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Vendome is the name of a commune in France, and Le Vendome Negril is a little piece of France in Jamaica. The dining establishment brings people together with a shared love of good food, soft live music, and warm atmosphere. It is a French-fusion restaurant located at the local family-owned Charela Inn hotel on 7 Mile Beach. Surrounded by garden greenery on 1 side and sandy shore on the other, Le Vendome is an open-air restaurant that comfortably blurs the line between comfort and classy in the Capital of Casual town.

It offers a blend of French and Jamaican cuisines, which represent nationalities of its two owners. This taste of France is enriched with local ingredients, much of which is sourced from its own crop and animal farm in the hills! The organic farm-to-table approach extends to both their Negril hotels, Charela Inn hotel and Le Mirage Resort.

Le Vendome Negril restaurant is open to everyone for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

Le Vendome Negril Restaurant at Charela Inn

Dine al fresco inside or on the terrace by golden shores of the world-class 7 Mile Beach. Inside Le Vendome Restaurant is a colourful assortment of tables and seats around a water fountain. The family-style establishment includes arc openings and fans that circulate gentle sea breeze within the sheltered area. The beachside patio dining area is a lighter aesthetic of mostly white-washed furnishings complimented by its scenic natural surroundings.

Rows of swaying coconut trees and powdery shores leading to the cerulean sea are just beside Le Vendome Negril. This backdrop looks like it was taken straight from a tropical vacation dream! The garden view terrace by the sands sit beneath gleaming sun / stars. After an iconic Negril sunset, the purr of the water adds to the cozy night-time atmosphere. It is irradiated for dinners by soft lights and music. This Negril Jamaica beach restaurant can be a great pick for discerning diners on a romantic dinner date or with an intimate group.

Travel Tip: Opt for 1 of the meal-inclusive packages if you stay at Charela Inn

Le Vendome Menu

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options include both continental and local favourites. In addition to an a la carte Le Vendome menu, there is also a daily-changing 5-course gourmet dinner. Personally it is one of the best restaurants in Negril Jamaica I’ve dined, in regards to food and service quality!

After dining at Le Vendome Negril multiple times, I have since found myself going into the kitchen to personally big up the staff for the quality and quick meals I’ve had. At the time of this post, the last 5-course dinner I enjoyed was one of the best meal series I’ve probably ever had! The variety of complementing flavours in each course for that particular spread truly impressed me beyond words (but I’ll try). Even dishes I’ve [supposedly] had before, like chicken soup and a house salad, were uniquely exceptional! The unexpected and bold flavours worked very well together, allowing me to appreciate individual as well as combined tastes.

Negril Live Music by 7 Mile Beach

In addition to its renowned French-fusion food, Le Vendome Negril is also popularly known for its live music shows blending R&B and Jazz with vintage Reggae . Singers and instrumental bands grace the small stage on the terrace for private dinnertime shows. With servers tending to your 5-course or a la carte dinner, candlelit tables and string lights all around, the live music element is like a cherry-topped dessert to complete the ambiance.

Charela Inn’s Le Vendome restaurant is definitely a place for patrons to wear their dancing shoes! In my experiences, it seemed almost customary for guests (and staff) to get up and groove during performances as the music transitions from slow jams to upbeat tunes. The vibe is contagious, you could find yourself on the dance floor waving napkins to the beat 1 minute and slow dancing with a partner another minute. Get ready to sing along, rockaway, and move your feet when some of the best Negril live music is on display at Le Vendome Restaurant.

Travel Tip: Check schedule for live music shows, which are usually Thursdays and/or Saturdays


Le Vendome restaurant is certainly not limited to only the handful of typical French and local dishes you’d expect to see on any restaurant menu of similar cuisines. Its continental selections for every meal of the day sample different tastes that different span countries. The atmosphere is both soothing and comforting, from its mood music to the sights and sounds of the beachside. In my opinion it’s a lovely restaurant pick for a date night, family vacation, and group outings, especially when staging live performances!

What from the Le Vendome menu or atmosphere is the most appealing to you???


  • Delectability 90% 90%
  • Food Variety 80% 80%
  • Atmosphere 70% 70%
  • Staff Interactions 80% 80%
Enjoy a la carte and prix fixe French-fusion meals at a beachside restaurant with regular live music.

Walk in or call 876-957-4648 / 876-379-1505 to make a reservation at Le Vendome Negril restaurant.