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Chilitos JaMexican Restaurant has kicked off the Christmas season with a festive twist on some of their menu favouites. Their JaMexmus (Jamaican-Mexican Christmas) offerings are available as of Friday December 1, 2023 and should grace tables throughout the holiday season. This year’s main ingredients for the cheerful selection are no other than pork and sorrel – a Jamaican holiday favourite! These Chilitos Christmas menu items are only available for a limited time so try them before the 2023 holiday season ends.

I alongside other members of the Chilitos Creator Community got a holiday-style 1st taste of Chilitos’ JaMexmus menu. Here are my tasty thoughts so you have an idea what to expect when you visit Chilitos restaurant this Christmas.

Chilitos menu items are also available for take out and delivery


Chilitos Christmas Menu: JaMexican Restaurant

Chilitos JaMexmus Dishes

Chilitos Al Pastor Pork

What’s a Jamaican Chrismas without a nice plate of hog? A Rastafarian one, maybe lol. For the pork lovers among us, Chilitos is currently offering a limited-time chipotle-marinated pork meat option with its entrees.

The Creator Community sampled Al Pastor pork with tacos, quesadillas, and mini nacho supremes.

Chilitos Al Pastor Pork Tacos

Chilitos offers both hard- and soft-shelled tacos, served in threes. The al pastor pork filling tasted fine but didn’t convince me to switch out my usual beef taco filling. The hard-shell taco I ate lost the flavour of the pork within the tortilla shell, salsa and cheese.

Price: J$1850


Chilitos Al Pastor Quesadillas

The al pastor pork and refried beans fused with melted cheese is comfort wrapped in grilled tortillas. The heat of the chipotle pork mixed with the warm, gooey cheese is a winning combination. From what I ate, the alpastor quesadillas are my favourite JaMexmus menu item this year.

Price: J$1700

Chilitos Al Pastor Mini Nacho Supreme

The triangular tortilla chips are crisp, which give a satisfying snap and crunch when bitten. A mountain of these chips are covered in bits of al pastor pork, jalapenos, refried beans, salsa, scallion crema and cheese. The festival of flavours is packed heavily onto the crisps and, in the words of another creator, “compromised the chips’ structural integrity”.

It’s truly a mouthful, and the inclusion of the pork add a slightly sweet flavour and extra chew factor. Depending on the depth of appetites, the Mini Nacho Supreme can be shared for 2 as a filling appetizer or side dish.

Price: J$1500

Other Chilitos menu options you could add the Al Pastor pork to are:

  • Al Pastor Wholesome Bowl– Al pastor pork, brown rice, corn sala, refried beans, pickled red onions, sweet/spicy slaw, pico de gallo, guacamole. Price: J$1850
  • Al Pastor Burrito -Tortilla tuffed with al pastor pork, cilantro rice, refrief black beans, lettuce or slaw, scallion crema, cheese, salsa. Price: J$1900

Chilitos JaMexmus sorrel Drinks

Chilitos is known year-round for well-mixed and delicious drinks (and potent, in the case of alcohol). The festive holiday renditions of their drink favourites are a sorrel lover’s dream!

Chilitos Sorrel Margarita

An annual crowd favourite has returned! As usual, the Chilitos Sorrel Margarita is festively potent. The cocktail is well-chased with the zesty sorrel and ginger flavours, allowing you to feel the tequila’s effects before you taste it. A pitcher of Sorrel Margarita kept every rimmed cup at our connected tables filled with scarlet goodness.

Price: J$900

Chilitos Sorrel Shandy Bomb

Shandy is a beer-based beverage with lemon or lemon-lime mixed in. Chilitos’ JaMexmus Shandy Bomb features my favourite Red Stripe flavour— sorrel beer— and a lemon-lime soda. The refreshing drink is completed with a bomb of tequila. You may choose to pour the tequila shot into the Sorrel Shandy, but it seems to mix better (and is more fun!) to bomb drop the whole shot glass in the full glass for dramatic effect.

Price: J$850

Sorrel Agua Fresca

For those who prefer a non-alcoholic JaMexmus drink, the Chilitos Sorrel Fresca is your pick. A Fresca is a crisp citrus soft drink; the JaMexican version bubbles with sorrel flavour, lime, and hint of rosemary to enhance the fresh fruity flavour. It’s a light, refreshing option, like Christmas breeze in a glass.

Price: J$300

Which JaMexmus item(s) are you most excited about at Chilitos restaurant???


Try the JaMexmus items and more from the Chilitos Menu!

Visit 88 Hope Road during the holiday season, Mon. – Sat. 10am- 8pm or order online for pick up.