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The stunning island of Jamaica is carpeted with greenery, from valleys to rolling mountains nourished by freshwater flowing into the sea. If you’re a thrill seeker at any level, there is certainly a wad of daring activities to choose from all around the island. With plenty of exciting tours and adventure parks in Jamaica available after 2 years of curfew and lockdown woes, why not spend this summer making and crossing items off your bucket list? I’ve included numerous suggestions below that should meet and hopefully exceed your adventures in Jamaica quota.

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50 Adventures in Jamaica


Air Adventures in Jamaica

1. Ziplining in Jamaica

Whizz through the air surrounded by breathtaking Jamaican landscape. A high-speed zipline can put you in a prime viewing position from its suspended cable. Maybe you’ll zipline through a rainforest canopy, above a picturesque body of water, or covered by a blanket of blue skies.

Ziplining in Jamaica Ideas

2. Parasailing in Jamaica

What is parasailing? It’s when you cop a bird-eye view while soaring through the air, suspended with an open parachute towed by a motorboat. Imagine watching legs dangle above an ant-sized boat that’s pulling you on an endless blanket of water… sounds thrilling to me!

Parasailing in Jamaica Ideas

  • 7 Mile Beach – Westmoreland
  • Montego Bay (Kellys Watersports) – St. James
  • Ocho Rios – St. Ann

3. Tandem Paragliding in Jamaica

Get a different type of adrenaline rush by floating high above the hills in a tandem paraglide. A skilled instructor will navigate the winds while you sit up front enjoying the view and swaying breezes.

Tandem Paragliding in Jamaica Idea

4. Airplane / Helicopter Charters in Jamaica

Take on the skies in a small, private plane or helicopter charter. You’ll have the enviable cockpit vantage point as you experience Jamaican landscape from a whole new perspective.

Airplane / Helicopter Charters in Jamaica Ideas

  • Tinson Pen Aerodrome (Aeronautical School) – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Ian Fleming Airport – St. Mary / St. Ann
  • Island Hoppers – St. James, St. Ann, Kingston & St. Andrew

Water Adventures in Jamaica


5. Waterfall Climbing in Jamaica

Waterfall adventures don’t have to stop at a swim or backwoods hike. Take it up a notch (literally) by rallying against the force of water to reach the apex. Some waterfalls are structured well for climbing; water shoes recommended for a safer and more comfortable ascent.

Waterfall Climbing in Jamaica Ideas

6. River Tubing in Jamaica

Ride atop a flowing water channel on a donut-shaped inner tube. Tubing in Jamaica can be equally as leisurely as it can be invigorating depending on river conditions. Be ready to enjoy a smooth or rough ride, maybe both.

River Tubing in Jamaica Ideas

7. Rafting in Jamaica

Travel along a river current on an inflatable raft or iconic Jamaica bamboo raft. Inflatable rafts allow passengers to feel just about every wave. Bamboo rafting in Jamaica includes a skilled captain smoothly navigating the waters for you and a friend.

Rafting in Jamaica Ideas

  • Martha Brae bamboo rafting – Trelawny
  • Rio Grande bamboo rafting – Portland
  • White River bamboo rafting – St. Ann / St. Mary
  • Blue Lagoon bamboo rafting – Portland
  • Great River bamboo rafting – Hanover
  • Cabarita River bamboo rafting – Westmoreland
  • River Rapids (inflatable rafting) – Trelawny

8. Travel / Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica

Many persons have imagined being guided by a dolphin as they ride the waves. This beautiful creature can glide through the water with you in tow or if lucky alongside your boat to a pristine destination.

Travel / Swim with Dolphins in Jamaica Ideas

9. Efoiling in Jamaica

Is an efoil hard to ride? Picture an electric surfboard that flies above any sizeable body of water…with a higher centre of gravity. During my 1.5hr experience, I never managed to get into a standing position but I sincerely hope you have better results. You control the speed (and resulting height above water) by using a handheld remote. There’s also the luxurious add-on option of enjoying fruits and wine on a floating dock before and after your efoil session!

Efoiling in Jamaica Idea

  • Liftfoil Jamaica (mobile service) – primarily North Coast

10. Surf in Jamaica

Jamaica is widely known for our soothing beaches but we also have a fair amount of notorious surf spots. The best surfing in Jamaica is usually from December – March, and July – September. Rip the current (or try to) at a surf camp, competition, or casual afternoon lesson.

