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It was my 3rd day in Negril and I wanted to hop off the beachside to explore and experience nearby. A branded Toke & Tour bus arrived at my resort right on schedule, with a welcome drink and ‘420 gift’ offer to begin my Jamaica weed tour. My hosts for this private, customized day trip were Danielle, Bobby Six, and Cash.

Jamaica Weed Tour: Toke & Tour Negril, Jamaica

I’m always excited to embark on bucket list adventures in Jamaica, and this popular unspoken excursion was 1 for the books! The journey starts with a comfortable drive backdropped by music, cold beverages, and wafts of smoke into nearby hills. A stocked igloo of chilled water, beers, and rum punch quenched us all en route to the Jamaica weed tour destinations. Some community bars, island hotspots, and countryside vistas are along the way to Jamaica weed farms near Negril. Toke & Tour can expose you to cultivation and harvest of some of the world’s best-reputed marijuana! Their friends in high places grant an up-close, personal look at this controversial crop.

My custom Toke & Tour included:

  • Infused coffee at a ganja cafe
  • Stop at an edibles snack shop
  • Bar Crawl in Orange Hill
  • A natural mineral spring
  • Jamaica Weed Farm visit
  • Farm-to-table lunch with Rastafarians
Travel Tip: Help spread love during your Toke & Tour by contributing to ‘Blessing Bag’ care packages for community children and families.

Is weed legal in Jamaica?

Jamaica has been synonymous with quality ganja for decades, especially since the global popularity of Reggae icon Bob Marley and our native Rastafarianism religion. Even though smoking weed is a regular visual associated with the island, many wonder is it legal or just not strictly enforced? In 2015, the Jamaican government passed amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act to decriminalize ganja plus introduce cultivation and sale licenses. Medical marijuana dispensaries, which mix a clinic with infused cafes, have since begun popping up islandwide.

  • Possession of up to 2oz / 56g of medical marijuana from a licensed dispensary is allowed for personal use
  • Adults over the age of 18 are allowed to receive a medical marijuana after consulting qualified physician
  • Jamaican households may grow up to five plants for personal use
  • Sacramental ganja for Rastafarians is legal
  • Possession of larger than 2oz / 56g of ganja may be considered a criminal offense. Police may use discretion.

Wake n Bake Cafe Jamaica

Wake n Bake Negril is comprised of a one-stop marijuana shop and an outdoor haven of its adjoined CanJam Retreat accommodation. This place was the 1st I knew of that sold edibles in Negril. Their backyard garden was adorned with hammocks swaying from shady trees. On my 1st stop with Toke & Tour, fresh hot brew stirred with dots of THC oil were brought outback. A French Press pitcher filled with some great-tasting morning coffee was served to kickstart the morning.

Cautious, I skimped on my usual caffeine dosage for this particular serving. I had 3/4 of a mugful, and experienced a subtle head lightness between sips. In addition to the Jamaican coffee selection, the Wake n Bake Cafe menu also offers infused home-baked goods. I’m familiar with Wake n Bake brownies and cookies from previous visits, and they were pretty effective. I’ve heard a couple stories praising their potent popcorn and milkshakes, but those treats may have to wait for another day.

Cone, Cup and Stick Negril

There was another weed shop we passed through nearby called Cone, Cup and Stick; this 1 was new to me. We stopped briefly to chat with the owner, whose marijuana is sourced from the (in)famous Orange Hill, which was next up on my Toke & Tour itinerary. Cone, Cup and Stick Negril offers infused sweets like ice cream, sugar cookies, ginger schnapps, rice cakes, and locally-made chocolate. Consider maybe grabbing a snack for later at Cone,Cup and Stick in case you begin to feel peckish.

Orange Hill

Orange Hill, popularly known as the mecca of marijuana cultivation in Jamaica, is roughly 20mins from Negril centre. It has a good reputation as a source for potent, seedless marijuana. The peripheral location, subclimate and elevation makes it a golden area to grow and indulge in marijuana. Toke & Tour took me through Orange Hill where we met with award-winning Jamaica weed farmers.

King Lawyer House of Sensi

Weed farmer and enthusiast, King Lawyer, has a roadside bar and weed house below his Orange Hill weed farm. The chillspot by this Stepping High Festival Winner was already hosting a number of community patrons when the Toke & Tour bus arrived. This Orange Hill House of Sensi offered beers, stouts, soft drinks, and of course marijuana from the resident farm. We stopped and supported the bar, despite still having a full drink selection in the car cooler. Bottles clinked in a circle of patrons, headed by King Lawyer himself.

Blue Hole Mineral Spring

Lunch stop of the day was at a natural water attraction. This added a bonus travel hotspot feature to Toke & Tour’s ingrained cultural aspect. Blue Hole Mineral Spring is exactly as its name suggests… a deep hole filled with turquoise waters. It tempts daring patrons to take a 25ft leap or descend a lengthy ladder into its cool spring.

Lunch at Blue Hole Mineral Spring was selected from an Americano menu at the restaurant on location. It was enjoyed in a shaded lounge across from the mineral spring and pool areas. After eating, Toke & Tour introduced me to another award-winning farmer & businessman, Wabba of Wabba’s Weed Adventure.

Wabba’s Weed Adventure

Wabba’s Weed Adventure includes a visit to his outdoor farm and greenhouse on a hilltop. There was an added pleasure of seeing some of the cannabis cultivation techniques first-hand. With over 30 years in the business, you can still hear his passion when he engages in conversation about the intricacies of weed farming.  It made me better appreciate the organic production process and cycle from seed to herb. What I found most impressive about Wabba’s Weed Adventure was the unmistakable fragrances of his crops; some of his strains boasted citrusy scents.

Zimbali Retreats Jamaica

Toke & Tour can comfortably transport you through country roads, communities and tall fields to harmony with nature that is Zimbali Culinary Retreats. Travel from the bustle of Negril into the tranquility of Canaan Mountain in Little London. The ‘Zimbali Negril’ retreat has riches of farmlands and Rastafarian culture providing a green escape about 30mins outside the coastal resort town. When you join Toke & Tour you’ll experience the Zimbali Culinary Retreats’ Rasta Hike, guided through the mountain landscape to a farm-to-table haven at Camp Survival.

The ~45-minute Rasta Hike starts off fairly level. Your local guide may point out organic plants and foods growing within the environment. Along the way you may also come upon a flowing spring to top up your bottle with fresh water. The path later tilts, leading to breathtaking vistas from the Canaan mountaintops. Here, patrons are immersed deeper into a natural way of life! Spend your time at Camp Survival relaxing in the shade and exhaling into a natural breeze until your meal is ready. Blaze up the fire with a Toke & Tour Zimbali Retreat ‘420 package’ while Rastafarian hosts prepare an ital (vegetarian) lunch on a wood fire with fresh ingredients straight from the on-site farm. Jamaica’s innate beauty, hospitality of the resident Rastas, and handmade souvenirs are all on full display at Camp Survival. You may leave just as full in spirit by indulging in a high-vibrational meal here!

Toke & Tour Conclusion
If you’re looking to enrich your trip with culture immersion, Toke & Tour is a great way to do that in Negril, Jamaica! It combines samples of ‘the good stuff’ with some of Jamaica’s top attractions, community service, and bottomless drinks in each tour. Personally, the best part for me was interacting with all the vibrant people! Get an inside look at a long-controversial yet developing industry to learn what makes Jamaican weed so renowned. Whether you’re a curious novice or true marijuana enthusiast, this day trip has something special to offer you and your crew.

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Take a day trip in and around Negril, Jamaica to experience some of the island’s best attractions and ganja.

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