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“What else does Dunns River Falls offer?”, patrons who have already done the coveted waterfall hike and swim may ask. After decades as 1 of Jamaica’s top attractions, Dunns River Falls will finally have a new activity offered as of Saturday March 26, 2022. In addition to cooling off in the fresh waters cascading down tiers of limestone to the St. Ann seashore, nature lovers and history buffs may also opt to embark on their ‘Tek A Hike’ excursion. This new offer is yet another Dunns River Falls hike, but instead of climbing the cascade patrons would venture through rich greenlands.


Tek A Hike Nature Tour: Dunn’s River Falls Hike

Tek A Hike is a moderate stroll through roughly 2 miles of lush terrain that contributes to the iconic waterfall’s natural beauty. This Dunns River Falls hike difficulty is less than the popular climb up the waterfall that is on many people’s Jamaican bucket list. The looped dirt path is mostly level with a couple of short inclines along the way, fit for both adults and children. It will take you into Dunns River’s Tranquility Garden space and along the Canopy Corridor shaded by dozens of tree species. The educational and scenic tour is guided, and has been organized by Urban Development Corporation of Jamaica (UDC).

Tek A Hike tour is roughly 1.5 hours at a leisurely pace

Your tour guide will be sure to point out and share fun facts about a number of flora and fauna (many of which are endemic to Jamaica) found along the trail. You are likely to hear and see resident birds flittering about, and if lucky maybe even other critters such as a Jamaican coney (which is mostly nocturnal). The journey will also reveal highlights such as the ‘Jungle Jacuzzi’ flowing through the landscape, ‘Forgotten Falls’ rolling down the hillside, and ruins of a great house on the 18th century Belmont estate.

Travel Tip: Double-check some often-overlooked hiking tips before you Tek A Hike

Jamaica Eco Tour around a St. Ann Watershed

This Dunns River Falls hike through forestry will also reveal some of the long-term preservation efforts for the surrounding watershed. Other sub trails and developments are in the works (including a chill spot for nature-nurtured drinks and food), and are expected to be introduced after the initial Tek A Hike launch. UDC Jamaica, the governing body of the site plus other natural attractions, has continued to implement sustainable practices at Dunn’s River Falls & Park. These include planting trees on the property, maintaining a greenhouse space with a variety of plants for sale, and endorsing an Adopt-a-Tree programme for visitors to support.

Dunns River Falls Cost & Location

The introductory rate for Dunns River’s Tek A Hike nature tour is J$3500 (adult) / $2500 (children) for local residents with valid ID and US$50 (adult) / $35 (child) for visitors. This would be inclusive of the ~1.5-hour hike as well as full access to the Dunns River Falls, beach, Tranquility Garden, and kids Splash Pad on the property. Following this launch, the hike will be offered on weekends only at 9AM, 11AM, and 1PM. It’s only natural after you Tek a Hike to wash off in the refreshing waters of Dunns River and the azure Caribbean Sea it spills into!

Do you think you and your family / friends would more likely opt for the Dunns River climb up the waterfall or Tek a Hike along the nature trail? Let me know in the comments.

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