Surfing in Jamaica Ideas

  • Bull Bay (Jamnesia Surf Camp) – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Boston Bay Beach – Portland
  • Winnifred Beach – Portland
  • Runaway Bay – St. Ann
  • Makka Beach – St. Thomas

11. Sailing in Jamaica

Jamaica boasts azure waters and North-East trade winds perfecting for setting sail. If you’re seeking a 1st-time afternoon sail at sea, you may feel more comfortable at 1 of the island’s popular all-inclusive resorts. If you’re a seasoned sailor, maybe check what our notable harbours and yacht clubs have to offer.

Sailing in Jamaica Ideas

  • Couples Resort (Tower Isle, San Souci, Negril, Swept Away)
  • Royal Jamaica Yacht Club – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Montego Bay Yacht Club – St. James
  • Errol Flynn Marina – Portland

12. Glass Bottom Boat Ride Tours in Jamaica

With the sapphire seas surrounding Jamaica there is no shortage of marine life. Take a small boat off the coast to peek into sights below the surface, without getting wet. Watch as creatures swim by and observe life in the coral reefs far out at sea. You may check out a resort beach town or if the amenities at your resort include a glass bottom boat ride.

Glass Bottom Boat Ride Tours in Jamaica Ideas

  • 7 Mile Beach – Westmoreland
  • Ocho Rios – St. Ann
  • Montego Bay – St. James

13. Kayaking in Jamaica

Kayaks are narrow and typically designed for 1-2 persons, propelled by use of a double-bladed paddle. Navigating can be a bit tricky to some at first, but once you get the hang of it kayaking can be a fun ride along the sea or river channel. Kayaking in Jamaica is offered as a popular non-motorized watersport at many resorts and villas.

Kayaking in Jamaica Ideas

  • Rio Bueno (River Rapids) – Trelawny
  • White River (Chukka) – St. Mary / Ann

14. Snorkeling in Jamaica

Explore the underwater world by snorkeling in Jamaica. Get an up-close look at populated reefs, tropical marine life, and maybe even sunken artifacts. If you have a catamaran cruise excursion on your itinerary, there may be a good chance it includes snorkeling.

Snorkeling in Jamaica Ideas

  • Negril (off the coast of 7 Mile Beach, Xtabi Resort) – Westmoreland
  • Montego Bay Marine Park – St. James
  • Bluefields Beach – Westmoreland
  • Oyster Bay – Portland

Under the sea snorkel excursion

15. Scuba Diving in Jamaica

Delve deeper into the mystique of the Caribbean Sea to uncover even more wonders. Some scuba diving in Jamaica tours require you to already be certified to partake, while others will offer beginner lessons and maybe even certification. Many all-inclusive resorts have scuba diving available as an amenity.

Scuba Diving in Jamaica Ideas

  • Port Royal (Yardie Divers) – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Devil’s Reef – St. Ann
  • Throne Room – Westmoreland
  • SS Kathryn Wreck – St. Ann
  • Montego Bay (Kelly’s Watersports) – St. James

16. Catamaran Cruise in Jamaica

Catamaran cruises usually have a wealth of amenities. They can be a relaxing ride on the sea or a party on water affectionately called ‘Booze Cruises’…or both! You may check for an all-inclusive hotel option, join a scheduled cruise, or charter a private trip.

Catamaran Cruise in Jamaica Ideas

  • Tiki Pon Da Sea – Westmoreland
  • Chukka – Westmoreland, St. Ann
  • Cool Runnings Catamarans – St. Ann
  • Loose Cannon Tours – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Aristokrat Tours – Montego Bay

17. Boarding in Jamaica

Travel across water on a board by choice of sitting, standing, or lying down. Look around or below clear waters to admire the beauty, whether or not you’re using a paddle.

Boarding in Jamaica Ideas

  • Rio Bueno – Trelawny
  • Ocho Rios – St. Ann
  • Negril (paddle) – Westmoreland

18. Seabobbing in Jamaica

Go from diving to driving underwater with a high-end seabob. It’s a new level of snorkeling using a water vehicle that travels with electronic speed.

Seabobbing in Jamaica Idea

  • Liftfoil Jamaica (mobile) – primarily on the North Coast

19. Cave Swimming in Jamaica

If you realize a cave you’re exploring has an underground oasis, would you jump in? Cave pools can be formed from sinkholes filled with channeled rain water, and/or act as the source point of your favourite river.

Cave Swimming in Jamaica Ideas

Reach Falls Jamaica rabbit hole underground caves

20. Bioluminescent Water in Jamaica

Bioluminescence is a rare phenomenon that causes water to glow in the dark…naturally! Jamaica is said to be 1 of 4 places in the whole word that this occurs, and have the brightest glow of them all. Take boat at night on the blue-green glistening waters in Jamaica, and take a glowing dip if you choose.

