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Across a stretch of 2 merging rivers lies Scatter Falls, a towering hidden waterfall peeking through unspoiled greenery. It is tucked away in the Rio Grande Valley where a small Portland community named Berrydale quietly sits. Water pumps life into this off-the-beaten-path town where bamboo rafting is a top attraction, but many are unaware that this hidden waterfall in Jamaica even exists!

Scatter Falls Jamaica

A quick raft ride and stroll through a banana grove and green foliage will reveal a shallow stream. The watery path leads to a wooden gate that grants easy access to the slanted cascade when opened. Community residents refer to Scatter Falls as ‘Top and Bottom Falls’ because of the height of its larger structure and the mini cascades at its base. If you’re not familiar with the area, you may not find the waterfall without a guide. I suggest opting for a full day experience, inclusive of meals.


Get this whole experience +lunch when you visit for a day or by spending a night!

Even with its acute angle, the steady flow coupled with its rocks’ grooves allow the more daring among us to climb the waterfall. It wasn’t until my 3rd visit that I decided to fully ascend, virtually on all fours. You’ll possibly acknowledge some sense of danger if you climb Scatter Falls, but the ascent itself isn’t very taxing. If you’re timid or afraid of heights however, this activity may not be for you. A shrubby slope to the side grants an alternative route to the waterfall’s head for the less daring travelers. If you opt to hike on land to the peak, check out these often overlooked hiking tips to make it as comfy as possible. Feel free to find a suitable spot on the cascade to sit or stand while the cool freshwater flows over and beneath you.

Travel Tip: Sneakers / water shoes recommended
Girl at Scatter Waterfalls Rio grande Valley Portland Jamaica
friends at Waterfalls
Scatter Waterfalls Rio grande Valley Portland Jamaica
Girl at Scatter Waterfalls Rio grande Valley Portland Jamaica

Scatter Falls Mineral Pool

The natural pool here is unlike any other I’ve been to previously. Its molding by the environment is similar to a tub’s, bordered by a round stone finish and equipped with a natural massaging water jet. The semi-transparent jade pool is lined with mineral clay, which is reputed to be beneficial for skin and if nothing else, feels revitalizing! Subscribers and I scooped handfuls of the stuff to exfoliate with.

Travel Tip: Rub the clay onto your body, leave on for a few minutes, then rinse off

Fox Caves in Portland, Jamaica

If you follow the steep trail (whether via Scatter Falls or the adjacent land) there’s an entrance to another adventure! A dark, downward hole in the hills takes you inside the sizable Fox Caves. Limestone formations of varying shapes create multiple chambers to explore, and some of them glisten with help from your flashlight. In 1 chamber, you’ll find an ankle-deep running stream. The river that rushes down Scatter Falls’ rock face sprouts from here, then pours into the mineral pool that overflows into the stream below (see more of this in my YouTube vlog below).

Unlike most other caves I’ve been to, like Roaring River and Ginger Werks Caves, this 1 wasn’t filled with the sounds of fluttering bats above. On my visit I noticed a lone bat hanging from a low ceiling, though I’m sure there are more about. 

From the base of Scatter Falls, the uphill hike to Fox Caves is roughly 15 – 30 minutes, depending on pace
If all of this excites you, feel free to ask me about a full day experience with all these activities + more when you enjoy [discounted] accommodations by the Land of Oshun

What aspect are you most interested in: Scatter Falls, the mineral pool, or Fox Caves?

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