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As a self-employed Jamaican woman who thrives on travel, one of my biggest concerns is usually how much it’ll cost. If you know me or have been following along for a while, you should pick up that I often “feel fi someting nice”…but on a low-end budget. Many of the trips you find here costed me next to nothing out of pocket, not only because I’m a travel blogger but also because I’m a person who likes travel savings. 1 of the ways I do that is by using ID90 Travel website and mobile app for exclusive vacation deals around the world when considering trips.

ID90 Travel: Discount Travel Website

Pretty much all the major aspects of your vacation or staycation can be covered at a reduced rate through ID90 Travel – lodging, excursions, vehicle rentals, cruises, travel insurance, and in the case of airline employees’ friends and family, flights*. I’ve been using ID90 Travel for over a year to find accommodation suggestions and book travel deals from their global partners. It has helped me save a lot of money and time, especially for international trips!

‘ID90’ actually stands for ‘Industry Discount 90’, because its deals can typically be up to 90% off regular rates. That may make you wonder, “Then why haven’t I heard of it?” and the simple answer is that it mainly caters to airline employees.

I’m not an airline employee [despite multiple attempts], and you probably aren’t either… think of this as an invitation to access exclusive benefits.

ID90 Hotels and Last Minute Deals

1 of the 1st and most important things we seek when traveling is where to stay. It gauges your budget, excursion picks, and often sets the tone of the entire trip. Locally I’ve stayed at a fair share of ID90 hotels (some before learning about the company), plus have discovered and booked hotels in Costa Rica and New York through their website and app.

Travel Tip: Always look for hotel photos posted by visitors to set expectations

For me the bookings were almost always last minute travel deals when tired of “vacationing” at home, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when global travel restrictions often change.

Many bookings on ID90 are last minute travel deals bought less than a week before arrival

Jake’s Hotel: Featured ID90 Boutique Hotel

Jake’s is a charming and colourful getaway situated on a section of Treasure Beach along Jamaica’s south coast. Staying at Jake’s Hotel made it obvious to me why it was one of the most popular accommodations in the area. Even though I’ve been following them online for years and generally knew what to expect, I was still wowed by its aesthetics and quality service.

Jake’s Hotel is a calming mix of boho island vibes, complemented by the warmth of Jamaican climate and hospitality. The beachside boutique resort’s décor is complete with marine-titled rooms, sea ornaments at every turn, a saltwater pool and the hypnotic sea captivating all the senses. It’s a lovely place to literally put up your feet and unplug in a cottage by the seaside.

Room rates have an optional inclusion of breakfast at Jake’s Restaurant. The outdoor eatery has a day-to-day menu serving up moreish meals morning, afternoon, and night. Also on site is a range of drinks at Dougie’s Bar, and mellow vibes at Jack Sprat Seafood Restaurant just next door.

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ID90 All-inclusive Travel Deals

ID90 Hotel deals don’t stop at boutique accommodations. If you seek a discount on a resort that can double as a full vacation experience with amenities galore, just select the All-Inclusive section of the ID90 Travel website or app.  All-inclusive travel deals cover rooms, an abundance of food and drinks, plus daily activities and sometimes off-site excursions.

Jewel Paradise Cove Resort: Featured ID90 All-inclusive Hotel

Jewel Paradise Cove is by a sandy private beach on Jamaica’s northern coast, near to Ocho Rios. The classic rooms are stocked with conveniences, from beverages to body care to garment care. This chain resort has beach access, 3 large pools and 6 restaurants & bars to satisfy any vacation cravings. All-inclusive + adults-only = A great choice for couples and a friends trip, underscored by the guests I met and observed while there.

Jewel Paradise Cove Resort rates are inclusive of:

  • Room + its stocked amenities
  • Butler service for suites / Room service
  • All meals
  • A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Non-motorized water sports

The sizeable property can house both a quiet stay by the beach or on your patio / balcony, as well as an eventful trip with continuing flows of food and cocktails. Pool bars, a 180-foot water slide, and sunny beach cove are the main hubs of daily activity here.

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Transportation for Travel

ID90 International Travel Car Rentals

Once your destination is booked, how do you prefer to get around? What is the best way to travel? Of course transportation needs will heavily depend on where and how far you intend to go. Some travelers prefer the freedom and immersing experience of renting a vehicle. If this is you, there are options to rent a car and choose a convenient pickup location (including airports) when booking discount travel deals on ID90’s website or app.

Travel Tip: If considering driving in Jamaica, use this ultimate guide to learn what to expect

ID90 Cruises

Any savings made on a cruise purchase could afford you great extras on and beyond the voyage! Cruises are likened hotels on water, which shouldn’t leave you bored and asleep longing to reach the destination like other modes of travel. A wad of food & beverages, daily activities, shopping, nightlife and views of the horizon create a trip within a trip. ID90 cruises could save you and friends up to thousands of dollars through their website and app.

Travel Tip: If you’ve never embarked on a cruise, get an idea of what to possibly expect based on my 1st tropical cruise.

Carnival Tropical Cruise

ID90 Flight Deals

The ID90 flight deal feature is exclusive to airline employees and their families, so if you’ve joined using my link and don’t see the option, fret not. However, if you have a partner or relative in the airline industry, the main advantage of being a part of ID90 Travel is you can book discounted flights at any time.

Instead of limiting yourself to the hope of getting a buddy pass a few times a year (if so much) from your airline friend/relative, they can list you as ID90 friends and family to claim industry-rate flights whenever you want! Using ID90 Travel is how I’ve been able to book last-minute travel deals and flights every couple months for at least a year.

Standby flights booked via ID90 Travel are only available on the airline that your partner/relative is employed

ID90 Eligibility

In addition to airline employees, eligible travelers are considered family members, partners, and close friends (like you) that ID90 members (like me) have chosen to share exclusive vacation deals around the world  with!


ID90 Friends and Family

In summary, to be able to access ID90 Travel discounts, you’d need to:

  1. Be an airline employee
  2. Be listed as friends and family by an airline employee
  3. Be invited to join ID90 Travel by A or B

Once you join for free, here’s what you can expect:

  • Travel discounts around the world on hotels, car rentals, cruises, experiences, and *flights
  • Instant travel credits to pay towards your first hotel booking
  • Extra travel credits from bookings you and friends you’ve invited have made

If you don’t fall in the A nor B category but want industry-rate deals, you can join via my exclusive invitation link. It’s a win-win! You’ll instantly receive travel credits and if you make a booking I will also receive travel credits for inviting you. You may also invite friends if you want and earn extra credits towards your next trip as well.

This is 1 tried-and-true way that I’m able to travel on a budget. I’m sure many of you also love savings and a good deal!

How do you save on vacation deals around the world???


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