Bioluminescent Water in Jamaica Idea

21. Soak in Fire Water in Jamaica

In a remote, rural community lies a small mysterious pool where fire dances atop. The lukewarm mineral spring in the little-developed spot is believed to have natural rejuvenating qualities.

Fire Water in Jamaica Idea

  • Windsor Mineral Spring – St. Ann

22. Get towed by a Boat Ride in Jamaica

Towable rides are usually a screaming good time… literally! Hold on as best as you can to a float or handle while a high-speed boat drags you around the sea. Unpredictable wave bumps will certainly put you in flight, and maybe an occasional drop in the water. Don’t worry though, that’s what makes it fun!

Boat Ride in Jamaica Ideas

  • Negril – Westmoreland
  • Ocho Rios – St. Ann
  • Montego Bay (Kellys Watersports) – St. James

23. Tackle an Obstacle Course in Jamaica

Challenge friends to see which of you is the ultimate champion. You can test agility, strength, and willpower on a series of obstacles under the Jamaican sun. If you’re looking for an extra element, try an obstacle course on water!

Obstacle Course in Jamaica Ideas

  • Mystic Mountain – St. Ann
  • Puerto Seco Beach – St. Ann (inflatable)
  • 876 Beach Club – Trelawny (inflatable)

24. Bathe in Hot Spring in Jamaica

Jamaica has a number of naturally heated mineral springs with reputed healing qualities and dozens of stories to support the claim. Some of these springs are warmed by the earth’s heat, and can provide an exhilarating bath like you’ve probably never experienced before.

Hot Spring in Jamaica Ideas

  • Bath Fountain – St. Thomas
  • Milk River Spa – Clarendon
  • Windsor “Fire Water” Mineral Spring – St.Ann
  • Bubbling Springs – St. Elizabeth

Land Adventures in Jamaica

25. Hikes in Jamaica

Jamaica’s topography creates ideal trodding conditions suitable for all fitness levels. Hiking trails in Jamaica and Jamaica hiking tours won’t disappoint whether you want to trek through a rainforest, up a mountainside, or on a hidden waterfall trail. Just remember these overlooked hiking tips before you go!

Hikes in Jamaica Ideas

26. ATV / Dune Buggy in Jamaica

Off-road ATVs (aka quad bikes) and dune buggies ride through scenic areas of rural Jamaica. Gallop over bumpy trails while splashing through pools of mud on a fast-paced journey.

ATV / Dune Buggy in Jamaica Ideas

  • Jamwest Adventure Park – Westmoreland
  • Campbelton Adventures – Hanover
  • Yaaman Adventure Park – St. Mary / St. Ann
  • RastaSafari – Westmoreland
  • Chukka (Good Hope Plantation – Trelawny, Sandy Bay – Hanover)
  • Bush Trails – St. Catherine
  • Dirt Adventures – St. Mary
  • Adrenaline Adventure Park – Portland

27. Horseback Riding in Jamaica

Enjoy a laidback horse ride on the beach and strutting through green countryside. 1 unique quality that sets some rides on a steed in Jamaica apart from a regular horseback trip is the sea. Get wet as your magnificent beast crosses salty waters to the next aspect of the journey.

Horseback Riding in Jamaica Ideas

  • Jamwest Adventure Park – Westmoreland
  • Island Routes (Sandy Bay – Hanover)
  • Millbrooks Farm & Campsite – St. James
  • Chukka (Sandy Bay – Hanover, Llandovery – St. Ann)
  • Hellshire Beach – St. Catherine

28. Paintballing in Jamaica

Test your sharp shooting and combat skills in an adrenaline-pumping series of paintball. Junkyard-like obstacle courses force teams to dodge splattering bullets while depending on strategy and aim to claim victory.

Paintballing in Jamaica Ideas

  • Paintball Jamaica – Trelawny
  • Rocket Paintball – St. Catherine
  • Dacosta Farms – St. Catherine

29. Cliff Jumping in Jamaica

You heard that right, make a leap of faith off a crag into a blanket of cool waters. Ask a resident guide for safety tips before taking the plunge. If you’re apprehensive, check if the cliff jumping spot has lower levels to build up your courage.

Cliff Jumping in Jamaica Ideas

30. Cave Tour in Jamaica

Venture into the darkness of a cave to discover its unique wonders. With help of flashlights, guides, and a bit of courage you may reveal impressive rock formations, fluttering bats overhead, and maybe even swimmable pools!

