UPDATE: Kushites business model has changed from a restaurant to personal catering since this post. Check the Related Posts for similar businesses.

Stepping into Kushites Restaurant, you’re immediately awestruck by the elegant décor, which seems to spill over the whole Eden Gardens’ property. From the bold wooden chairs and tables, to the enchanting chandelier, to the paintings and carved-framed mirrors on the wall, it felt like an elite mix of vintage and modern.


Turn onto Lady Musgrave Road from the main Hope Road, marked by TGI Fridays. Continue down the road to the first intersection and turn right towards another intersection/stoplight. Turn in to Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa and request directions from the security guard to Kushites Restaurant.

Kushites Vegetarian Restaurant Ambiance

Seated in a high, cushioned chair adjacent to fellow lifestyle/travel writer, Toni-Ann of The Swiss Freis, we began perusing the meatless menu options. It was both our first times at Kushite’s Vegetable Cuisine, as well as our first face-to-face meeting! With these two factors, it took some extra minutes for us to make our dinner decisions. A delicate fragrance with a hint of coffee filled the room as I sat down. The space seems most ideal for couples, small groups of friends / relatives, and deal-closer business meetings. As posh as the establishment may seem, I’m happy that the menu option prices are not a reflection of the atmosphere 🙂

Gourmet Vegetarian Cuisine

A pleasant waitress quickly greeted us with a smile, menus, and a tall bottle of water infused with lemon/fever grass, lemon and strawberry slices. The staff here is very polite and accommodating, willing to answer questions and check in regularly in addition to taking orders. I’ve enjoyed gourmet vegetarian meals before on a private islet and at a wellness retreat, but this would be my first in a restaurant!

Toni-Ann ordered a cream of pumpkin soup, plus stuffed bell peppers, and a natural pineapple-strawberry juice. I ordered wraps filled with an ackee, calaloo and plantain combination, with sides of vegetables drizzled with a passion fruit salad dressing and sesame seeds, and avocado slices. Our waitress surprised us as she promptly returned with the food before we could get knee-deep in conversation.

The menu items are changed regularly. Prices quoted are final (ie. tax included)

Two photos above courtesy of Toni Ann Owens

You could see taste that passion was a main ingredient for the chef as he blew us away further by the lovely presentation of the dishes. For my meal, the added sweetness gave a pleasant difference in the experience one would expect while eating a wrap.

The ackee and calaloo filled up most of the tortilla, and the plantain came to caress your taste buds piece by piece. Toni’s soup looked creamy and satisfying. She enjoyed it, even after our constant conversation caused it to lose warmth. I got to taste the sweet peppers, stuffed with black beans and melted pistachio cheese… awesome! The sweet yet spicy grilled peppers were a great complement to the flavour from the cheese and beans.

Guilt-free Experience

Recently deciding to get back on track with a diet, this is one ‘cheat’ meal I didn’t regret! My stomach was filled, and pleased to not have a groggy, bloated feeling following the meal. The infused water also helped to keep me in check, lowering the temptation to order a sweet drink.

This is one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had in Jamaica for a number of reasons: The food is tasty AND healthy, the atmosphere is great, the service is quick, and all the staff seems very customer-oriented. Kushites Vegetarian Restaurant is certainly my current favourite of Eden Gardens’ other restaurants I’ve tried.

It really meant a lot to us both that the owner/chef was patient enough to accommodate photo ops despite us staying after closing time. We had the privilege of meeting both co-owners, Keisha McDonald and Kush Tafari.

Four thumbs up Kushite’s, from Simply Local & The Swiss Freis!


  • Delectability 85% 85%
  • Food Variety 75% 75%
  • Atmosphere 90% 90%
  • Staff Interactions 95% 95%

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