Chilitos JaMexican Restaurant has kicked off the Christmas season with a festive twist on some menu favouites. Their JaMexmus (Jamaican-Mexican Christmas) offerings are available as of Monday December 6, 2021 and should grace tables throughout the holiday season. The main ingredient for the cheerful selection is no other than sorrel – a Jamaican holiday favourite!

I alongside other food enthusiasts got a first taste of Chilitos’ JaMexmus menu. Here are thoughts culinary bloggers at my table and I shared about each item so you have an idea what to expect when you visit Chilitos restaurant this Christmas.

Chilitos menu items are also available for take out and delivery

(Unbranded) Photo Credits: Sanjae Hudson

Chilitos Menu: JaMexican Restaurant

Chilitos JaMexmus Dishes

Tortilla Chips with Sorrel Chutney

Tortilla chips accompany some main dishes year round, like whole bowls and burrito bowls. Instead of the usual choice of salsa or nacho cheese, there is a Christmas dip option of sorrel chutney.

The triangular chips are crisp, which give a satisfying snap and crunch when bitten. A side of chutney has a sharp, sweet flavour which in my opinion was too intense for the corn chips. The first few dunked chips did shock my taste buds, but after a while I got accustomed to the sorrel’s flavour after doing shallower dips and munching bare chips in between.

JaMexmus Whole Bowl

Considering my regular order from the Chilitos menu is a burrito bowl, this was my favourite item from the JaMexmus menu. A satisfying mix of comfort in a bowl, with all its ingredients as a one-dish meal. The regular whole bowl’s black beans are replaced by gungo peas – another Jamaican Christmas favourite – and its sour cream / (seasonal) guacamole have been swapped out with a taste of sorrel chutney.

A seasoned filling (meat or vegetarian option) is complemented well by the sorrel dab’s sweetness, plus that of plantains and corn salsa. Veggies, rice, and peas add texture and bulk up the filling meal. Here’s what’s in the JaMexmus Whole Bowl (*Price depends on filling) :

  • Choice of filling (chicken / ackee / fajita jerk pork / bbq chipotle cauliflower / chilli beef/ cassava-crusted fish )
  • Brown rice
  • Refried gungo peas
  • Sorrel Chutney
  • Ripe plantains
  • Corn salsa
  • Lettuce
  • Pickled Onions
  • Pico de gallo sauce

Sorrel Chimichangas

This chimichanga twist is a pleasant surprise! The regular dish is normally stuffed with a savoury filling and dipped in nacho cheese sauce, but the JaMexmus version is a whole different experience. In this edition, a deep-fried flour tortilla is instead filled with sorrel chutney and cream cheese. Now churros have some company for Chilitos dessert picks.

Chimichangas are served as a hot (!) trio; compacted heat helps the cream cheese ooze as you bite into the molten goodness. I have a small sweet tooth, but the dessert chimichangas were by no means too sugary (however, 1 was enough for me). If you’re a cheesecake lover, this should be a great option for you to try.

Price: J$850

Chilitos JaMexmus Drinks

Chilitos drinks already had a great reputation, for being well-mixed and delicious (and potent, in the case of alcohol). The festive renditions of the beverage favourites are a sorrel lover’s dream!

Sorrel Margarita

An annual crowd favourite has returned. Chilitos Sorrel Margarita is as sweet as it is potent. The scarlet drink is accented with a sorrel flower and rimmed with sugar.

Its tequila is well-chased with the sorrel flavour, allowing you to lightly feel its effects without real tasting it. As someone who prefers their sorrel with a gingery tang, for me it was sweeter than I would’ve liked. Apparently that was partly due to Chilitos considering the feedback of many loyal patrons who requested it be sweeter.

Price: J$700

Sorrel Shandy Bomb

Shandy is a beer-based beverage with lemon or lemon-lime mixed in. Chilitos’ JaMexmus Shandy Bomb features my favourite Red Stripe flavour, sorrel beer. This was my choice drink from the JaMexmus beverages.

The light, refreshing drink is completed with a shot of tequila! You may choose to pour it into the beer shandy or bomb drop the whole shot glass in the cup for dramatic effect.

Price: J$850

Sorrel Agua Fresca

This is the only non-alcoholic drink on Chilitos’ JaMexmus menu. A Fresca is a crisp citrus soft drink; the JaMexican version bubbles with sorrel flavour, lime, and hint of rosemary.

The lime slices and rosemary sprig garnish the glass while enhancing the fresh fruity flavour. It’s a light, refreshing option, like Christmas breeze in a glass.

Price: J$500

Which JaMexmus item(s) are you most excited about at Chilitos restaurant???


Try the JaMexmus items and more from the Chilitos Menu!

Visit 88 Hope Road during the holiday season, Mon. – Sat. 10am- 8pm or order online for delivery.