Cave Tour in Jamaica Ideas

girl exploring Roaring River Caves Jamaica

31. Strip Down at a Clothing-Optional / Nude Beach in Jamaica

For those who may be unsure, Jamaica is almost always hot (between 70 – 100◦ F). It’s only natural sometimes to want a little clothes relief (or is that just me?). If you’ve ever imagined strutting your stuff in a safe space, consider spending some time at a clothing-optional / nude beach or resort.

Clothing-Optional Resort & Nude Beach in Jamaica Ideas

32. Bobsledding in Jamaica

The Jamaican bobsled team of 1993 film Cool Runnings definitely gave this escapade a rise in popularity and association with the country. Of course our tropical island doesn’t have the icy conditions typical for this activity, but you can still experience the thrill in a bobsled rollercoaster ride.

Bobsledding in Jamaica Idea

  • Mystic Mountain – St. Ann

33. Bicycle Tour in Jamaica

Why not explore communities and scenic elevations while getting a good workout with a bicycle tour. Travel at your own pace taking in the surrounding landscapes and a peek into daily life. Go with a resident guide, or if you’re lucky your accommodation may offer bicycle rentals for leisure.

Bicycle Tour in Jamaica Ideas

34. Archery in Jamaica

Practise medieval sharp shooting in a controlled environment. How well do you think you’d channel Robin Hood whilst aiming arrows at bullseyes?

Archery in Jamaica Idea

  • Jamaica Rifle Association – Kingston & St. Andrew

35. Fishing in Jamaica

Jamaica is home to a plethora of fish species, and fishing is an integral aspect of our agriculture. Charter a boat, cast a line and try some recreational fishing, then reward yourself (hopefully) by indulging in a prized catch of the day.

Fishing in Jamaica Ideas

  • Montego Bay (Island Routes) – St. James
  • Ocho Rios – St. Ann
  • Port Antonio – Portland
  • Negril – Westmoreland

36. Amateur Speed Racing / Go Karting in Jamaica

Race safely for bragging rights on a looping track. You can conquer multiple laps while whizzing past other racers. By the way, for low go karts the corner bends and competitive rush make the vehicle speed feel faster than it actually is!

Amateur Speed Racing / Go Karting in Jamaica Ideas

37. Turtle Hatching in Jamaica

There’s something special about watching dozens of tiny hatchlings wiggle their way into life. Turtle season in Jamaica is between June and November every year. From the shore you witness and interact with these turtles’ 1st moments towards the sea. If you get the option, have the added adventure of trekking the beach under a full moon like I did to find hatchlings!

Turtle Hatching in Jamaica Ideas

  • Treasure Beach (Turtle Group, Turtles Nest Villa)
  • Oracabessa Bay Fish Sanctuary (Silver Sands, Jamaica Inn) – St. Ann / St. Mary
  • Alligator Head Foundation – Portland

38. Visit Haunted House in Jamaica

You may not be superstitious, but maybe that’s an extra reason to visit a reputed haunted house in Jamaica. Maybe hairs will stand on end as you tour a site where multiple others have claimed to experience paranormal activities!

Haunted House in Jamaica Ideas

  • Rose Hall Great House – Montego Bay
  • White Witch Golf Course – Montego Bay
  • “Duppy Church” (St. George’s Anglican Church) – Manchester

39. Rock Climbing in Jamaica

Conical Jamaica is home to numerous elevations, crags, and rugged terrain. Take on a new angle by hanging on to a rock face or test your strength and willpower on a towering rock climbing wall.

Rock Climbing in Jamaica Ideas

  • Jamrock Climbing (mobile) – primarily Montego Bay
  • Mystic Mountain (artificial wall) – St. Ann
  • Jamwest Adventure Park (artificial wall) – Westmoreland
  • Spry Adventure (artificial wall) – Kingston & St. Andrew

40. Do a Small Island / Cay Tours in Jamaica

Did you know Jamaica is an island… that has multiple islets and cays within it? Sometimes a great beach day or lovely afternoon adventure is just an[other] island away.

Small Island / Cay Tours in Jamaica Ideas

  • Limecay – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Land of Oshun – Portland
  • Maiden Cay – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Booby Cay – Westmoreland
  • Navy Island – Portland

41. Drink at an Overwater Bar in Jamaica

Enjoy a refreshingly cold drink under the Jamaican sun, but with a twist. Elevate your next bar story at a rustic pub built in the middle of the water! By the way… a mix of sunshine and seawater tends to accelerate tipsiness (whether that’s a good or bad thing to you, I won’t judge!)

