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Island Coffees is a local family-run business that serves Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee through their cafes in Kingston and Ocho Rios. Whether your coffee craving calls for a hot or cold brew, Island Coffees Cafe has the fix.

The original location is situated near the Ocho Rios cruise pier in the middle of the coastal city. Island Coffees Cafe extended to the capital city, first at National Heritage Site and gastronomic centre Devon House before opening at the Victoria Pier by the revitalized Downtown Kingston Waterfront.

Island Coffees Cafe: Pour Over Coffee Specialists

For those who didn’t know, Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is famous for its smooth exquisite taste, and is one of the most expensive and sought-after brews in the world! Island Coffees is reputed as pour over specialists boasting the brewing method using the Chemex, along with other tools such as French Press, Espresso and drip machine. Any real coffee enthusiast would tell you that the pour over method provides a stronger flavour from coffee grounds; the slower the pour the stronger the flavour. 

Benefits of Pour Over Coffee

  • Richer, Bolder Flavour
  •  Allows greater enjoyment of the aroma of freshly brewed coffee
  • Controlled pour speed yields the ‘perfect cup’ for your unique taste

Island Coffees always seems to be looking for more ways to entice their audience. My general go-to at any coffee shop is a regular cappuccino, but Island Coffees Cafe gave me a little difference by switching regular milk to oat milk; making it even creamier and more enjoyable! Grounded Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is packaged in ready-to-go bags for sale at the venues. Other coffee-based products made with their grounds (eg. all-natural body scrub) are also available. There are even tea selections you can opt for if not in the mood for java!

Island Coffees: Ocho Rios Island Village

Island Coffees’ Ocho Rios location sits in the middle of the city at the buzzing Island Village Shopping Centre. A shift to a key spot at the venue, the larger remodeled space houses a cute yet simplistic theme with cultural accents. From a ludo board mural and zinc structures to images of the Blue Mountains (home to their coffee), the location creates an at-home atmosphere in more ways than 1.

The ‘Yaad Vibes’ (yard vibes / Jamaican feeling) isn’t just in the décor, it’s on the menu. Hearty plates of jerk chicken and coconut curried veggies with sides of crispy saltfish fritters, steamed vegetables, and rice & peas were laid out on our table alongside satisfying glasses of fruit smoothies! In true home-style cooking the meals were anointed in earthy island flavour, softened by subtle sweetness of the drinks. The cozy atmosphere inspires conversation and laughter, which to my surprise kept my friend and I there for 3 whole hours, plus a 2nd helping! Still full, we ordered a signature beef burger with fries and iced coffees to go for later.

A part of this Island Coffees location charm is the customer wall where patrons enhance the décor with a simple marker (this is the 2nd restaurant I’ve left my mark at by the way). The wall is 1 of the prime photo ops here, but the ideal spot would probably be the flower-wrapped entrance swing. I’d suggest grabbing a group or a good friend to head to Island Coffees Cafe & Bistro to enjoy brunch, lunch, and of course a cup of the good stuff.

Island Coffees Cafe: Downtown Kingston Waterfront

The buzzing Victoria Pier faces the Kingston Harbour, the 7th largest natural harbour in the world, and grants panoramic views of the horizon dotted by cargo ships and birds. The tiered venue is a scenic food spot of multiple eateries to choose from, with Island Coffees Cafe’s quick servings tucked in the corner.

Just outside the entrance are a couple shaded seats on the patio where you can enjoy the view and gentle sea breeze with your Strawberry Hill-roasted coffee. On the inside is a long wood plank seating as well as chair sets for couples and small groups.

As you walk in you’re greeted with an assortment of coffee roasts, flavourings, and brewing options lining the wall. If that’s not enough to excite you, tempting sweet treats beckon from the pastry display at the side. Knowing the business’ relationship with the Devon House property, I’m not sure if this is from sheer coincidence or an intended move, but their Downtown Kingston location is actually right beside a Devon House I Scream shop. It’s pretty much a one-stop for anyone looking to treat themselves to a quick and satisfying pick-me-up.

Island Coffees Cafe: Devon House

UPDATE: Island Coffees Cafe has since closed their Devon House location. Check out their other locations above.

Island Coffees Cafe sits just before the Devon House Courtyard in a kind of old-world decorated setting that complements the historic property. The red-brick interior is enhanced with burlap (aka crocus) Blue Mountain Coffee sacks, a collection of brewing devices, artifacts, and wood-crafted furniture.

In my experience Island Coffees Cafe may be one of the quieter coffee shops in Kingston, Jamaica. The intimately tucked settings at both Kingston locations create a low-key environment perfect for a quick coffee date. 

 Which of these 3 locations is your personal pick for a coffee date?

Island Coffees’ farm is located on the highlands surrounding the famous Strawberry Hill Hotel, over 3000ft above sea level. Enjoy their 100% Blue Mountain Coffee products at any of their locations and online.

Visit their website & social media, or call 876-944-8894 / 261-4052 / 384-9578 for more info.

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