening)

Budget(p/p): $$ 

Romantic Ambiance: 90%

Food Taste: 85%

Service: 75%

Rockhouse Hotel Negril Jamaica sunset

Rockhouse Restaurant dinner

vacation pineapple cocktail

Blue Window Restaurant, Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

(By a pool in New Kingston, St. Andrew)

Blue Window Restaurant is a dining room with a poolside view at the classy Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. The area is tinted with the day’s various stages of blue and night’s lighting through a clear sidewall. The name seems pretty appropriate to me. Blue Window Restaurant is renowned for quality dining for years. Whether your experience includes table service or a buffet, a smile seems to always be served here!

Recommended Attire: Smart Casual (day) / Casual Elegance (evening)

Budget(p/p): $$

Romantic Ambiance: 65%

Food Taste: 80%

Service: 100%

Le Vendome Restaurant, Charela Inn

(On the beach in Negril, Westmoreland)

A slice of France awaits at the culinary centre of Charela Inn and Le Mirage resorts. Le Vendome Negril Restaurant is renowned for its 5-course, French-fusion meals alongside live music performances. The fresh ingredients provided by the hotels’ local farm deliver excellent taste. Jazz, reggae, and R&B acts regularly fill the family-friendly atmosphere while meals are served.

Recommended Attire: Beach chic (day) / Casual Elegant (evening)

Budget(p/p): $$$ 

Romantic Ambiance: 70%

Food Taste: 85%

Service: 70%

Travel Tip: Sunset and nightfall are coveted times to dine at these boutique hotel restaurants in Jamaica.

Romantic Hotel restaurants in Jamaica Conclusion

Hotel restaurants in Jamaica have hosted many lovely dates. If you’ve experienced any of these dining establishments, please share it with us in the comments!

Culinary introductions to resorts grant an insider experience of the overall vibe. This can help confirm your interest (or disinterest) in potential future stays at these hotels. Sometimes I flirt with an accommodation for months before booking; I’ve realized that trying hotel restaurants first greatly influence my vacation decisions regarding the properties.

Many of us crave a treat now and then for some delicious food that makes you actually want to meet the chef. The sultry ambiance at these hotel restaurants in Jamaica may surely make everything  – including the person across the table – look a little extra scrumptious! Let me know what you think.