Overwater Bar in Jamaica Ideas

  • Pelican Bar – St. Elizabeth
  • Calico Jack’s Pirate Shack – Westmoreland
  • Dolphin Reef – St. Elizabeth
  • Wally Wash Pond – St. Elizabeth

42. Feed Birds in Jamaica

Bond with feathery friends as they feast. Cup your palms as colourful birdies flock in an aviary, or marvel as darting hummingbirds slow their pace to enjoy a drink from your hands.

Aviary / Bird Sanctuary in Jamaica Ideas

43. Get Close with Crocodiles in Jamaica

The American Crocodile is the only known species in Jamaica, mainly found on the southern coast. If you’d like to see the ‘last remaining dinosaur’ up close (and safely), embark on a mangrove safari tour or visit a rehabilitation centre that helps protect this endangered species. If it’s allowed and you’re daring enough, hold an adolescent one and maybe some other reptiles too!

See Crocodiles in Jamaica Ideas

  • Black River Safari – St. Elizabeth
  • Holland Crocodile Sanctuary St. Thomas
  • Hope Zoo – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Konoko Falls – St.Ann

44. Experience a Jamaican Farm

Jamaica boasts a wealth of natural produce and species. You can visit a local farm to observe and learn about some of the island’s living riches, plus get your hands dirty! Be a part of the significant growth process and maybe interact with some farm animals.

Jamaican Farm Tour Ideas

  • Animal Farm & Nature Reserve – Hanover
  • Millbrooks Farm & Campsite – St. James
  • JD’s Coffee House & Farm – Kingston & St.Andrew
  • Taste of Jamaica Tours – St. Ann
  • Clifton Mount Estate – Kingston & St. Andrew
  • Brissett Farms – St. Elizabeth

45. Roller Rinks & Skateboarding in Jamaica

Strap on some wheels and let’s roll while skating or skateboarding in Jamaica. Test balance and agility ripping (or trying to) a ramp or railing. Roll at your own pace or opt for quick assistance from a resident skater or boarder. Skateboarding in Jamaica is a unifying activity, helping to provide recreation options for all ages and often benefiting in the community development.

Roller Rinks & Skateboarding in Jamaica Ideas

  • Destiny Rink – St. Catherine
  • Skatezone Mandeville – Manchester
  • Freedom Skate park – Kingston & St.Andrew
  • Boston Skate park – Portland

46. Camping in Jamaica

Revel in the great outdoors with a camping trip in Jamaica. Can you get through a night in a rustic cabin, or pitch a tent while taking in the simple life? Nature’s inhabitant will surely make their presence heard and maybe seen once you get cozy in the grasslands.

Camping in Jamaica Ideas

  • Holywell Park – Kingston & St.Andrew
  • Land of Oshun – Portland
  • Camp Cabarita – Westmoreland
  • Outdoor Vybz Jamaica – St. Thomas
  • Great Huts Resort – Portland
  • Millbrooks Farm & Campsite – St. James
  • Ambassabeth Edo-Lodge – Portland

47. Jamaican Rum Tour

Jamaica has a number of fine locally-harvested gold and silver rums. Some established estates offer a spirited Jamaican rum tour to share the sugarcane to cup process with enthusiasts. You’ll explore cane fields and rum factories while enjoying ongoing spiked refills and tastings with no judgement whatsoever.

Jamaican Rum Tour Ideas

48. Bird Hunting in Jamaica

Bird Hunting Season in Jamaica usually falls at the end of summer months, somewhere between August and October. Under the Wild Life Protection Order, hunting sessions are permitted for a specified date period (not yet announced for 2022) during weekend hours. Anyone who wishes to partake in this ‘elitist’ sport of Bird Hunting in Jamaica must obtain a hunting licence, valid firearm licence /user’s permit for a shotgun, and a Tax Registration Number (TRN).

49. Visit an Indigenous Village in Jamaica

Immerse in a truly unique cultural experience when visiting an indigenous village in Jamaica. Guests learn history of some of our country’s endemic groups while participating in their customs and way of life.

Indigenous Village in Jamaica Ideas

  • Moore Town Maroon Village – Portland
  • Accompong Maroon Village – St. Elizabeth
  • Rastafari Indigenous Village – St. James

50. Take a Weed Tour in Jamaica

For decades, Jamaica has been widely known for producing and consuming quality marijuana; it has been ingrained as a part of our global cultural identity! Take a stroll through a ganja field to see the controversial plant’s harvest, and potentially ‘inhale’ some of the world’s most coveted high-grade produce.

Jamaica Weed Tour Ideas

Jamaica is known for many things, and thrillseeking continues to be one of them. Let me know in the comments of you’ve had (or want to have) any adventures in Jamaica from this list! At the time of this post, I’ve crossed off 38 / 50 activities.

What adventure(s) in Jamaica stood out to you the most???

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