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S Hotel Jamaica opened as a boutique hotel with a bit over 100 rooms in 2019 on the buzzing Jimmy Cliff Boulevard before transitioning to an all-inclusive hotel in early 2022. Since its inception it has gained multiple local and international accolades― both as a boutique resort and now as a boutique all-inclusive resort. It has also been voted the best all-inclusive hotel in not just Jamaica but the entire Caribbean! As a proud Jamaican (and after 4 stays there myself), my 10 reasons why S Hotel should top your wish list of accommodations in Jamaica are noted below.

S Hotel Jamaica voted Best All-Inclusive Hotel in Caribbean

In case you desire a 2nd opinion, S Hotel started 2024 atop USA Today’s list of 10 best all-inclusive hotels in the Caribbean to book this year! Between the consistent warm service, impressive food selections, and its coveted setting in Montego Bay, I can certainly see why it would be voted best of the best. If you’re seeking a charming all-inclusive accommodation that grants an authentic feel of Jamaica on and off the resort, S Hotel is an excellent pick. Here’s why…

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10 Reasons to Stay at S Hotel Jamaica

1. Destination: Montego Bay Hip Strip

S Hotel places you at a relaxing escape in the midst of activity. It is a beautiful beachfront property, with an entrance transporting guests from a vibrant street to a pocket of calmness. Its location on Jimmy Cliff Boulevard, popularly known as Montego Bay’s hip strip, is within walking distance from a series of bars and restaurants, stores, clubs and entertainment centres. It’s also a short drive from both the Sangster International Airport and tropical cruise ship port in Montego Bay, making it easy to travel to and from by just about every mode of transportation.

After check-in, the lobby’s polished walkway leads to poolside cabanas and a sandy footpath right to the shores of another one of Jamaica’s best― Doctor’s Cave Beach. Whether you’re seeking a quiet vacation or one pulsating with events, S Hotel Jamaica is a great home base to experience the best of both.

2. Cuisine: Continental and Authentic Jamaican Food

After multiple stays, I can say S Hotel has consistently provided some of the best food that I’ve enjoyed at a local resort! Their culinary selections are a balanced blend of both Jamaican and continental cuisines. Jamaica’s world-renowned food is in the spotlight here, with menus highlighting a variety of yard-style dishes and authentic flavours.

In addition to in-room dining, S Hotel boasts a buffet area, poolside grill, 2 reservation-only restaurants, a 24-hour café, and 2 bars for guests to indulge at. A common complaint about many all-inclusive hotels is underwhelming food, especially buffet options, but thankfully that doesn’t apply here!

3. Outstanding Hospitality Service

‘Service with a smile’ is definitely in full effect here. The S Hotel staff radiates professionalism, providing some of the best hospitality I’ve experienced locally. Their team members always seem willing to assist, and do so very well; every encounter I’ve had has been nothing short of pleasant. The characteristic friendly service begins upon arrival in the parking lot, and the calibre never seems to decline for the entire duration of a stay.

4. Access Jamaica’s Best Beach: Doctor’s Cave

A vacation in the tropics almost feels incomplete without some sand and sea nearby, don’t you think? Luckily for S Hotel guests, you can get your necessary dose of Vitamin Sea with just a few steps. Doctor’s Cave Beach is considered 1 of Jamaica’s finest and is a quick stroll away from the main pool.

It’s a picture-perfect getaway that many holidaymakers envision for their dream vacation in Jamaica. S Hotel’s designated portion of Doctor’s Cave Beach boasts fluffy sands and some of the island’s most desirable waters, plus mesmerizing views of rolling mountains meeting the horizon. Guests are also granted a complimentary lounge seat and parasol facing the sea while sipping refreshing drinks.

5. Stunning Views of Jamaica

The vision of S Hotel spilling over onto the stunning Doctor’s Cave Beach is surely a sight to behold. The beach and mountain views speak for themselves, enhanced by the chic poolside palette. Whether you’re soaking up these views from either of the saltwater pools or comfort of your room, the undeniable natural beauty of Jamaica is on full display here.

6. Sophisticated S Hotel Design

This property exudes a lovely blend of class, style, and lifestyle. The layout of S Hotel’s boutique all-inclusive resort creates a vibrant yet elegant set up. Its cultural motif is done in a tasteful way that beautifully celebrates Jamaica’s essence without looking overdone.

7. Jamaican Artistry

Art pieces greet guests from they roll into the parking lot then draw them into the decorated lobby and accommodation levels. Photos garnishing the walls, elegant furnishings, and life-size sculptures by local artisans adorn each floor of the sophisticated property. Every corner of S Hotel is a stylish showcase of Jamaican art and culture. Guests can effortlessly immerse themselves in the impressiveness of local artwork just by setting foot on the establishment.

8. Cultural Experiences

In addition to the ethnic décor and cuisine elements, daily activities at S Hotel Jamaica usually include a mix of engaging classes and local excursions. The intentional cultural presences smoothly grant guests a peek into the beloved Jamaican lifestyle. These activities often incorporate experiencing and learning about acclaimed local productions such as our music, arts and food. Many of the statues on site also include a plaque bearing significant stories behind the sculpted cultural figures.

9. Jamaican Music

Jamaica has produced world-renowned music genres over many decades. From mento to dancehall rhythms, our sounds continue to have significant influences and impact all over the world. What better place is there to vibe to Jamaican music than in the Home of Alright? Soothing sounds of water waves complement the playing of timeless local tunes mixing with the sea breeze.

In my experiences, the rocking melodies of reggae and other native genres take precedence over the S Hotel speakers. Musical selections nudge guests to singalong and rockaway from day ‘til night at this resort. A mellow mood blankets the property from the lobby’s surround sound, to the live DJ sets, and to night-time entertainment by the poolside and Club S.

10. Ultimate Relaxation at Best All-Inclusive Hotel

S Hotel curates a mostly noise-free, smoke-free setting that promotes the art of unwinding. It provides a central, relaxing haven in Jamaica’s 2nd city and tourist capital, with a number of attractions just a stone’s throw away if desired. All the conveniences of a well-deserved vacation are at your fingertips here; reserve and enjoy them!

All-inclusive hotels generally offer lodging complete with entertainment, activities, meals and beverages. These being within such quick reach is a formula for an easy-breezy hotel vacation, especially in a tropical getaway such as Jamaica! Alternatively, boutique hotels normally provide more intimate stays, though all meals and activities aren’t necessarily included in the rate. S Hotel Jamaica is a pleasant blend of both, granting a luxury boutique all-inclusive resort experience to all guests. With these 10 listed reasons (plus more), it’s not hard to see why it (and Jamaica) can boast a top choice of where to stay in the region.

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