Before diving in, could we collectively take a moment to appreciate the natural beauty that is the world-famous Blue Lagoon Jamaica? No filter / edit.

Truly awesome. So, here’s what you should know about this natural beauty


What to Know about Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

  1. Entry to the lagoon is free. You don’t have to accept directions from any of the residents you’ll likely come across on the way to the lagoon. It’s been said that a small fee may be requested on entry, but no such standard fee exists. The only fees that should be incurred are from service and product payments on location.

2. Community tourism
Raft and boat rides, a beach bar, as well as small souvenir shops operated by local residents line the Blue Lagoon.

3. Prices depend on who you ask
There are a number of locals providing boat and raft rides around the lagoon. There doesn’t seem to be a standard cost for each service, as different vendors may provide different prices.

4. Prices might be negotiable
You may be lucky enough to be offered a discounted price on boat and raft rides. No promises though. You also have the option of swimming or enjoying water activities courtesy of your own possessions if you don’t wish to spend extra money.

5. There are no restroom facilities

Learned this one the hard way. Come prepared dressed in your swimwear unless you’d like to change around a corner while hoping no one gets a glimpse of your nudity. If a restroom facility is needed, you’ll have to seek one nearby (this is the view of the lagoon from the hotel I visited to use the restroom).

6. It’s really very… blue
To admire photos is one thing, but to witness the brilliant hue of the water in person could leave you mesmerized. The mystical blue colour is said to be due to the mix of cold mineral water and salt water, along with the lagoon’s expansive depth. Even when underwater all you see is, you guessed it, blue!

7. The lagoon is roughly 200ft deep
The claimed depth ranges from 180 to 215ft depending on who you ask; that’s a lot of blue! It was previously said to be a bottomless abyss, home to a sea serpent, mermaids, and maybe a golden table according to local folklore. I wasn’t able to confirm any of that though, sorry, but I do know it is home to numerous GoPros, cameras, and other lost possessions.

8. Steep Incline
I did say it was ~200ft deep, and it gets deep fast. From the sandy beach, less than 10 steps are all that are needed to no longer feel the sea floor. If you’re not a strong swimmer, it is strongly advised that you gauge the depth of each step.

8. There’s life down there

As hypnotizing as the water’s beauty is, bear in mind that it is also home to sea creatures. I witnessed a large fish devour a school of small fish just where I swam mere moments after leaving the water.

10. You can visit a nearby island
Have a raftsman transport you to Monkey Island, a relaxing and scenic trip less than 10 minutes away. Past a string of villas which start at US$700 per night lies a lush islet between coves, lined with powdery sand bordered by most contrasting blue colours. P.S. while in the water surrounding the islet, stay away from the dark blue part of the water, which is seagrass that is likely to be populated.

“It was breathtakingly beautiful. It’s as if it woke up my sense of adventure, now I want to explore, I want to find spots. This is my passion.”

– @alleui

I was so happy to revisit the world-famous Blue Lagoon Jamaica with the Love Not Likes blogger excursion! Just as breathtaking as the first time.

Does anyone else share my admiration for Blue Lagoon? I know I’m not alone 🙂

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