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Many like myself would consider music to be a universal type of therapy. Relating to sweet tunes has the power to transport listeners to another emotional state or place in time. If you’re in Jamaica and seeking to catch a melody in the island breeze, Negril is a perfect place to do that! It is known for regular live music performances, with some place somewhere having a show almost daily. I highly recommend Charela Inn Resort for soulful music lovers who enjoy a beachside gourmet dinner and drinks. After a must-do stroll and sunset gaze on 7 Mile Beach― 1 of Jamaica’s best beaches, wind down at a restaurant or bar with some Negril live music.

Why is Live Music Better?

Even some of us who love attending performance shows may struggle to answer the question why live music is better. In short (and in my opinion): it just is lol. For those who have yet to have the pleasure of enjoying a live music show, from personal experience I would tell you the feel-good energy is multiplied when compared to listening to pre-recorded songs. The atmosphere of a live musical performance heightens senses, inspires expression, and can easily create a sense of connection and community.

Regular entertainment like Le Vendome Restaurant’s weekly acts, pop-up shows like at F&B Downtown, and annual events like Reggae Wednesdays and Reggae Sumfest are really what made me experience the mesmerism that live music in general and in Jamaica have. Now for those who love soft music, a live reggae, R&B or jazz show should be somewhere at the top of your musical experiences list!


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Live Music in Negril,  Jamaica

A part of Negril’s charm is island melodies sweeping the beachy resort town. From the 7 Mile Beach to the West End cliffs you can be almost sure to hear the tune of instruments and pleasing vocals mix with the night air. A Negril live music schedule loyally pins weekly performances at various venues across the strip.

Charela Inn’s Le Vendome Restaurant devotedly stages live music acts twice weekly, paired with an al fresco French-fusion dinner. The family resort’s buildings are positioned a fair distance from the shoreline, allowing more square feet of sands per guest when compared to most Negril hotels on the beach strip. You may not readily spot Le Vendome while strolling on the sands because of this, so if you’re travelling the beach be sure to look (or listen) out for Charela Inn somewhere in the centre. Their slice of powdery paradise is sprinkled with shady coconuts trees and is typically not crowded. Le Vendome Restaurant’s patio sits on a fluffy bed of sand.

Charela Inn has live music in Negril every Thursday and Saturday

Best of Negril’s Live Music at Le Vendome Restaurant

Charela Inn’s weekly musical entertainment nestled by the seashore has boasted years of jazz, rhythm & blues, and vintage reggae performances. Negril live music here allows patrons to dine under the stars serenaded by talented musicians and a supporting chorus of 7 Mile Beach’s calming waves.

Le Vendome restaurant’s Jamaican and French dishes boast farm-fresh ingredients sourced from the resort’s own homestead. The culinary fusion complements the union of Charela Inn’s owners. Along with live music entertainment, patrons may indulge in an a la carte menu or a daily 5-course special dinner. Glasses of wine and classic dishes like French onion soup and escargot here have transported my taste buds from the beachside to the sidewalks of France.

Negril Live Music Schedule

Every Thursday and Saturday night soulful tune lovers plus guests of Charela Inn and adult-only sister hotel Le Mirage Resort can enjoy singer and band performances with a cocktail or dinner experience at Le Vendome restaurant! It is 1 of the few resort restaurants with live music along 7 Mile Beach. Sometimes international acts and world-renowned musicians have special shows here, like Jazz Guitarist Ron Jackson who I had the pleasure of watching perform during one of my stays.

Thursdays present retro favourites of jazz, reggae, and R&B, while Saturdays are reserved for purely jazz and blues vibes. When the music moves you, feel free to sway to the dancefloor where you’ll probably find yourself in good company with other guests. Every time I’ve attended a live music performance at Charela Inn, patrons (and sometimes staff) never fail to step away from their tables to groove to the infectious tunes.

Neighbouring properties and venues have their own live music sets on other days of the week. At the time of this article, this is the Negril live music schedule I’ve used for reference (subject to change):

  • Sunday: Quality Seabreeze Restaurant, Drifters Bar
  • Monday: Roots Bamboo Resort, Boat Bar
  • Tuesday: Quality Seabreeze Restaurant, Drifters Bar, Blue Skies Resort
  • Wednesday: Roots Bamboo Resort, Boat Bar
  • Thursday: Charela Inn Resort, Canoe Bar, Wake n Bake Cafe, Woodstock Bar & Grill
  • Friday: Roots Bamboo Resort, Boat Bar
  • Saturday: Charela Inn Resort

Schedule source: Capital of Casual group


No matter what’s on your Negril itinerary, consider completing it with a live music experience and a taste of Jamaica. Though usually buzzing with activity (especially on the beachside), Negril’s resort town is also a quiet oasis at large; great for both serene getaways and adventure-filled vacations.

As 1 of my most frequented places on the island, I am a many-time witness to its live music scene being enjoyed by couples, solo travelers, intimate groups, and entire families. Vibe to sweet melodies as you treat yourself to a drink and satisfying French-fusion dinner when you wind down your week at Charela Inn.